"Night Vision"

Night Vision (1997) is a 70s style exploitation film starring Fred "the Hammer" Williamson and Cynthia Rothrock. He is a recovering alcoholic loner who has been busted all the way back to motorcycle patrol, and she has been demoted due to a shooting in the line of duty. They are assigned to work together to stop a serial killer who has a thing for media, and a personal vendetta against Williamson. The killer tapes personal details of young women's lives, then kills them, releasing the videos to the press, and selling them through Mafia connections worldwide. As if this wacko and the Mafia connections weren't trouble enough, there is spy on the police force. Rothrock and Williamson find that they are compatible, and she resolves to help him with his sobriety -- help he badly needs.

This is pretty much a standard low budget action film shot in Dallas, with lots of weak special effects, lots of gunfire, and not a lot of substance. On the other hand, it has the required breast exposure from two victims (Nina Richardson and Mary Kapper), good martial arts from Rothrock, and plenty of action. IMDb readers have it at 3.2. It is certainly an anachronism, but no worse than similar films from the 70s and 80s, and is hence a C. I, for one, would rather watch one of these than many huge budget special effects laden Hollywood mainstream films.

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  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    The Stand (1994):

    • I guess we can give up all hope that Laura San Giacomo is ever going to take those monsters out and give us a good look at them, but she sure looked impressive bouncing around like mad in this 1994 scene! (.zipped .wmv, no sound)


    A Home at the End of the World (2004):

    One of the very few smart things I've ever written about movies can be found in my review of Tigerland, written about four years ago, before anyone was aware of Colin Farrell.

    I was especially astounded by the performance of Colin Farrell as Bozz. He's an Irish stage actor, and he transforms himself into the perfect independent-minded Texas boy. This fella may have a hell of a future.

    Farrell's subsequent performances have not been universally brilliant, but he has unquestionably become a star of international repute, based on his flamboyant private life as much as on his acting chops. He has the perfect combination of attributes for celebrity - talent, looks, recklessness, and an unquenchable sex drive.

    In this film, he also proves that he is not just a star, but also one hell of an actor. In the past, many of his roles have called for extensions of his larger-than-life public persona - cheeky, dominant, and wild. The character he plays in this film could not be farther from that. It is a blissful, submissive, shy, passive, tame, sexually ambiguous hippie who just wants everyone around him to be mellow. I guess any good actor could play a part so far from type, but what distinguishes Colin as more than good, as a great actor, is that he shows no signs that he is acting. If you did not already know what Colin Farrell is like, you would assume that this character is just what Colin is like. He has no trouble at all with the American accent - you'd never suspect that he isn't an American. His overall performance is unaffected, natural, and completely free from artifice. It is also warm, generous, and tremendously likeable. Suddenly, I understand completely why Colin is so successful with women.

    ... speaking of which ...

    This film is already semi-famous for all the wrong reasons. As a film, it is virtually unknown, despite some decent reviews and a respectable festival run. It never reached more than 65 theaters, and grossed only about a million dollars in the entire United States - and even that modest achievement took 14 weeks of arthouse distribution. As a cultural phenomenon, however, it is much discussed.

    Oh, you can't remember hearing of this film by name. Neither could I. But you've heard of it all right. This is the film where the screening of Colin Farrell's and reputedly Brobdingnagian tallywacker caused such a stir that the director ended up cutting it out of the film. The San Francisco Gate described the controversy as follows:

    According to a British newspaper the Sun, nude scenes spotlighting actor Colin Farrell's full-frontal manhood have been cut from his new film, "A Home at the End of the World." Sounds painful, eh? The paper quoted an undisclosed publicist -- sorry, an undisclosed source -- as claiming the dimensions of the offending member disrupted a test screening. "The women were overexcited," said the source, "and the men looked really uncomfortable."

    Colin was said to be very upset that the scene was snipped, and was insisting that the scene be restored to the DVD. I have just watched the DVD, and I saw no sign of any gigantic penises,  so I guess the deleted scene remains deleted. There are no deleted scenes included in the DVD extras. The disc does have a featurette, but I fast-forwarded through that and didn't see any sign of an elephantine manroot. I don't think I could have missed it, since it is apparently the size of Costa Rica.

    Cutting Farrell's mighty member seems kind of hypocritical to me, in light of the fact that an actress is shown naked in a completely unnecessary scene (a flashback to Colin's childhood, and memories of his beloved older brother), and that the nudity is quite explicit. Oh, well, I guess the size of Colin's prodigious flesh-rocket will have to remain a whispered and undocumented secret.

    Getting back to the subject of the movie for a minute, it is a pretty good one. "Why?", you ask. I suppose there are many reasons why a film can be called "good", and in this case I felt that way because it made me totally uncomfortable. "Huh?", you respond. You see, I felt like I was watching people's home movies. I got the illusion that many of the moments in their lives were really happening, and were so personal and intimate that I had no business watching. Colin Farrell was the best of the cast at conveying that intimacy, but Sissy Spacek almost matched him beat for beat. To my way of thinking, that kind of honesty is very effective and convincing filmmaking.

    What's it about? Not much of anything. The plot is meandering. It's character-driven personal history, I guess. Other people might call it a soap opera which encompasses decades of life. It's not for the homophobic. Its author, Michael Cunningham, is widely celebrated in the world of gay and lesbian authors, and he won a Pulitzer Prize for his other major novel, The Hours. Queer Studies describes the source novel for A Home at the End of the World as follows:

    Michael Cunningham's celebrated novel is the story of two boyhood friends: Jonathan, lonely, introspective, and unsure of himself; and Bobby, hip, dark, and inarticulate. In New York after college, Bobby moves in with Jonathan and his roommate, Clare, a veteran of the city's erotic wars. Bobby and Clare fall in love, scuttling the plans of Jonathan, who is gay, to father Clare's child. Then, when Clare and Bobby have a baby, the three move to a small house in upstate New York to raise "their" child together and, with an old friend, Alice, create a new kind of family. A Home at the End of the World masterfully depicts the charged, fragile relationships of urban life today.

    It traces the friendship of the two friends from boyhood to adulthood. They become close. The one boy is definitely gay, and the other (Farrell) just wants to please people and connect with them, so he becomes his friend's lover. He also becomes kind of a fantasy lover for the friend's mom (Spacek), and by the time the kids grow up, he takes on a female lover when the two young men get embroiled in a strange triangular love with an eccentric aging hippie chick (Robin Wright). The Colin Farrell character is simply having sex or making connections with everyone of both sexes, although he never actually initiates sex, and is perfectly content going without sex during those periods when he's separated from his closest acquaintances. Farrell's first encounter with Wright and the first encounter between the two boys are both painfully intimate scenes. Colin's scenes with Spacek, on the other hand, are not painful to watch, and in fact they portray a unique and very sweet May-December relationship of some kind, but those scenes still create an illusion that we are eavesdropping when we should not be.

    The main characters go through various travails. Since it is based on a Michael Cunningham novel, you can bet that everyone will be of indeterminate or confused sexuality, and that AIDS will rear its ugly head. Based on its reputation, The Hours must be considered the better of the two books, but I liked this intimate film much better than the film version of The Hours, which seemed very artificial, rhetorical and stagy to me.

    • Asia Vieira (1, 2, 3, 4)


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    Diane Keaton tribute - Day 3

    Long before Something's Gotta Give, Diane showed some skin in Looking for Mr Goodbar, probably Diane's sexiest role.

    Here are clips five and six from Mr. Goodbar. There are two others in yesterday's edition, and two in Tuesday's page.



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    Crimson Ghost
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    First up from the Ghost today...'caps and vids from the very off beat movie 1993 movie "The Pickle".

    Next up, Mimi Craven. A former flight attendant as well as ex-Mrs. Wes Craven. Here she is topless and showing thong views while playing a brass pole enthusiast in scenes from "Dog Watch" (1996).

    'Caps and comments by Dann:

    "Death Factory"
    What I found interesting about this 2002 less-than-zero-budget horror movie (I think the actors paid to appear) was the appearance of Tiffany Shepis as the deranged killer. What I didn't find interesting was the movie itself.

    Gore and sexploitation are the main offerings of this stinker, but oddly, Tiffany, who is not shy about getting naked, kept her clothes on in this one. Hell, even porn star Ron Jeremy, who has a small part as a drunk bum, stayed clothed. Fortunately, a couple of other actresses didn't, which may be the movie's only saving grace.

    A worker at a chemical plant contracts a virus which mutates her into a half-human creature with a craving for blood. After killing and eating a bunch of co-workers, she disappears and the factory is closed. Years later, young people partying at the condemned plant discover she's really not gone, and she's hungry as ever.

    Gross and really badly done, but with a little interesting nudity. For hard-core gore fans only.

    Teri Hatcher
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

    The "Desperate Housewives" star showing plenty of cleavage and also some nice breast views in these Vejiita 'caps from the 1994 movie "The Cool Surface". For those who are more familiar with her famous not-so-hot nude scene in "Heaven's Prisoners", not to worry, the goods look much better here.

    Susan Sarandon
    (1, 2, 3)
    Ann Magnuson

    Penman 'caps of both ladies topless in scenes from the 1983 Tony Scott yuppie-vampire movie, "The Hunger".

    Leilani Sarelle aka Leilani Sarelle Ferrer, the ex-wife of Miguel Ferrer ("Crossing Jordan" co-star, George Clooney's cousin and the official movie trailer voice over guy that always says "this summer, only one man can save the world"). Here are Sarelle and Ferrer gettin' it on in a couple of scenes from "The Harvest" (1993) (they were recently married when they filmed this). Sarelle shows her breasts, some brief pube views and side bum views in these 'caps by Scorpion.

    Marianne Basler AS2 'caps of the Belgian actress showing off some nice toplessness in scenes from "Le Cimetière des durs" (1987).

    Mia Sara
    (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13)

    Señor Skin 'caps of Ferris Bueller's girlfriend showing off her robo-hooters in a scene from the direct-to-vid Lou Diamond Phillips movie, "Undertow" (1996).

    Pat Reeder
    Pat's comments in yellow...

    All Sizes - Renee Zellweger told that she's so terrified of airport guards handling her underwear at baggage check-in that she sends it home by Fed Ex. She said the guards recognize her and always go through her phone book and underwear, and she can't stand it. She says it might be cheaper to buy new underwear, but "I'm not going to throw away perfectly good underwear." She admitted that other private items and "anything scandalous" also goes into the Fed Ex box.

  • Now the guys at Fed Ex are going to be checking out her underwear.
  • It would be cheaper to buy new underwear since her Bridget Jones underwear is so big, it has to be Fed Exed in a refrigerator crate.

    Brush With Fame - The New York Post reports that Martha Stewart was assigned a plum prison job of cleaning the officials' offices. A prison source said she "was complaining about how nasty the place was," so she "got down on her hands and knees, scrubbing the floor." The source added, "I guess she knows how to work."

  • This is the first time a prisoner ever complained to a guard that the floor wasn't scrubbed clean enough.
  • This is such a waste of her talents...She should be yelling at someone else to scrub the floor.

    Improves Circulation - For their 20th anniversary, the Swiss men's magazine Okay wanted to beat the free CDs and posters their rivals give away, so they are offering every subscriber a free trip to an "erotic studio" with free sexual services. One politician called it a disgrace, noting that Okay isn't even an adult magazine, and radio stations refused to air the ad, but it just got them more publicity. Okay's spokesman said, "I don't know why the radio stations refused to carry the advert, every man wants free sex."

  • Well, no man accepted when Rosie O'Donnell's magazine offered it.
  • Swiss radio stations should be neutral on free sex.
  • Heff never offered free hookers, but subscribers do get to have sex with themselves.

    Let's Be Barfing - The Sun reports that a Japanese dating show hired a team of sociologists and psychiatrists to develop the best pick-up line in the world. The line they chose translates in English to, "This time next year, let's be laughing together." They say the word "together" gives an impression of fresh romance, "laughing" softens the phrase to make it easier to deliver, and "This time next year" sends a signal to the woman that the man isn't just looking for a one-night stand.

  • Even though he is.
  • This time next year, he'll look you up and laugh about how he slept with you and dumped you.
  • The other key to success: finding a really stupid woman.
  • Better yet, try: "This time next year, we'll be laughing together in my Porsche."