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Looking back at the nudity from this short, strange series which became a cult favorite, but for a very tiny cult.


Carla Gallo and Clea Duvall. Samples below.


Valeria Hernandez. Samples below



The Last Rites of Ransom Pride


Western released to DVD recently.

Lizzy Caplan: pokies, downblouse.

Meghan Gabruch: topless as saloon girl.

Angella Forbes: topless as saloon girl getting raped.

Tressia Murphy and Christy Greene: lesbo saloon girls.

Passenger Side


A Canadian road movie with a difference, it's filmed in the United States with mostly an American support cast.

Maja Miletich (blonde) and Rachael Santhon (redhead):topless as porn actresses.

Vita Quinn: flashing a nip and playing with her dong as transsexual prostitute (I do hope that's a prop she's playing with).

Kimberly Huie: Canadian ex-pat's boobs almost falling out of her blouse.

Robin Tunney: cleavage.

Dark Reprieve


Low budget horror.

Janelle Bartosek: this busty actress plays a stripper in Puck Hogs which is being released to DVD soon.

Sarah Jackson: Howie Mandel showcase model showing some cleavage.

Sarah Tyrrell: buns in bra and panties in her only known role.

The Trosky


Light Canadian comedy aimed primarily at the lefty crowd who think that the 1925 film "Battleship Potemkin" is the best movie of all time.

Emily Hampshire: slight side boob.

Liane Balaban: sexy as Russian chick.

Good Luck Chuck


Just discovered a third version on cable which is the R-rated full-screen version with more screen area. Now to find the unrated version.

Michelle Andrew: now bare-assed with Dane Cook.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "ArachnoFaebia" aka "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" (s1e07)

Anna Silk: no booty call this week so we're stuck with just a shower scene.

Ksenia Solo: lesbian kiss with Zoie Palmer in hallucination sequence.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode: "Terrible Twin Turf Tussle" (s1e07)

Three words about this episode: lesbian twin sisters.

Maggie Castle: lesbian kiss with Katie Strain.

Melanie Leishman: very nice cleavage.

Karissa and Katie Strain: lesbian twins hitting on each other. Any relation to Julie Strain?

Next episode is titled "Cockfight" so don't expect anything this week.


episode: "In the Dark"

Jessica Schreier: sexy as GILF but dead.

Kira Clavell: having kinky sex.




Eva Buhatova

Michelle Buswell

Buswell and Buhatova

Samantha Robson in Murder in Mind




Ramona Badescu in Chiavi in Mano

Angela Cavagna in Chiavi in Mano (samples below)

Cinzia Roccaforte in Chiavi in Mano (samples below)

Ellen Bursten in Tropic of Cancer (samples below)


Magali Noel in Tropic of Cancer (sample below)

Dominique Delpierre in Tropic of Cancer (sample below)

Sonja Gruentzig in Kronos (samples below)

Jenny Gabrielle in The Dry Land (sample below)

Lubna Gourion in  Le 3e jour - 720p (sample below)

Meagan Magnum and Tanya Dempsey in Deathbed (Dempsey samples below)

Michaela Schaffrath in Schoene Maenner hat man nie fuer sich allein

Juliette Cummins in Psycho III (sample below)

Brinke Stevens in Psycho III (she was the body double for another actress; sample below)