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Rachel Annette Helson in the latest episode of The Knick (s2e4) in 720p

Siri Seljeseth and Alexandra Gjerpen in episode 5 of Unge Lovende in 720p



Karina Zvereva in Metod (s1e6) in 720p

Find of the year

I don't think anyone really remembered that Diane Lane did a topless scene in a crappy 1981 PBS movie called Edith Wharton's Summer (NY Times review). This seems to have been her nude debut, which I always thought had occurred in The Fabulous Stains. Our old friend Celebrity Sleuth, however, had identified this as her nude debut back in 1990 (v3n5). This film aired on November 9, 1981, two months before her 17th birthday. It's difficult to believe that a 16-year-old girl (or younger - Lane apparently told an interviewer she was 15 during filming) could do a topless scene on American television in 1981, but there it is, and properly dated by the Times article.

Diane Lane videos (poor quality)

By the way, the Times reviewer truly ripped Diane's performance: "Diane Lane seems more of a pouting disco swinger than simmering mountain girl. Apparently, her dull and flat reading of the dialogue is supposed to suggest a young woman in her ''natural'' state. It succeeds only in making Charity sound quite stupid."

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I Smile Back



Sarah Silverman

Full Body Massage



Scoop's note: #9 of the many Mimi Rogers clips somehow came to be corrupted inside the .zip file. Aesthete was gracious enough to dig it up and re-send it so I could re-post it.
Mimi Rogers


The O.C.

The O.C. is essentially a teen soapie set in Orange County centred on a troubled but smart teenager from a broken home in a lower class suburb. It ran for four seasons. There was no nudity (apart from a bit of see-through nipple) but Rachel Bilson and Mischa Barton, in particular, provided some nice eye candy. Mischa didn’t appear in the fourth season and the eye candy dropped considerably.

These caps were from the third and fourth seasons and were made in 2006.

Series 3 Episode 24 The Man of the Year

Mischa Barton

Series 3 Episode 25 The Graduates

Mischa Barton

Rachel Bilson

Series 4 Episode 1 The Avengers

Willa Holland

Series 4 Episode 5 The Sleeping Beauty

Melinda Clarke

Willa Holland

Police Woman

Police Woman was a police drama series from the 70s, essentially to show off Angie Dickinson and her body. No nudity but a lot of sexy women. These caps come from the first season and were made in 1974 and 1975.

Pilot - Police Story Series 1 Episode 21 The Gamble (1974)

The pilot was an episode of Police Story.

Angie Dickinson

Episode 2 The Beautiful Die Young (1974)

Angie Dickinson

Erica Hagen

Kathleen Quinlan

Episode 5 Anatomy of Two Rapes (1974)

Angel Tompkins

Episode 10 Requiem for Bored Wives (1974)

Angie Dickinson

Episode 15 Sidewinder (1975)

Angie Dickinson

Episode 16 Blast (1975)

Angie Dickinson

Episode 20 Ice (1975)

Angie Dickinson

Episode 21 Bloody Nose (1975)

Angie Dickinson

Film/TV Clips

Sophie Aubrey in Pas de Scandale (1999) in 720p

Nastassja Kinski in a 1977 episode of Tatort in 720p.


Sarah Jessica Parker (not nude, but then again, she never is)

Emily Ratajkowski