Dawn Patrol

I haven't seen this film - because it's not out yet. That's why it's up here instead of down in Catch o' the Day. Somebody seems to have obtained a screener. That's good news for us because the film contains the nudity debut of Dawn Matula, the gorgeous soap star.

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Into the Night


Scoop's note: this is exactly the clip you want in your collection. First of all, it's in 1080hd, which is the max commercially available. Second, it's in the TV aspect ratio, which means that you get to see all of Michelle's butt in that early section. Awesome.

For the next couple of weeks, I’m heading East to Eastern Europe. In particular, to countries that used to be a part of the Soviet block. We'll start this week off in Yugoslavia, the move over to Hungary, and cap the week off with a visit to Mother Russia.

Time of the Gypsies

Time of the Gypsies aka Dom za vesanje (1988) is a Yugoslavian film. Sinolicka Trpkova

and an unidentified woman are topless.

Life After Beth


Johnny's comments:

Life After Beth is a zombie horror comedy where Zach (Dane DeHaan) is mourning the death of his girlfriend Beth (Aubrey Plaza) except a few days later, he spots Beth at home where her parents Maury and Geenie (John C. Reilly and Molly Shannon) are hiding her. When they finally relent and let Zach in, Beth is very much 'alive', but something is not right. First off, her parents do not want her to go out during the daytime. And she has a sudden liking for smooth jazz. Oh, and she seems to be much stronger, angrier, hornier and more susceptible to getting skin irritations. OK, Beth's a zombie and while at first Zach is happy to have her back, it's starting to become apparent that this is not the Beth as he knew her. Plus the fact that more supposedly dead people are surfacing and starting to eat people. Can Zach and Beth's love survive his minor hiccup?

An OK movie that has it's moments, but there's nothing here that hasn't done by other zombie movies and at this stage, there isn't any new or different coming from zombie movies. But there's a few laughs to be had and it's fun until the inevitable happens. Not bad at all.

Bonnie Burroughs film clip (sample below)

Aubrey Plaza film clip (non-nude; sample below)

House of Bodies


Johnny's comments:

House of Bodies is a cheapie horror thriller where a group of girls live in a house and work as webcam girls. On her first day, Kelli (Alexz Johnson) is very hesitant to strip on camera and is having trouble getting started. She finally plucks up enough courage to take on her first client, Kyle (Harry Zittel), a deafmute and they strike up a rapport quickly. Meanwhile, Tracy (Elizabeth Brissenden), the person who runs the house, is looking for something more from her clients when a new one promises to 'hurt' her. She invites him in and it turns out he's a sadistic killer and starts picking off the girls one by one. Over the other side of town, a detective (Terrence Howard) is interrogating a notorious serial killer (Peter Fonda) about finding the sadistic killer that is currently stalking the webcam girls. Will it be too late? And what does Queen Latifah have to do with it?

Considering the obviously limited resources (most of the money probably went to the 3 name stars), this movie ain't that bad. It reminds me a bit of those Roger Corman cheapies where he'd get some star who'd owe him a few days work and they'd somehow fit in the plot (usually not well) and then there would be the main plot. In fact the Terrence Howard/Peter Fonda to and fro is the least interesting thing in the movie and it works better when it focuses on the webcam girls, particularly the very cute Alexz Johnson. Yeah, it's not a great movie, I wish there's was more nudity, at least show someone's breasts, and it's limitations are obvious, but you could do a lot worse than this.

Alexz Johnson film clip (collages below)

Karlee Eldridge film clip (sample below)

Juliana Harkavy film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Laura Gemser in the immortal cinema classic, International Prostitution (1980) in 720p


Hi-def caps of Kate McKinnon's dancing routine on the Jim Carrey SNL

A complete, uncensored version of a familiar Miley Cyrus pic