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"Doctor Zhivago" (1965)

Doctor Zhivago (1965) was the last epic film from MGM, and was done by David Lean on the heels of Bridge on the River Kwai and Lawrence of Arabia. It is based on the Nobel prize winning book by Boris Pasternak, which was the history of the Russian revolution from roughly 1900 through 1940, told through the eyes of Doctor Zhivago, physician and poet, and his conflicting love for his wife and Lara. The film makes the love story the focus, and uses the revolution as the backdrop.

The film was critically panned as not up to previous efforts at the time, but was a huge box office success never the less. The critics have become kinder over the years, and place it in the 3 to 3 1/2 star range, mostly because David Lean knew how to film movies. The book was banned in the USSR, so it was necessary for Lean to film elsewhere. This resulted in a recreation of turn-of-the-century Moscow being built in Spain.

In reading reviews, the music is either powerful and memorable (indeed, Lara's Theme plays from nearly every musical jewel box made since the film opened) to so overexposed that it is nauseous. The acting is called top notch from the entire cast by some, and mushy and uninspired by others. At over 4 hours, this is not a film you should select lightly, as it will require a real commitment. The only exposure is from Irish actress Siobhan McKenna as Lara's mother, who is naked following a suicide, but shows the side of a breast, and the very top of her buns.

The special DVD release is a two disk set featuring a flawless restoration, a commentary, and nearly every making of featurette filmed. The film won 6 Oscars, and is 7.2/10 at IMDB, which is rather good for an epic length character driven historical love story and Russian history. I was unimpressed at the age of 17, but enjoyed it much more now. B.

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  • Siobhan McKenna (1, 2)

    "Before Sunrise" (1995)

    Before Sunrise (1995) is a beautiful little Romantic Comedy staring Ethan Hawke and Judy Delpy -- he an American who has been bumming around Europe on a Euro-Rail pass, and she a Sorbonne student on her way back from a visit with her grandmother. He is due to fly out of Vienna the next day, and plans on walking around all night, mostly because he is broke. The two meet on the train, and have an instant rapport. She takes him up on his invitation to spend the night walking around Vienna with him. The film is mostly about the two of them talking and getting to know each other, and could have been a colossal bore, except for the charm of both stars, and their obvious chemistry. Indeed, if they were not doing the nasty after work, they both should have received Oscars. Delpy is absolutely lovable beginning to end.

    IMDB readers say 7.2/10, Maltin puts it in the "watchable" range at 2 1/2 stars, but seems to like it more than that. Berardinelli gives an enthusiastic 4 stars. If you boil all the words down from both reviewers, they say the same things, so the difference in score must have to do with enjoyment level. I also enjoyed this one very much, and the DVD transfer made this second watching all the better. This is a romantic comedy with a fresh approach, and fine performances from charismatic stars. Even if you do not usually enjoy romantic comedies, you might well like this one. This film is a near certain start to a very memorable night with a date. B-. Nudity Report: Unfortunately, none.

    "The Year My Voice Broke" (1987)

    The Year My Voice Broke (1987) is an Australian coming of age film. I am prejudiced in favor of Australian films, as they have a certain straight-forwardness that I find refreshing. Unfortunately, this one did not draw me in. Part of the problem was very thick accents, but the main problem was a story that lacked originality, and characters that I didn't find appealing. We have a nerd who is a lifetime buddy with an attractive female classmate, who is his constant sexual fantasy girl. She has a fling with the school bad boy. The town folk think of her as a slut. That's pretty much it, other than the ending, which I won't give away.

    Maltin was able to involve himself in the plot and performances, and awards 3 stars, and IMDB readers (and Apollo) say 7.2/10. The film won Best Picture in Australia. There was no nudity at all, although the plot could have used some. C+.

    "The Prince of Tides" (1991)

    The Prince of Tides (1991) is an excellent character driven drama/romance directed superbly by Barbara Streisand, where she again shows that she will do what it takes to bring a complex story to the screen without losing the complexity. Nick Nolte, in a Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated performance, plays a southern man in a stagnant marriage haunted by memories of his dysfunctional family, and beaten by the recent death of his brother. He is notified that his twin sister, a famous New York poet, has again attempted suicide, and he is sent to assist her shrink (Barbara Streisand) with her recovery. Streisand specializes in disorders of the rich, and is in a loveless marriage with a famous violinist. She also has an obnoxious teen-aged son.

    Over the course of the film, we learn the dark family history that caused his sister to block out most of her memories and Nolte to be dominated by negative feelings for his parents. While gathering information to assist her with the sister, Streisand also helps Nolte to remember, and finally to cope with, the trauma at the root of all of the problems. She also hires Nolte (a former football coach) to teach her son football, and help round out the spoiled and insecure violin prodigy. Along the way, Nolte and Streisand and Nolte fall in love. One of the many interesting sub-texts to the main story is the contrast between Nolte, who is a dysfunctional football coach from poor white trash southern roots, and affluent Jewish American Princess Streisand.

    If nominations were awards, they would have had to build a trophy room for this film, but it was a strong year, with Silence of the Lambs emerging as the film Oscar gave everything to. Any nudity would have been from Streisand, and she wisely chose not to have any rather than to use a double. Nudity would not have made the film any better anyway, especially since it is about emotions and memories, not actions. The film did receive some criticism for portraying an un-ethical affair between a psychiatrist and the married relative of a patient, but I am sure this could actually happen, and didn't feel that the film made a moral judgement about the affair, although the affair did help everyone involved.

    Critics all have it in the 3 to 3.5 range, and IMDB readers say 6.3/10. US gross was $74.787m, and it has done another $36.1m in rentals. I will say C+, as it won't appeal to action lovers, but is more of a genre (character driven drama/romance) piece, but it is one of the better ones.

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The Entire Season 2 of The Sopranos

    364 days a year, I'm Uncle Scoopy, but one that one day every year when they release the new season of The Sopranos on DVD, I'm simply known as Scoopy Walnuts. It came out today. As per our custom, here is all the nudity in Season 2. I think this is the first time anyone has seen widescreen caps from season 2, which was broadcast full-screen according to the official website.

    HBO did a magnificent job on this. It was shot on film in a widescreen (1.85) aspect ratio, which is what you see on the DVD. It looks better than 90% of theatrical films. Only one complaint. After watching 13 hours of it, I keep asking Elya if she's seen "my fuckin' keys".

    Notes: Alicia Witt showed her butt briefly in episode 20. I don't remember seeing that in the fullscreen version, although I may be wrong. Witt was wearing a bra, slip, and panties in the sex scene - but you can see quite an "upskirt" in collage 2.

    Episode # (click to go to HBO's summary) Name (character)
    14 (Season 2, #1) Oksana Babiy (Irina, Tony's Russian mistress) ( 1, 2)
    unknown (Paulie's girlfriend for the evening)
    background strippers
    15 (Season 2, #2) none
    16 (Season 2, #3) background strippers ( 1, 2, 3)
    strippers having sex with Richie Aprile ( 1, 2)
    17 (Season 2, #4) Sofia Milos - no nudity, but she is gorgeous! (the Italian capo)
    Alida Tarallo (another of Paulie's prostitutes) ( 1, 2, 3, 4)
    18 (Season 2, #5) none
    19 (Season 2, #6) none
    20 (Season 2, #7) Drea de Matteo -underwear (one of the stars)
    Sandra Bernhard -non-nude, but worth a look
    Alicia Witt (as a female filmmaker)(1, 2)
    21 (Season 2, #8) background strippers ( 1, 2, 3)
    22 (Season 2, #9) none
    23 (Season 2, #10) Aida Turturro -underwear, cleavage
    24 (Season 2, #11) Jennifer Albano (a secretary in Tony's waste disposal business) ( 1, 2)
    25 (Season 2, #12) none
    26 (Season 2, #13) none

    More parody war news at

    Graphic Response
    Anne Archer & Glenn Close in the classic psycho-stalker movie, "Fatal Attraction" (1987)

  • Anne Archer looks beautiful in her undies.
  • Glenn Close, shows breasts and bum, but she doesn't exactly have an award winning bod.

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • TV's Hottest babes
  • Jeri Ryan in "Boston Public"...Can you say open shirt with partial breast exposure! You can always count on FOX for pushing the gratuitous nudity envelope...and I thank them for that! (1, 2, 3)

  • Jessica Alba looking absolutely stunning at the Emmys

  • AP
    Hi Scoops!

    Here a few pics from London and Mailand fashion shows. Sorry no names but I like the coming summer fashion...everything is see-thru!

  • London (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)
  • Milan (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Bingham Tracy out in public wearing nothing but glued on sequins!
  • Nina Bott, the German actress in a see-thru top.
  • Madona Grimes

  • Raja
    Raja takes a stab at Larry Clark's made for cable movie "Teenage Caveman" (2001). If you haven't seen it...I say don't bother. It's a paper thin plot wrapped in truly horrible acting. Naturally in Larry Clark tradition...young kids booze it up, drug it up, and sex it up until someone gets hurt.
  • Hayley Keenan, very nice toplessness. (1, 2)

  • Tiffany Limos, shows breasts, a little bit of bum, has sex a couple of times, and masturbates. (1, 2, 3, 4)

  • UC99
    Loredana Cannata
    (1, 2, 3)

    Comments by UC99:

    In 1999 Tinto Brass released several short films which are rather unknown (not even registered in the IMDB). Quality varies from "wow!" to "real trash". Enjoy!

    The nudity...bare bum (link #1), topless (link #2), and a hint of pubes (link #3).

    Gloria Gómez
    (1, 2)

    Some hefty cleavage as the Spanish singer stuffs herself into a leather outfit.

    Another round of excellent non-nude images from the master of Fashion scans.

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  • Colette Pechekhonova (1, 2)
  • Karen Elson (1, 2, 3)
  • Mini Anden
  • Marina Dias
  • Maggie Rizer
  • Brenda Shad
  • Various

  • Celeb News
    A few stories courtesy of Pat Reeder from The Comedy Wire

  • From Awfully late in the game to suddenly become shy, isn't it?

    Kidman to wear 'nude suit' for new film

    Nicole Kidman has refused to do nude scenes for her new movie The Hours. Instead she will be seen wearing a "nude suit."

    The skin-tight, skin-coloured suit was custom-made by a wetsuit manufacturer. It makes Kidman appear totally naked. "The Hours", which also stars Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore, is being made by Billy Elliot director Stephen Daldry. It tells the story of three women in different places and different time periods who are trying to define their identity in the world.

    Moore plays Virginia Woolf working on her novel in 1923 as she recovers from depression, Kidman is in 1950s Los Angeles and Streep is in present-day New York.

  • Is a worldwide silicone shortage on the horizon? Click here for the full story.

  • More news, this time from IMDB News. Richard Harris with some great words on acting, and in that same spirit, news that Bill Clinton is about to make his...ahem..."acting debut." Right.

    Richard Harris Attacks Cruise

    Veteran Irish screen legend Richard Harris has laid into superstar Tom Cruise - for overestimating his own importance. Harris is fed up with the treatment given to movie stars. He gripes, "What I hate about our business today is the elitism the so-called stars have imposed on the public, which I think is obnoxious. It's a joke. Who cares about Madonna going to the opening tonight? Now you have guys like Tom Cruise, who's a midget, and has eight bodyguards, all six feet tall, which makes him even more diminutive. He disappears behind them. It's an absolute joke. Actors are unimportant. They leave nothing behind them. Who will remember Madonna 10 years from now? Who will remember me? We're utterly unimportant."

    Clinton To Appear On C.S.I.

    Bill Clinton is reportedly set to make his acting debut on American TV...sort of. He has appeared in the television movie A Child's Wish as himself, but on CBS' hit drama C.S.I., he will tackle his first role as a fictional character. Fresh from his real-life role as the President of the United States, the delighted series' producers have cast Clinton as the head of a law firm in an upcoming episode.

    (Scoop says: I hear he's also "up" for a lead in Dark Angels 2)

  • From the mail bag...

    The stage version "The Graduate" that has featured several famous actress fully nude as Mrs. Robinson in the UK is coming to Broadway! It will be in Seattle and Boston before it begins its run on Braodway with Kathleen Turner set to reprise her role as Mrs. Robinson. The big question of course...will there be full frontal nudity on American stages?

  • Viewer Feedback
    Thanks to all of the Clea DuVall fans who wrote in assuring us that the vidcaps we ran yesterday of the rear nude scene from "Little Witches" is indeed her.

    Click Here!