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Nothing new on the docket today.

Nothing at all, in fact, except the most recent episode (s1e6) of The Fades in 720p, once again featuring Natalie Dormer


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.








Movie about a troupe of peeping toms who, like birdwatchers, are on the lookout for sightings of titmouses and bushtits. Jessica Pare has a (fully clothed) supporting role.

Patricia Stasiak: first sighting of these boobies in years but the scene is interrupted by the loudmouth woodcock.

Mylene Savoie: topless as college bird #1.

Lauren Roy: topless as college bird #1.

Here's a third party film clip of Savoie and Roy

Quinn O'Neill: chickadee shows her tail feathers.

Here's a third party film clip of O'Neill

Janine Theriault: the female peeper becomes the peepie.

Jenna Wright: movies costume designer wearing very little clothing.

Vanessa Matsui: with the role of "the perfect peep" there should have been a Booger "We got bush!" moment but the movie cuts out just before she removes her brassiere.

Guylaine Delorme: sexy in underwear.

Susan Glover: underwear.

unknown: bare back but she's not in the credits.

Claire Brosseau: I tawt I taw a puddytat!

"Lost Girl"

episode: "It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away" (s2e06)

After a month hiatus the series returns with a hot lesbian scene.

Anna Silk: partial boob in hot lesbo lovin'.

Zoie Palmer: partial boob in hot lesbo lovin'.

Nahanni Johnstone: sexy as dominatrix.

Emmanuelle Vaugier: sexy.

Katie Boland: sexy.

"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"

episode: "Redirement Home" (s2e01)

Season two returns and there should be even more sex and violence but this episode had way too many poop jokes.

Marina Stephenson Kerr: brassiere having sex with Jason Mewes from Clerks.

"Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays"

episode: "Being Alone" (s1e08)

Diana Platts: her first sexy role in over a decade and she still sexy while sporting some cougar cleavage.


episode: "Time's Up" (s1e09; season one finale)

Lee Tomaschefski: having sex on video monitor but the way the episode ends she won't be back for season two.

The Craigslist Killer

(2011 TV movie)

Movie featured during the "dangers of the internet" week on the wimmins network.

Agnes Bruckner: sexy, tame sex scene.

Leela Savasta: sexy as ill-fated masseuse.

Trieste Dunn: cleavage tied up.

unknown: couldn't sort out the credits but she could be either Jhemma Ziegler or Candace McKinney.






Broken English


OK, haven't been to New Zealand in a while, so let's do so.

Broken English is a New Zealand drama made in the aftermath of Once Were Warriors and hitting on similar themes. Nina (Aleksandra Vucjic, startlingly good on debut) is a early 20s girl who has settled comfortably into Auckland after leaving war-torn Croatia. The head of the family is Ivan (Rade Serbedzija, always good), a brutal man who is pissed off he is in New Zealand and not at home. He rules the family with an iron fist, but Nina has a soft spot for feisty Nina. During a particularly volatile night, Nina goes off the work at a Chinese restaurant and spies Eddie (Julian Arahanga) the new cook and instantly falls for him. They have a whirlwind romance which leads to Nina leaving home to live with Eddie. She also becomes involved in a sham marriage for a friend so that they can get citizenship and she can get some fast money. When the family have a party, Nina invites Eddie and friends and this doesn't end well at all as Eddie decides to leave Nina and go back home. Oh, and Nina is pregnant and when she visits him in his home town and they get back together and all this is not going to please daddy, who will go to desperate measures to 'save' his daughter. But, Eddie isn't leaving Nina without a fight. Superb drama with excellent performances all round that bizarrely has an NC-17 rating in America. Yes, the sex scene is full on, but it's hardly explicit...

Aleksandra Vucjic's career is an oddity. She only made 4 films including her fascinating debut and 2 of those are dicey B American thrillers and the other one, Dear Claudia, is a long forgotten Australian desert island romantic comedy where she matches surprisingly well with Bryan Brown. Must've gotten a better offer elsewhere I s'pose. Oh, by the way, Dear Claudia will be the Australian Classic for this week, a film not available on DVD in this country.

Aleksandra Vucjic film clips (collages below)



Sharon Hinnendael film clips (collages below)

Sharon Hinnendael and Ali Cobrin film clip







Pics and Collages

Tough girl Michelle Rodriguez sexy in body paint

Sheridan Smith in West End Bares 2011