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s1e3, 1920x1080

Karina Testa

Joana Barrios

Vittoria Scognamiglio

Continuing with the European movies, mainly from the Netherlands.

Black Book

aka Zwartboek (2006)

Some nice breasts on show by Carice van Houten

Halina Reijn

and a couple of women not identified

Zombie Lake


Gilda Arancio

Moonlight and Valentino

1995, 1080hd

Gwyneth Paltrow film clip (sample below)

Elizabeth Perkins film clip (sample below)

Sonoya Mizuno in Ambition (2019) in 1080hd

Saskia Rosendahl in Zorn: Vom  Lieben Und Sterben (2015) in 720p

An enhanced 1080hd clip of Betsy Brandt in Masters of Sex (s2e12)

Lynn Lowry and Claire Wilbur in Sore (1974, 1080hd), a classic early-70s sexploitation film

Charli XCX

animated .gif


Aly Raisman

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Sophie Turner

Venus Williams