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Goose egg from Californication.


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Sondra Locke film clips

caps below


Scoop's notes:

Some movies are self-reviewing.

Here is the blurb from the DVD box:

"Meet Suzanne ... pure, sweet and so very innocent.

Three men are unavoidably drawn to her:

  • There's the tormented artist, driven to capture her angelic beauty on canvas.
  • And a right-wing columnist who is captivated by her "flower child" radical life-style.
  • Plus an offbeat filmmaker who is convinced that the pristine Suzanne is the Messiah. In his bizarre film-within-a-film, the crucifixion becomes a frighteningly real crucifixation. The film crew's accountant tries to keep the movie's final scenes from being shot. Can he succeed ... or will it be too late?"

I didn't make up that "crucifixation" part. It really says that. Let me add that the entire film was based on a song, Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne," a famous hippie anthem which drones on and on throughout the film.

You'll notice that I omitted the film's date from the top of the page. You get to guess the era:

a. 1946-1959

b. 1960-1966

c. 1967-1974

c. 1982-1993

e. 1994-1999

f. 2000-2006

Pretty obvious, isn't it? (It's "c," for the film-and-culture-challenged.)

Two IMDb commenters said it better than I could have:

One of those post-psychedelic burnout non-movies that came out of the avant-garde independent cinema fringe in the early 70s. Sondra Locke portrays a female Christ figure for a bunch of young filmmakers ... and really that's about it. Chock full of drawn-out senseless images and pseudo-spiritual kakadoodie, the most troubling thing about this terrible movie is its smug air of self-importance ... the film is as hollow as a hat and struts through its duration with the pride of a peacock.

Hard to sit through and almost impossible to follow, "The Second Coming of Suzanne" puts you through the same kind of torture that Suzanne is put through by Logan and the makers of the film-within-a-film. The movie tries to be arty but that's just an excuse to cover up its brainless and non-existent storyline and the terrible and amateurish acting by everyone in it.

It has all the usual requirements for hippie-era filmmaking: a nearly complete lack of dialogue, youth gangs wearing mime make-up, Seventh Seal rip-offs, sitar music, psychedelic "trips," dream sequences, fish-eye lenses, paintings coming to life, and of course a crucifixion. 

Oh, and nudity. The reason I watched it, of course, was to see the pre-Eastwood nudity from Sondra Locke.

The film was produced by a well-known TV actor named Gene Barry, the only film he ever produced, presumably to give his son Michael Barry a chance to write and direct a movie. It would be the last time anyone in showbiz would ever hear of Barry the Younger.  On the other hand, Barry the Elder, who also played the right-wing columnist in this film, some 50 years after Bat Masterson debuted, was still working a few years ago. And he was already 42 when Bat Masterson went off the air! According to IMDb, he had a small part in 2005, at the age of 86, in Spielberg's War of the Worlds. It was a bit of symmetry. He was also in the 1953 version of the film.

In all those years, The Second Coming of Suzanne is the worst film (per IMDb rating) in which he is credited as an actor!

Oh, well, as I said, some movies are self-reviewing.


Stan Helsing


Recent release which should be titled "Not Another Horror Straight-To-Video!"

Diora Baird: upskirt

Desi Lydic: mega cleavage

Elysia Rotaru (brunette) & Jessica Olafson (blonde): lesbian kiss

Holly Eglington: boobs and buns as obligatory stripper

Denyc Poole: stripper

Ildiko Ferenczi: another stripper

Kelsey McIlroy: cleavage

various: cooter double for Diora Baird, lesbian siamese twins, uncredited stunt butt, and vampire strippers


"Left for Dead"


There are many titles this can be confused with. It's only available on DVD in Germany as "Halloween: Left for Dead" and to make things even more confusing the lead actress Danielle Harris also starred in the unrelated Halloween remake.

But better than average nudity, from ...

Danielle Harris: bra and buns

Katrina Devine: bra and granny panties

Rebecca Davis: boob and butt

Janae Armogan: boot, butt and a flash of bush

Emily Riley: full frontal as obligatory shower nude

Naomi Hewer: almost losing her panties

Tanya Anthony: stop staring at her badge!

REFERENCE: Tanya Anthony: sexy as a prostitute in the Chuck Barris biopic "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind".

"Trick 'r Treat"


This was slated for a 2007 Halloween release but Warner Brothers decided not to distribute it. Almost no nudity except for a possible body double for party girl #3 Amy Esterle, side boob by another party girl, and a porn actress played by uncredited model Jane Martin.

Anna Paquin

Lauren Lee Smith

Moneca Delain

Rochelle Aytes

Amy Esterle

party girls

Laura Mennell

Christine Willes

Tatiana Anderson

Leslie Bibb

Jane Martin


An uncredited "photo double" for Trick r Treat is Michelle Andrew (Good Luck Chuck), who may have filled in for Amy Esterle.

Here's Michelle Andrew in both the R-rated and unrated versions of Good Luck Chuck

Here's Amy Esterle showing partial boob in The Butterfly Effect




Sophie Favier

Apologies for being for far out of the loop for so long. Mrs. Brainscan was one sick gal and, well you know the drill, in sickness and in health and all that stuff. Anyway, here is something I have saved up from bits and pieces collected over the years.

Of the many things to know about Sophie Favier here are three worth mentioning: 1) She is or was something of a public figure in France, always on the telly and doing stuff; 2) Before she became respectable she took off her clothes in front of a camera about twice a week; 3) She had the single most spectacular body in the history of humankind. Saw a movie of hers on Cinemax back in the mid-80's called Venus or something like that and knew then I had to marry her. Okay, that plan did not work out but thanks to point #2 above I got to see her nekkid plenty. So here are a couple of photo shoots of her - both from defunct publications, one named Lui, the other New Look - and a clip of her photoshoot in New Look. The first two have been seen by most serious celebrity nekkidness types but the film clip was a joy to discover very recently. Clearly from a videotape it is nonetheless blow-your-socks-off impressive. Least ways, that's how I see it.

Sophie in Lui 1983

Sophie in Lui 1985


Sophie in New Look




The remainder of DeFoe's weekly clips will appear tomorrow.

Today: Christiana Reali in la Maitresse de President






Adriana Lima see-through

Eva Green posing naked

Tina Aumont in Howl

Valentina Cervi in Miracle at St. Anna

Caitlin Smith in Blood Ties



Film Clips

Somebody put together a tribute to Screwballs in 1080p - because if ever a film called out for high definition ...

In case you had forgotten (and nobody would blame you for that), Screwballs was one of the many Porky's clones that came out of the US and Canada in the wake of the financial success of the original. It was a 1982-86 kind of thing, for that was truly the golden age of youthploitation cinema. Except for the fact that it was raunchy, Canadian, and filled with high school students who looked thirty years old, Screwballs had little in common with Porky's, and little to recommend it except lots of nudity - which follows (film clips with samples beneath):

Astrid Brandt and Kim Cayer film clip. Samples below.

Jennifer Inch film clip. Samples below.

Linda Shayne film clip. Samples below.

Linda Speciale film clip. Samples below.

Raven de la Croix clip. Samples below.

Terrea Foster film clip. Samples below.

Catherine Delean in La Vie Secrete des Gens Heureux

Malin Akerman and Kayla Kleevage in The Heartbreak Kid

Lea Michele in Spring Awakening

Moran Atias in Mother of Tears

The women of Expose: Daneen Boone and Leslie Olivan, Libby George, and Tracy Tutor

Gretchen Mol in An American Affair - in HD!! (samples below)