Showgirls 2


Do you remember the character of Penny Slot in Showgirls. As played by Rena Riffel, she was the one with the giant eyelashes and the tiny brain who did a double pole dance with Elizabeth Berkley early in the film. In this low budget sequel, Penny has been elevated to the starring role.

It's easy enough to review this film in terms of quality. Three points:

1. It's a sequel to Showgirls (well, sorta) which comes 17 years later.

2. It had a total budget of a whopping $30,000.

3. It was written, directed, produced and edited by the star, Rena Riffel.

Do you need to know more? It looks like it was made by amateurs with a home video camera.

There is a positive wrinkle. The film is not quite a sequel to Showgirls. It's more of a parody of that high-camp classic, and there are a few laughs to be had from the general sillyness. Yes, it's a bad movie, but it knows it's bad and has a good time with that. Gawker did an excellent review which covered all the ins and outs.

Anyway, that's not really what we care about.

The good news: There is plenty of topless nudity, mostly from Rena Riffel, and to Ms. Riffel's credit, she looks almost the same now as she looked in the original Showgirls, when she was only about 25.

The bad news: There's no lower body nudity, and there aren't any breasts from any young women. (Riffel is 43; Shelley Michelle is 50.)

Film clips of Rena Riffel

Riffel and Shelly Michelle

Riffel in a foursome. I'm not sure who the other topless woman is.

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