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End of Summer

1997 TV Movie


Karyn Dwyer

Amy Locane

This week: the films of 2004-2005

Today's teasers:

Dirty Love

No overt nudity in Dirty Love (2005), just lots of cleavage and partially-dressed women who are:

Tiffany Baumann

Kam Heskin

Jenny McCarthy

Carmen Electra

Several not identified


Anne Hathaway

and Bijou Phillips

are topless in Havoc (2005), as is an unidentified woman.

 Shiri Appleby looks good.


(season 4)

Timlin Addison collages

Carla Gugino (non-nude) collages

TV/Film Clips

Penelope Cruz in Twice Born (2012) in 720p

Saadet Aksoy in Twice Born (2012) in 720p

Beate Maes in Bastard (2011)

Maya Bothe in Bastard (2011)

Lydia Wilson (below) and others in Any Human Heart (2010) in 1080p

Part three of Jeanne Colletin and Sylvia Kristel in the original Emmanuelle (1974) in 1080p


Tati Neves is the Brazilian prostitute who is supposed to have provided some unspecified services to The Biebs