One Fish, Two Fish
This biography of Gustov Mahler is told as a series of flashbacks and dream sequences while he is riding on a train. Because it is a biography of a famous composer, and because the score features his compositions, it is hard not to compare it to Immortal Beloved and Amadeus. For me, it was not nearly as good. The direction, however, is much more daring in Mahler, and the dream sequences are lovely work -- which explains the two collages here. In the first, lma, Mahler's wife, is a chrysalis emerging. This was to symbolize the fact that she lived in his shadow, and never really developed as a person in her own right. In the second, Mahler is cremated alive, and Alma dances, first on his coffin, and then around his ashes. In actuality, Alma was THE femme fatale of her era, sleeping with nearly every composer, crowned head, and important person in Europe. She went so far as to marry several

. British born Georgina Hale has 31 credits in IMDB, and seems to be still working.

The Second Arrival, much maligned sequel to The Arrival, was better than I expected it to be. It was included on the same DVD as The Arrival. This is not to say it was a good movie, but low expectations helped to let me enjoy this. The fact that it had Catherine Blythe naked also helped. Jane Sibbett (not naked) plays a reporter who teams with Jack Addison to expose the aliens. Catherine Blythe plays an alien who seduces Addison to better watch him. The plot was thin, but the special effects weren't bad, and there was enough tension to sustain my interest.

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    "Tales of Ordinary Madness" is adapted from Charles Bukowski's mostly autobiographical experiences in "Erections, Ejaculations, Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness", and he was one depraved SOB. He was Larry Flynt's favorite poet - tell you anything? I suppose he is best known to the world through the movie "Barfly", which he scripted out of his own experiences. If Tom Waits is the Skid Row Sinatra, Bukowski was the Skid Row Shakespeare, who spent his literary life chronicling his alcoholic existence among the depraved, the displaced, and the drunk in the underclass of central L.A. The movie starts with Ben Gazzara (the Bukowski character) wooing a twelve year old midget, jumps into his affair with a hooker into self-mutilation, and continues with his drunken adventures among women who don't bathe, fat women, you name it. Bukowski was fond of pointing out that he started getting drunk at 17, and didn't get laid until he was 23. He pretty much never slowed down on either.

    Although he could sometimes write very movingly about society's rejection of his world, I don't like Bukowski. On the other hand, the French playwright Jean Genet (another guy whose work I despise) called him "the best poet in America". If you want to read about him, here's a good link. I'll stick to the vidcaps. It's a Marco Ferreri movie, so you can bet that lots of ugly people got naked. (He's the guy who did the movie with Depardieu and the old lady). Now that I think about it, I should have sent these to Stone Cold and let him write the comments. Talk about comedy material.

    Luckily for us, at least one beautiful person got naked, although only from behind! We can be thankful that she does have a lovely behind. Here's a few of Ornella Muti Muti outdoors Indoors, in the filtered light seen in the film Indoors, with the orange filter lifted

    The rest of these women are really a motley crew. This one is Susan Tyrrell, who must hold the record for the most sexually explicit pose in a Ben Gazazara movie. Tyrell spreads 'em wide. Tyrell spreads 'em even wider. Note the dirty hands. Gazzara finds her passed out, but he decides to screw her anyway. Gazzara gets ready to get her while she's passed out. He abandons her for a bit because he needs a drink. When he returns, she is awake and she rapes him!

    This one is Judith Drake, about which the less said the better. I'll bet they didn't ask her to do nude scenes very often. Rear view. Front view.

    Tanya Lopert as Gazzara's ex-wife. Not attractive or young, but at least a nice enough body to look at. Rear view. Front view.

    Katya Berger was quite young, and had very firm plump breasts. As far as I know, this was her only nude scene. She promised to show Ben her body in return for a custom poem. Side view. Front view.

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    Mr Skin presents a tribute to the girls of Eight is Enough.
  • Lani O'Grady in "Massacre at Central High"
  • more O'Grady
  • Joan Prather in "Big Bad Mama"
  • RealVideo clip of Laurie Walters in "The Harrad Experiment"
  • one more clip of Walters


    Fireplug capped "At Play in the Fields of the Lord" from his laserdisc version, and found a much longer sequence of Daryl Hannah full-frontal than previously seen on other versions of this film. Here are 8 shots of her blond crotch. The first eight are consecutive frames, therefore very similar. The ninth frame occurs after she has stood up. The tenth is not a frontal, but a rear view of her wading through the rainforest. (#1 (not a full-frontal) , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10)
    FR presents three today.
  • First two are Anne Brochet in "Driftwood"
  • Anne Brochet in "Driftwood"
  • and the last one from FR is xxx action from Sylvie Rauch (Sybille's sis)

  • More
  • Mathilde Seigner (Emmanuelle's Sister), from ErikDaRed
  • more Seigner
  • Tia Bella in "Maedchen, Musen, Maennertraeume", from UC99
  • Bella
  • Leslie Mann in "Big Daddy" (not nude)
  • Kristy Swanson in "Big Daddy" (no nudity)