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From Friday's edition of Naked News:

Emma auditions

Another newcomer, Marie, hosts Hollywood XPress


Episodes two and three of The Last Kingdom

a mediocre Emily Cox scene in episode two

and a much better Emily Cox scene in episode three


Marlene Morreis in the premiere episode of Komm Schon

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Francesca Annis

This film was produced by Playboy and directed by the world-famous child molester, Roman Polanski.

Francesca Annis and Jon Finch, who played those wacky MacBeths, were lovers in real life as well. Much later on, when she played Ophelia on stage, she took up with her Hamlet, Ralph Fiennes. Francesca is famous for having played Lily Langtry more than once, most notably in the BBC mini-series rebroadcast in the States on Masterpiece Theater. Now 70, she is still acting. She has a major recurring role in the latest season of Home Fires.

This week we have now concluded the 80s movies and started with the 90s:

Marked for Death

Marked for Death (1990) has lots of breasts and sexy women, who are:

Andria Martel

Elena Sahagun

Elizabeth Gracen, a former Miss Arkansas and Miss America who once had a "romance" (one night stand) with Bill Clinton when His Slickness was Governor of Arkansas. The man had good taste.

Rita Verreos

Sandra Canning

Teri Weigel - Tracey Burch

Not identified

Ski School

Lots more breasts and women in Ski School (1990). They are:

Alison Dobie

Ava Fabian

Charlie Spradling

Darlene Vogel

Stacy Brink

Not identified

Young Guns II

Jenny Wright shows a nice rear in Young Guns II (1990).

Film/TV Clips

The big news of the month: Sarah Silverman in I Smile Back (2015) in 720p. There's a long, clear topless scene and a scene in which Sarah takes delivery in the rear entrance, but never really exposes anything.

Karoline Schuch in Zeiten aendern Dich (2010) in 1080hd