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Swann in Love


Anne Bennent film clips

caps below

Ornella Muti film clips

caps below





One more look at Julia Benson in Masters of Horror. Can't get enough!

Michelle Jeanpierre in Masters of Horror

Sienna Miller in G.I. Joe (reference only, no nudity)

Isabella Ferrari in Quiet Chaos


Valeria Golino in Quiet Chaos (no nudity)

Ana-Claudia Michels

Daria Werbowy

Federica Fontana

Film Clips

Paula Prentiss and Olimpia Carlisi in Catch-22

Roberta Weiss in The Dead Zone

Adriana Ugarte in La Senora

Carole Bouquet in A Business Affair

Elizabeth Lackey in Rude Awakening, s2, e13

Sofia Shinas in The Outer Limits, s1, e2

Connie Foster (Jodie Foster's body double) in The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

Gaby Blaaser in Flikken Maastricht

Gloria Guida, fully nude in the sunshine, in La Novizia

Victoria Smurfit in The Last Great Wilderness. She comes from a family of celebrities. Her father, of course, is Papa Smurfit.

A rarely-seen clip of Olivia Hussey in Escape 2000. This was her first nudity after Romeo and Juliet, and it came 14 years later. (Sample right.)