Sex and Death 101

A modern Casanova receives a mysterious e-mail listing every woman he's ever slept with, in chronological order. He thinks it is a prank engineered by his pals until he realizes that there are 101 names on the list and he has only had sex with the first 29. He freaks out totally when the next two women on the list are the next two women he has sex with. The high-concept explanation is offered by a trio of ... angels, I guess ... some nearly omniscient guys who tell him that the list is for real and details every women he will ever sleep with until he dies.

You can see from the premise that I could easily be writing about one of those high-concept 1970s Italian sex farces, but this is actually a new American movie, and it's not a bad little comedy, with some intriguing ideas, many of them politically incorrect.

Of course the idea is silly and impossible, but some very good and thoughtful comedies have come out of similar concepts. Consider Groundhog Day, for example, which is similar to this film in using a far-fetched premise to create a film that walks a thin line between a thoughtful examination of human nature and outright farce. The two most important thing an author has to do with a premise like this are: (1) to assume the plausibility of the idea, and to get the characters to react as any of us would react in the same odd circumstances; (2) to get the maximum comedic and philosophical mileage out of the idea. I give this author a thumb up on both counts, for producing some good laughs and raising some interesting questions at the same time.

What would you do if you were about to get married and your fiancée were only 29 on a list of 101? Would you call off the wedding, knowing that you would cheat on her, or worse, that she might die soon? What would you do when you meet the woman of your dreams, and she's NOT on the list. What would you do if a centerfold babe from a rich family were next on the list? Would you still make an effort to seduce her romantically, or would you just be selfish and cavalier, knowing full well that you were going to get laid anyway? If her father were in the room, would you still go after her right then and there, knowing that he can't do much harm to you because you still have seventy more women on your list? How would you react when the next name on the list turned out to be a man? What would you do if a known serial killer were the last one on the list? (It's a killer of serial seducers, no less!)

Some of those situations are exploited for lowbrow laughs. He goes to the Playmate's bedroom and screws her senseless. The next morning she asks why he never showed up. It turns out that somebody else in her family's mansion has the exact same name - and the implications of that are totally disgusting! Other situations are used to reflect on some interesting aspects of human nature. 

Most of the the comedy and nudity are concentrated in the first half, making the second half more sentimental and contemplative. Groundhog Day, the most similar film, essentially works the same way, and both are true to the premise in that the central character is human, not omniscient, and must therefore gradually learn how to deal with his seemingly impossible situation. In both films the protagonist begins the process by thinking too little and messing up too much, and that generates the laughs. As time goes on both protagonists learn to use the gift/curse, and as they become wiser their buffoonery is reduced, so the film edges out of farce and into a more reflective mode.

The writer/director wrote two other films I like, Heathers and Demolition Man, two more politically incorrect comedies with interesting things to say about the world. Heathers is considered a cult classic, and I have often argued that Demolition Man is a very funny movie which is radically underrated by IMDb voters at 6.1 because people tend to treat it as a mediocre action movie instead of a spoof. The IMDb crowd definitely likes Sex and Death 101 so far, having scored it a stellar 7.9, albeit with limited voter participation. It will undoubtedly end up lower than that, but it is a fine effort, a good entertainment film with some brains as a bonus!

I would have enjoyed the film even without the nudity, but that is also very stimulating. Winona Ryder gives it up briefly in her first topless scene. Sophie Monk walks around naked from head to toe in excellent light. Natassia Malthe and Pollyanna McIntosh get out their breasts for an energetic three-way with our hero. Jessica Kiper shows her breasts and 99% of her bum in panties about as wide as dental floss.

Here are the scenes not covered in yesterday's edition:

Jessica Kiper film clip (samples right)


Various caps of Sophie Monk:


The threesome chicks




I Know Who Killed Me

I forgot this yesterday. Although Lohan does no nudity in this film, this is the closest she comes, and probably the sexiest frame of her strip acts:




Cougar Club

Another attempt to resuscitate the 80s!

Our hero Spence has just graduated from college, is engaged, and is headed for Yale Law if he can get a good recommendation from the senior partner at the law firm where he's interning for the summer. He'd probably be on his way to a mundane life if not for his best friend Hogan, a complete slacker whose entire goal in life is to bed as many "experienced" women as possible. Needless to say, Spence's parents and girlfriend want him to cut loose the Hogan anchor in order to achieve his full potential, but Spence is not that kind of guy, He's willing to work hard and study his ass off and even to suck up to disgusting law partners, but Hogan is his friend and that's the final word on the matter.

That was either a very good call on his part or a very bad one depending on your attitude toward what happens next. Hogan realizes that there are plenty of other young guys like him who want the unlimited recreational and commitment-free sex available from horny older women, and he knows from personal experience that there are thousands of horny older women who would love to reciprocate the attention they would get from those young men. It's a win-win situation for anyone who can find a profitable way to bring the two groups together for sportfuckin'. So Hogan talks Spence into forming Cougar Club, in which they charge the male members an annual fee which gives them access to debauched parties organized by our heroes and featuring the older women.

The lads do well. Too well. They make money hand over fist, but complications ensue when their Cougars (predatory older women) include the wives of their law firm's partners. Whoa! That could kill that ol' recommendation letter, eh? Further complications arise when the police come to believe that what they are doing is dangerously close to pimping, and they are arrested. Of course, you know that things will eventually work out in this kind of film.

If Sex and Death 101 shadows the best of 1980s comedies, Cougar Club shadows the "B" youthploitation films. If it could be an "A" movie, it would be Risky Business, but it isn't. It's more like a low-rent Golan-Globus copy of Risky Business, filled with nobodies and has-beens and padded out with gross-outs, gratuitous nudity and Catskills schtick comedy.

The two leads are basically unknowns, albeit likeable enough young guys. Like the similar 80s films, Cougar Club generates a little marketing topspin by supplementing the obscure lead players with an endless string of familiar names in cameos and bit parts. The cast is updated a bit from the 80s, since the old stand-bys like Charo, Joe E Ross, Phil Silvers and Foster Brooks are no longer available, but there are plenty of replacements available. Faye Dunaway has a small role. Carrie Fisher has a role so small it is essentially a cameo, although she is billed quite high. Joe Mantagna plays the "Dean Wormer" character, the senior partner. Chyna the wrestler plays the wife of one of the partners. Norm Crosby, now elderly but once the master of the comic malaprop, has one or two lines in an early scene.

Faye Dunaway



Carrie Fisher

None of the film's female leads show any flesh, but there's quite a bit of incidental nudity which was obviously added to augment the film's titillation value, since 95% of it occurs in tacked-on scenes which have nothing to do with the storyline. The nudity basically comes from three scenes:

(1) A girl who has absolutely nothing to do with the plot and appears in no other scenes comes up to our heroes at graduation and says, "You won the bet, so I have to show you my tits."

(2) A guy who has nothing to do with the plot is being watched by the divorce lawyers, who are employed by his wife. Our lads are charged with the responsibility of catching and photographing him in flagrante delicto with two topless hookers.

(3) Spence's parents some home early from a trip, arriving while he is using the house for a Cougar Club party. (More shades of Risky Business.) There is some very brief topless nudity from one woman being fucked against the bay window in their den.

All three of these scenes are repeated at greater length in the closing credits!

The woman described in scenario #1 above is Nicole Radburn. Film clip here, samples right.

The other women are not identifiable from the credits. Film clips here, samples right.


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The Sopranos Season 4, part 1


The Sopranos Season 4, episodes 1 through 7.

Uncle Jun is standing trial. Tony has decided to protect himself from indictment and wire taps by delivering all of his messages through Christopher.  Christopher's drug use is getting out of hand, and the feds have their hooks into his girlfriend. Tony is also investing in real estate.

Pauli starts the season in jail and has financial worries with his mother in an expensive rest home. Meadow is back in school. Tony junior is trying to get laid. Janice is putting the moves on Bobby after his wife dies. Carmella is worried about her future. An insult by Ralph nearly ends in bloodshed. Carmella seems overly interested in Furio. Tony finds out that Gloria committed suicide.

The entire first half of season 4 seems to be about building relationships to provide more subplots for later episodes.

Watch for the second half of the season tomorrow.



An unknown shows breasts in in a lesbian scene in Episode 1.


There are strippers at the Bada Bing in episode 7


Tone Christensen is topless in Episode 6 as Tony's latest mistress.










Featuring two stripper sisters who are the featured entertainment at a stag party. Things do not go well. One of the girls is accidentally killed and from there things go even further downhill as the men try to figure out how to cover up what has happened.

Jenny McShane goes topless before she loses her life after falling while the guys toss her around.

Taylor Dayne pays her sister and shows no skin (how does that happen when you are playing a stripper ?). She does wind up as a "Babe in Bondage." Taylor was a top selling pop artist of the late 80s and early 90s.







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The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

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Dolly Parton







Three film clips from Widows, samples below

Muti Stevens Flynt



Nicole Kidman in Eyes Wide Shut in High Definition

A film clip of Rose McGowan in Lewis and Clark and George

A film clip of Marisa Tomei in Before the Devil Knows You're Dead. The quality sucks - shot from the side of a theater with a cam. But you won't mind. This will whet your appetite for the better quality stuff, which should start appearing soon. Tomei looks great.






Easy Kill


Jane Bradler










The Unsaid



Sarah Deakins