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Notes and collages


s2, e16

Katherine Heigl











Pam Grier film clips. Collages below.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site.

Today's clips are brought to you by the letter E:

Edwige Feuillere in Lucrece Borgia

Elisabeth Bourgine in Cavalcade

Ellenore Lemattre in Le Sommeil du Funambule

Elodie Bouleau in Sang Froid

Elsa Motin in La Depanneuse







Sexy Stars, Rising Starlets


Shauna O'Brien








Hell Ride


Smokin' hot women, non-stop action and violence, and a weird twisty story inhabit this strange little gem written and directed by Larry Bishop, and produced by Quentin Tarantino. It's a biker story, and a pretty good one.

Set in modern times but jumping back often to events in the early 70's, the story follows the exploits of Pistolero, the Gent, and Comanche, members of the Victors motorcycle gang. They have unfinished business with the Six-Six-Six bikers, and it turns very violent and deadly.

I loved this flick. It has just the amount of craziness you'd expect given the director and producer, the actors did a great job, and the women were really hot. The story is actually quite intricate given the subject, and seeing it a second time, you spot things you missed the first time around.

Cassandra Hepburn Julia Jones Lenore Verela various







The Joe Schmoe Show's Angela Dodson in Pretty Cool Too

Dodson again, in Lampoon's Pledge This

Some photog manages the impossible: making Sophie Marceau look dumpy.

Kate Winslet bares her slimmed-down ass in Vanity Fair.

This guy did a nice job at colorizing a famous B&W pic of Jessica Biel

One of our readers felt that Heidi Klum's Halloween costume needed to be MORE offensive.



Film Clips

Christiane Paul in Vorne ist verdammt weit weg. Sample right.
Cerina Vincent in Manchild. Samples right.
Flora Martinez in Tuya Siempre. Samples right.
Hayley Marie Norman (and others) in Crash, episode 4 - in HD. (Sample right)
Marta Larralde and Celia Freijeiro in Dias Azules. (Samples right)
The women of Van Wilder 2: Elena Tecuta, Holly Davidson, Lauren Cohan and Olivia Scott