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Moll Flanders



Robin Wright Penn (as she was then known)

For the next couple of weeks, I’m heading East to Eastern Europe. In particular, to countries that used to be a part of the Soviet block. We're now in Hungary, and will cap the week off with a visit to Mother Russia.

Just Sex and Nothing Else

Judit Schell is topless in the Hungarian film Just Sex and Nothing Else, aka Csak szex és más semmi (2005)
... although not much can be seen.

Kata Dobó is in her underwear.

This entire film is available online on You Tube

Opium - Diary of a Madwoman

Opium - Diary of a Madwoman (2007) is from Hungary with plenty of nudity by Kirsti Stubø

and some women not identified.

This entire film is also available on You Tube - but this one is over-dubbed in Russian

Jug Face


Johnny's comments:

Jug Face is a horror thriller where Ada (Lauren Ashley Carter), who lives with her family who are in a backwater clan who live very differently to everyone else, becomes pregnant from sex with her brother. She is also forced to marry a man from another family and supposed to be a virgin. Meanwhile, Dewai (Sean Bridgers), a man who is in charge of making 'jug faces', which wards off an evil spirit, senses it's time to make another one. After placing it in a hidden place, Ada comes across it and decides to hide it some place else. This sets off a series of events that begin to tear the backward community apart as the evil spirit begins to attack members of the community. Everything they do, including sacrificing members of the community does not stop this spirit and the blame eventually falls on Dewai, who does his best to protect Ada from being sacrificed herself, but Ada's doing a good job of destroying the community with her lies and deceptions.

Baffling and somewhat disturbing movie about a community that is well away from the rest of us. Some of the things that happen are quite shocking and their beliefs are remarkably backward. Definitely an interesting movie, but I had a lot of trouble getting my head around the things that were going on and trying the rationalise them. Some things are just completely irrational and defy explanation and this movie does a good job at proving that. If you're up for something very different, this one's worth a look, but it's not for everyone and this ain't a horror movie as you and I know it. Also not surprised Lucky McKee's has some involvement as it seems to be in his wheelhouse.

Lauren Ashley Carter film clip (collages below)

Devil's Tower


Johnny's comments:

Devil's Tower is a British zombie horror movie where Sarah (Roxanne Pallett), who's an 18 year-old girl (no offense to Roxanne, but the oldest 18 year-old I've seen in a while and the movie keeps trying to make you believe she's 18) who has being taken away from her abusive mother (Frances Ruffelle) and moves in to a run down apartment building and into a flat where someone was recently murdered. Strange things begin happening the building and people start dying, but also come back as zombies controlled by an old woman through her TV (ah, yeah). Things get more complicated for Sarah when Sid (Jason Mewes) befriends her after he breaks into her house and the old woman goes about ruining attempting to control them. This culminates in a party at her neighbour's house that is going to be one helluva party, if you can survive it.

A messy movie with conflicting ideas but when the zombies start piling up, that part of the movie is a bit of fun, but everything else doesn't make a lot of sense. Some bits seem tacked on while other things happen out of nowhere. Meh...

Jessica Ann Bonner film clip (sample below)

Amanda Levesley and Holly Henderson film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Leticia Bredice in Gato Negro (2014)

Sharon Hinnendael and Jill Evy in Anatomy of Love Seen (2014) in 1080hd

Melanie Merkosky and Melanie Thierry in Le Regne De La Beaute (2014) in 1080hd



Elena McGhee and Nina Ljeti in Child Of God (2013) in 720p



Margaret Whitton and Helen Slater in The Secret Of My Success (1987)


Slater - Supergirl's tiny titties

And Wonder Women nekkid as well! Lynda Carter in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)


The Kurves of Kim K