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The Sopranos Season 6, part 1


The big news is that Jun shoots Tony in the gut, and Tony takes three episodes to recover. Jun is put into a lockup managed care facility, as he seems incompetent to stand trial. Vito's preference for boys is discovered, and he goes into hiding. Paulie discovers that his mother is actually his aunt, and he was born of a nun who got knocked up at a USO. He is diagnosed with early prostate cancer. Christopher gets married, Tony actually turns down sex, Carmella visits Paris, Meadow goes to California with Finn, Anthony Junior flunks out of college and seems intent on loafing his life away, and Bobby loses use of an eye. Johnny Sack pleads guilty on a plea bargain, but gets a few hours off for his daughter's wedding. Adrianna's mother is sure Christopher killed her.

Other than the gay theme, it didn't seem like this season covered any new ground, and it was clear that the basic story line for the last 21 episodes was written all at one time. I have seen many series go on long past the time they should have called it quits, and to their credit, the Soprano folks ended it before the series degraded. The 7 sets are pricey, but are pretty good entertainment. This is one of the better HBO series of all time.

The series compilation is an international edition, region-free.

Alicia Loren shows breasts in a sex scene with Christopher. Several unknowns also show breasts at the Bada Bing.


Alicia Loren










Kate's Addiction


Farrah Forke, probably best known for her role on the TV series "Wings" in the mid nineties,  teases us before finally letting the left boob out.


One of my favorites, Kari Wuhrer, is a little skimpy on the nudity in this one (rare for her), but look close in the bathtub scene for some brief tit.


Farrah and Kari have a lesbo encounter.






Notes and collages

Monster in the Closet

Stella Stevens







Here is a film clip of Daphne Zuniga's extremely brief pseudo-nudity in last week's Nip/Tuck.

Speaking of cable shows, here's a sequence inspired by Weeds:

First, here's another collage of Mary-Louise Parker on Monday's Weeds
Here's the famous scene of Meital Dohan in a Weeds episode about a year ago. (Sample right)
And here's the real point of this sequence, Meital Dohan in God's Sandbox, aka Tahara. (Samples below.)


Here's some oh-too-brief nudity from jumbo-chested Mimi Rogers in Hider in the House. The hider in question is the ever nutty Gary Busey.

This is one crazy sex scene - basically a hardcore scene except without the on-camera penetration - featuring Polly Walker in The Gambler

Emmanuelle Beart in Destinees Sentimentales

Jane March in The Color of Night. This is from the uncut version. If you haven't seen it, Bruce Willis takes the tonsil trail to Taco Town - submarine style.

Here's our daily winner in the "most AKAs" competition. Sable, aka Rena Mero, in Tears at Dawn, aka Final Victim. Sample below.

A film clip of Joan Collins in Fearless (1977). If they ever decide to award an honorary Oscar for the most boring strip scene of all time, this would get my vote. The other scenes, however, are fairly sexy. Samples below.

Kelly Reilly looking scrumptious in Joe's Palace. Samples below.


Finally, one shot of Beyonce's jumbo ass (kinda).

What's the deal with the granny panties?








The Number 23


Lynn Collins


Rhona Mitra


Virginia Madsen







The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Stephen Bruce, owner of the New York restaurant Serendipity 3, hopes to make the Guinness World Records book with the world's most expensive dessert.  His "Frrrozen Haute Chocolate" is a chocolate sundae made with 28 cocoas, including 14 of the world's rarest and most expensive, whipped cream, a La Madeline au Truffle ($2600 a pound), and a sprinkling of 23 karat gold dust.  It's served in a dish lined with edible gold, with a gold and diamond bracelet in the bottom, and a gold spoon you get to keep.  The price: $25,000.  Bruce said he's hoping it will attract a Middle Eastern prince wanting something sweet for his many wives. 

* That'll teach him to charge us $3 a gallon for gasoline! 

*  Or maybe 300 supermodels will split one. 

*  Or his dream of dreams: Rosie O'Donnell drops in! 

A judge ordered Britney Spears to pay Kevin Federline's legal bills in their divorce due to their "disparity in income," which is $737,000 a month for her and zero for him.

*  And coincidentally, $737,000 a month for his lawyers. 

"Mr. Bean" star Rowan Atkinson is leading a fight against a new anti-homophobic hate crimes bill making its way through Parliament, saying it would restrict speech so much that it could threaten comedians with up to seven years in prison for telling a gay joke.

* If you ban English comedians from acting gay, you'd put 90 percent of them in prison.

* He's lucky they don't send him to prison just for inventing Mr.


Violinist Patricia Arguelles is spending a week in a glass cube in central Madrid, Spain, to see if an artist can compose a good piece of music while living in a glass box and being watched constantly by the public.

* I've heard Britney's new album: the answer is no.