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The Sopranos Season 4, part 2


The Sopranos Season 4 Episodes 8 through 13.

The last six episodes accomplish what season three didn't. I can't wait to watch season five now. Carmela descended into a blue funk when Furio returned to Italy without even a goodbye, and then, when Tony's ex Russian girlfriend called Carmela and reported that not only did Tony screw her, but her one-legged cousin as well, Carmella snapped and kicked Tony our of the house, Uncle Jun has a hung jury and a mis-trial is declared. Christopher finally bottomed out and went through rehab. Pauli discovered that he is not in as tight as he thought with the New York families. A dispute between Tony's family and a New York family nearly resulted in a war. Tony finally had enough of Ralph, and eliminated him. Tony's sister is now very close to Bobby.

I thought this season moved too slowly, but ended with lots of question marks, leaving me eager to see what unfolds next.


Leslie Bega does full frontal and rear nudity.








Love Scenes


The Time Machine goes back to a movie about a director making a sexy movie with his wife as the star. It has lots of nudity including some full frontal.


Tiffany Bolling is the star and bares all and even has a consensual "Babe in Bondage" scene.

Tiffany and Susan Benn have a brief lesbo encounter in the film.

Laura Sorrenson bares all.

Our old friend Monique Gabrielle is as always ready to remove all of her clothes.







Notes and collages

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

part 7 of 8

Dolly Parton








Jane Birkin

I can just about guarantee that this section will enlarge your Birkin collection. The quality is roughly video tape level, but there's lots of material here that has never been on the site before.

Bruciati da cocente passione Film clips

Comedie Film clips
La Femme de ma vie Film clips
Slogan Film clips
Blow-Up Film clips  
Mouton enrage Film clips  
Le Pirate Film clips  
Projection Privee Film clips  
Serieux comme le plaisir Film clips  

Johnny Moronic

Rosanna Arquette and Baelyn Neff (last collage) in Film clips
Jordana Brewster in Nearing Grace  
Penelope Cruz in The Good Night  

... and ...

Film clips of Lena Nyman in I am Curious Yellow and I am Curious Blue. These movies bring back lots of warm memories. I was an undergrad in New York City in the 60s, and just about every guy I knew took the D train down to Times Square to see I Am Curious Yellow because the sex and nudity levels were so extreme for the time. Sure the chick was flabby and unattractive and the movie blew chuck, but we didn't care. Unfortunately, the sex and nudity are no longer extreme by our standards, so as we view it from 2007 we can see only with a flabby fugly chick in two films that blow chuck.
Film clip of Martina Gedeck in Das Leben der anderen
A film clip of Mimi Rogers in Killer






Love 101

Joe (Jon Collins) is a geeky college student who has an infatuation with one of his classmates, Shayna (Mary Kay Cook). Joe's roommate is Andrew (Michael Muhney), a ladies man known for his one-night stands. Joe goes away to his parents for Thanksgiving, leaving Andrew alone in the dorm. Shayna is also staying near the campus for the holiday weekend, and in a chance meeting with Andrew, they hit it off big. Andrew continues his string of one-night stands, telling Shayna to take a hike afterward, but remains conflicted as to whether or not to tell Joe that he did "the deed" with his dream girl. As mad as both Andrew and Shayna are with each other, underneath there is still an attraction, which causes some strained conflicts and difficult situations for them, especially when Joe comes back resolved to ask Shayna out.


Kim Wade
Mary Kay Cook










Shadow of the Sword



Anastasia Griffith