I don’t know what jostled this memory loose, but a few decades ago I recall a specific appearance by Teri Garr on David Letterman’s old NBC show.  During the interview, Letterman questioned her about “One from the Heart” and she mentioned that her first nude scene had been in a movie called “The Moonshine War” presumably based on Elmore Leonard’s novel of the same title.  In the intervening years, I have never seen even a reference to the movie beyond the IMDB entry. Have you happened to come across it, or even better Ms. Garr’s scene in it?
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Hey, R

I have now, thanks to you. What an awful movie, despite an Elmore Leonard screenplay from his own novel, and a cast which is not bad at all: Richard Widmark, Alan Alda and Patrick McGoohan. Unfortunately, they are all miscast, except Widmark, who just does his usual thing. Alan Alda plays a Kentucky moonshiner with an accent out of a high school play, and Patrick McGoohan turns in an utterly loony performance as an eccentric and corrupt treasury agent with some kind of crazy accent which hides his natural pronunciation. He doesn't sound like an American, but his pronunciation doesn't sound like any other accent I've ever heard, either.

The important point is this: Teri does get nekkid, but we have only her word that it is she, since she is far from the camera. Here is the scene.

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Catch the deluxe deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.



Season 1: 1920x1080

Episode 12

a film clip of various actresses

That One Night

Light sex comedy which never got distributed.

Holly Eglington: provides the only nudity as topless whip cream girl.

Amanda Crew: pokies.

Crystal Lowe: sexy, fully clothed sex.

Tara Wilson: fully clothed sex.

Andrea Lui: cleavage in wet pyjamas.

Lindsay Maxwell: sexy.

Lucie Guest: sexy.

Amy Couldwell: sexy.

wrestlers: bikini.

Tumbling After

(2008 short)
Mockumentary about a troupe of burlesque dancers.With the exception of Bettina May none of the castare professional burlesque dancers.
Johannah Newmarch: topelss with pasties and buns.

Kelly Hudson: cleavage in brassiere as fat stripper.

Casey Austin: sexy.

Ana de Lara: partial boob.

Julia Cudmore: sexy.

Bettina May: sexy in lineup.

Various: The above dancers topless with pasties.


webisode: "Aftermath" (s2e01)

Season two of the web series began last week.
Lea Lawrynowicz: full frontal. Despite the graphic nudity and the humiliation she had to do for the role, she actually wrote the script.


episode: "A Vast And Fiendish Plot" (s1e10)

Season one finale and the series has been renewed for season two.

Anastasia Griffith: sexy in bloomers getting dressed.

"Primeval: New World"

episode: "The New World" (s1e01)

New spinoff of the UK series Primeval, but filmed in Vancouver.

Crystal Lowe: tight ass hugging jeans and brassiere visible in see-through sweater.


episode: "Sex and Drugs" (s1e06)

Two scantily clad love slaves drawing a bath for anattractive female hostage? For a while I thought this was a Czechsploitation film directed by Lloyd Simandl.

Tracy Spiridakos: several glances of sideboob.

love slaves: sexy. One of them is Kimberly Ross.


episode: "Lone Gunmen" (s1e03)

Emily Bett Rickards: very sexy but hope she takes off more than those glasses.

episode: "An Innocent Man" (s1e04)

Katie Cassidy: pokies.

Christie Laing: sexy.

Willa Holland: sexy.


episode: "Train Run" (s6e05)

Miranda Frigon: sexy.

Jessica Amlee: sexy.

"So You Think You Can Dance Canada"

(reality series)

Jordan Clark: major crotch shots.She won the competition last year and since then landed a role as one of the Dark Nurses in Silent Hill 3D: Relevation.

"The Real Housewives of Miami"

season 2

Lisa Hochstein joins the cast and recentlygot into a catfight with another trophy wife. She's formerly known as Canadian hefmag model Lisa MacKay, best known for her breakout role as stripper #1 in The Last Kiss (2006). Since then she married renowned plastic surgeon Lenny Hochstein (aka “The B00b God”), who adjusted her robohooters.
Lisa Hochstein

"Adam & Eve"

le tv series; le episode: "Le Lit" (s1e08)

Sophie Cadieux: sexy.

"Mauvais Karma"

 le tv series;


Julie LeBreton: brassiere.


Anick Lemay: side boob.

Paulina Gretzky

The daughter of The Great One (tm) got tramped up last week for Halloween.



Romeo is Bleeding

Lena Olin

Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle is a TV series about the personal and professional lives of three high-flying women in New York City, played by Brooke Shields, Kim Raver and Lindsay Price. The hour-long show only went for 20 episodes and lasted just two seasons, in 2008 and 2009.

From the FH point of view, there was no visible nudity but there were some nice views of partially dressed and sexy women.


Kim Raver - cleavage

Lindsay Price - underwear (DVD extras)

Chapter Two - Nothing Sacred

Brooke Shields - sexy

Kim Raver - sexy

Lindsay Price - pokies

Chapter Three - Pink Poison

Brooke Shields - passion-killing underwear

Kim Raver - underwear

Lindsay Price - cleavage

Chapter Four - Bombay Highway

Brooke Shields - underwear

Chapter Five - Dressed to Kill

Lindsay Price - underwear

Chapter Seven - Carpe Threesome

Anastasia Griffith - cleavage

Kim Raver - sexy

Chapter Nine - Help!

Kim Raver - underwear

Nicolette Hart - sexy

Chapter Ten - Let It Be

Lindsay Price - underwear

Chapter Twelve - Scary, Scary Night!

Unidentified - sexy

Chapter Thirteen - The Lyin', the Bitch and the Wardrobe

April Wilkner - underwear

Kim Raver - pokies

Lindsay Price - cleavage

Unidentified - underwear

Chapter Fourteen - Let the Games Begin

Rosanna Arquette - cleavage

Chapter Eighteen - Indecent Exposure

Lindsay Price - underwear

Feast of Love


Selma Blair and Stana Katic 1080hd film clip (low-res sample below)

Alexa Davalos 1080HDfilm clip (collages below)

Radha Mitchell 1080HD film clip (collages below)

Film Clips

A couple of compilations of Olivia Wilde in Deadfall (2012). The quality is poor, but these clips are the best we have at the moment. The film is currently showing in VOD, per IMDb, so maybe we'll some some slightly better clips this week as we await the Blu-Ray. 

Adult film actress Ryan Keely in The Lost Episode (2012), a film directed by Michael Rooker.

Katerina Gellin in The Thompsons (2012), a new film about feuding vampire clans, and if you're like me, you can't get enough of those!

Zoe Grisedale, also in The Thompsons

Nelly Snegina in the film often regarded as Russia's best, Tarkovsky's Andrei Rublev (1966)

Pics and Collages

Argentine model/dancer Jessica Cirio does not have the right size bikini top

Birgitte Victoria Svendsen in Cold Lunch (2008)

Emma Suarez in La Blanca Paloma (1990)

An obscure page from the filmography of the late Sylvia Kristel: Evil Mysteries (1978)