TV Round-up

Boardwalk Empire - There was no nudity at all, and it was kind of a boring episode. First-ever disappointment from this great show.

Eastbound and Down - The only nudity was a brief flash of breasts from Lisa de Razzo, the chubby chick who plays Stevie's Mexican wife.


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Crocodile Dundee


Has it really been 24 years? Paul Hogan just turned 71. Linda Kozlowski is 52. Join us in remembering one of the sexiest non-nude scenes in memory.

Linda Kozlowski. Samples below.





Charlotte Eugene Guibeaud and Marie Bos in Amer (2009), a French homage to Giallo, Drive-In, and Grindhouse films from the 70s.

Maud Galet-Lalande and Sara Kern in Ouvert 24/7

Lubna Gourion in Le 3eme Jour

Louise Bourgoin and Pauline Etienne in L'Autre Monde



Aida Tumutova in Kochegar (sample below)

Anna Korotayeva in Kochegar (sample below)

Antje Schmidt in Pest: Die Rueckkehr (sample below)

Erin Gavin in Dread 720p (sample below)

Kirsten Dunst in All Good Things, this time in 720p (sample below)

Laura Donnelly in Dread 720p (samples below)

Zoe Stollery in Dread 720p (sample below)

Svetlana Ivanova in Moskva Ya Lyublyu Tebya  (sample below)

Mariel Hemingway in Creator (sample below)

Virginia Madsen in Creator (sample below)

Rebecca Hall in Wide Sargasso Sea (sample below)