I was looking over the clip you put up of Brittany McGraw and Cara Provenzano from American Bummer, trying to figure out which one was the topless one. Based on some of the pics found on her MySpace page, I believe that Cara is the one which is topless. Here is a picture from her myspace that looks like the woman in the clip. I am not quite 100% it is her. I am sure that it is not Brittany McGraw. Here is a pic of Brittany. While I think she might be in the clip dancing, she is not the brunette you mentioned.

M Duncan (

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I saw the clip for nude sex scene of Lymari Nadal (Battlestar Galactica: The Plan) and it seems with frequent editing jumps a body double must have been used. She is the wife of the director, so he's the only Battlestar Galactica geek that gets to see her naked.



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Summer Catch


Brittany Murphy film clips

caps below

Jessica Biel film clips

caps below




season 1, 2007

"Set in a high class brothel, this new series creates a hyper reality whereby we are privy to the private lives and emotions of five beautiful young women."


Johnny Moronic is re-doing all of Satisfaction, season 1, in better quality. This series has a lot of nudity and these film clips will be very big downloads spread over a considerable period of time.


Today: Suzannah McDonald film clips. (and collages below)

Today: Jesse Spence film clips. (and collages below)

Film clip: Diana Glenn and Alison Whyte in Satisfaction

Film clip: Diana Glenn in Madeleine West in Satisfaction




Anne Hathaway

Toni Basil in Easy Rider

Julie Delpy in The Countess

Erika Smith in iMurders

Jillian Toby in Night Watcher

Film Clips

Cameron Richardson and Lucy Liu in Rise (high quality)

Catherine Blythe in The Second Arrival

Chiara Schoras in Honolulu

Delphine Zentout and Elsa Zylberstein in Farinelli

Natalia Milan and Irene Montala in Nubes der Verano

Selma Blair in The Poker House

The Shauna Sand sex tape preview. The first sample below shows the quality of the film clip (poor). The rest are promotional pics.

Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me (samples right)

This is an unreleased movie. That butt appears to belong to a different woman - either a body double or some kind of fantasy sequence..

Jana Pallaske in Phantomschmerz in 1080p (sample right)