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Lorraine Bracco

This week: the films of 2004-2005

Today's teasers:


Lots and lots of nudity and sexiness in EuroTrip (2004) by a number of women:

Jakki Degg and Lenka Vomocilova

Jana Pallaske

Jessica Boehrs

Kristin Kreuk

Lucy Lawless

Michelle Trachtenberg

more of Trachtenberg in the DVD extras

Molly Schade

Petra Tomankova - Edita Deveroux

Tereza Brettschneiderova - Kristyna Simova

more of Tereza Brettschneiderova - Kristyna Simova in the DVD extras

Several not identified

The Long Weekend

The Long Weekend (2005) has lots and lots of topless and sexy women. They are:

Angelika Libera

Catherine Devine

Chandra West

Chelan Simmons

Cobie Smulders

Deanna Smith

Evangeline Lilly

Holly Eglington

Ildiko Ferenczi

Jennifer Walther

Jessica Olafson

Jordana Frost

Nicole Mckay

Several not identified

TV/Film Clips

Tuppence Middleton in Trap for Cinderella (2013) in 1080p

Tina Barnes in A Day Of Violence (2010) in 720p

Kim Schnitzer and Margrit Sartorius in In Deiner Haut (2008)

Kim Schnitzer again, this time in Zeit der Fische (2007)

part two of Jeanne Colletin and Sylvia Kristel in the original Emmanuelle (1974)


One more view of the incredible Jaimie Alexander dress

Model Julia Stegner

Model and former America's Top Model contestant Hannah Jones

Some better captures of Rebecca Night in Suspension Of Disbelief (2012)

Lotte Verbeek, also in Suspension Of Disbelief

Rachel Weisz in Enemy at the Gates (2001)