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"The Sadistic Baron von Klaus" (1962)

The Sadistic Baron von Klaus (1962), originally La Mano de un hombre muerto, is a very early Jess Franco gothic horror in black and white featuring a ten very controversial dungeon nude torture scene featuring Gogo Rojo. She shows her breasts for must of the extended scene, and her buns as well. The young baron is told by his mother to destroy his father's dungeon, and then to leave and escape the family curse. He, instead, falls victim to the curse, and begins torturing and killing young women.

The acting and score feels more like a staged melodrama (I was tempted to boo and hiss), but does show that, even in 1962, Jess Franco was willing to show graphic nudity and violence. To my knowledge, next Tuesday's Region 1 DVD release is the first time this film has been available in the US. In a refreshing reversal of form, the edited version of the dungeon scene is the one in the deleted footage. This is chiefly of interest to Jess Franco fans, and Euro Shock completeists. C-.

  • Gogo Rojo (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)

  • Johnny Web (Uncle Scoopy)

    IMPORTANT NOTE from Scoopy:

    Some of you who have been with us for a long time realize that there are some changes going on with the front page and the rates and such. 

    Let me be very clear - the changes don't apply to you old timers. An "old timer" is defined here as anyone who was ever a member before Thursday. We have become subsumed into the Cybererotica network, but one thing we received from our new partners is the promise that we can grandfather our old customers in at the old rates.  The new rates do not apply to you now or in future billings. They don't even apply to you if you quit and come back. They don't even apply to you if you are not currently a member, but were at any time prior to November 1, 2001, ever.

    In other words - if you were ever a member of this site before Thursday, even for one month, the rates don't apply to you now or in the future. That is a very broad mandate. You are permanently grandfathered. So just ignore the new stuff and go about your business of enjoying the naked chicks. You don't have to do anything except log in at the right spot there are two log-ins now, so you need to pick the right one)

    Nothing about the site changes either, other than that we work even harder than ever to make it good

    Single White Female has been done many times before, even by me, but I was looking through the Jennifer Jason Leigh archives, and I wanted a little better selection from this film. It is a difficult film to work with, because the photography employed many day-for-night shots and other light manipulations. Essentially, I tried to make those go away, unless they were very beautiful. One thing I noted is that the Bridget Fonda's pubic area is on the screen for exactly one frame. I'm not sure what the dark spot is, but it's there for your examination. This is not exactly a major beaver shot, but I never noticed it before, so I thought it was cool.

    Another thing I noticed is that JJL's shower scene does NOT show her pubic area in the theatrical release, but the DVD also includes a full-screen version which is a full negative shot, not a pan 'n scan. Therefore it includes additional information above and below what you see in the widescreen version. To get to the point, JJL's pubic area is on display for a lingering shot in the 4:3 version.

    • Fonda. The first collage includes the brief moment mentioned above (bottom right), as well as the famous rear shot without the dark blue filter (top right). (1, 2)

    • Leigh. The first two collages are taken from the full screen version. Ms Leigh's pubes are not visible in the widescreen transfer. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    There is a new Maria Conchita Alonso volume in the Encyclopedia. Find it under A in the Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities on the main members' links page.

    There is a new Sheryl Lee volume in the Encyclopedia. Find it under L in the Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities on the main members' links page.

    The Diane Lane volume of the Encyclopedia has been updated. Find it under L in the Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities on the main members' links page.

    The Patsy Kensit volume of the Encyclopedia has been updated. Find it under K in the Encyclopedia of Naked Celebrities on the main members' links page.

    Tomorrow: Jennifer Jason Leigh


    Charlie's French Cinema Nudity site is also updated. Large update this week


    Good news: When I was reviewing the JJL pages for tomorrow's update, I was also going to update Fast Times, but then I scrapped the project, because the existing DVD just plain stinks. All of us celebrity nudity lovers were disappointed with the poor job in producing that DVD. Cute movie, awesome nudity, crappy DVD. 

    The buzz is that a new, re-mastered, anamorphically enhanced DVD, filled with extras, will be out Jan 2. If they can do for this film what the clean-up did for Kramer vs Kramer, Fast Times could do battle with Sirens for the title of The Holy Grail of Celebrity Nudity. Waiting ... fingers crossed.



    I thought you'd enjoy doing an analysis of  this - how many action heroes have fought themselves?

    Why do they continue to make these movies -

    • His brother

    • His clone

    • Himself in a different time

    Jean Claude Van Damme must have done it  three times, just saw Jet Li do it, Arnie did it at least once as did Jackie Chan, so Sly must have done it.  Be curious if you thought this topic was worth discussing - how many, who, what movies and why (other than to satisfy  their huge egos and save money!!) 

    Graphic Response
  • Robin excellent collage of her toplessness in the sci-fi stinker "Supernova".

    Be sure to pay Graphic Response a visit at his website.

  • Brainscan
    First up is Matter's Arising (the title that mags for the rich and powerful assign to articles about things already presented. Or so I assume, since I am neither rich nor powerful. Vidcaps of Angela Grant were in the FH earlier this week... from Bare Deception, I think. Onliest movie I have seen capped with this B movie bim struttin her stuff. But we do have a few scans for y'all (If memory serves they were in Gallery). Not bad, not great.
  • Angela Grant (1, 2, 3)

    Jakki Degg reared her beautiful head this week. Haven't seen her in anything other than page 3-type poses, a few of which have shown up on page and other sites of that sort. I am not impressed with Ms. Degg. Her face reminds me of former Hefmagmate turned actress Julie McCullough.... BUT she has nothing approaching Julie's bod. In fact, Jakki's form is man-made. Otherwise unheard of in page 3 land, Jakki sports a pair of robo-hooters. That's just not right.

  • Jakki Degg (1, 2, 3, 4)

    On to Domestic Babes. Two of the best. Gena Lee Nolin and the one, the only, the spectacular Josie Maran. I see where Josie showed up nowhere on the best 25 bodies list. Oh, right! Like there are 25 women on the planet with better bods than Josie! One of them fer sure is NOT Catherine Zeta-Jones. CZJ has a first class face, third class bod, at best. Hell, I have dated three women with bodies superior to CZJ's; married one of 'em. But Josie's? Ain't never seen a better one nowhere and neither have you, whoever you are.

  • Gena Lee Nolin (1, 2)
  • Josie Maran

    Oh yeah, a couple more domestic babes. Lisa Nicole Carson, with cleavage that can be measured in terms of surface area exposed (acres), volume encompassed (gallons) or weight of air contained (tons)... and a hint of nip to boot. Ain't life great? And Liv Tyler in a less revealing but kick-ass pose.

  • Lisa Nicole Carson
  • Liv Tyler

    Two International babes: Zoe Anderson of the U. K. who showed up in some caps a while back (or is that "a whilst back"?). And Carolina Ardohain, Argentine fashion model. No hooter exposure... but guys, if you like bums you will love these scans.

  • Zoe Anderson
  • Carolina Ardohain (1, 2, 3)

    Paparazzi scans of the day include a host of Italian babes, including the exuberantly built actress, Serena Grandi as well as Alessia Merz, Iasabella Orsini and Stefania Orlando. Then we have the Holy Grail. Inma de Moral is a Spanish model, who posed a couple of times for Man magazine. The first scan shows a pose typical for her and the mag: extreme tease, with just the barest coverage of the really critical naughty bits. She's posed like this a lot and I was in despair that we would never see her nekkid (maybe a name change to Inma de Immoral would have posing for Hustler). Then a couple of years ago, the Spanish mage, Interview, caught her on the beach in almost all her glory. Finally got a copy and here are the scans.

  • Serena Grandi
  • Alessia Merz
  • Iasabella Orsini
  • Stefania Orlando
  • Inma de Moral (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

    Fashion model of the day is Delfine Balfort. Don't have a clue where she came from but you cannot swing a dead cat in the magazine section of the shop without hitting a fashion mag with pics of Delfine... usually nekkid.

  • Delfine Balfort (1, 2, 3)

    In addition to Delfine, we have for your viewing pleasure Erin Wesson, Cressida Wilson and Ana-Claudia Michels. I see where A-C M is still working on her "this is such hard work" scowl. Well, so long as she shows off the hooties, who are we to complain?

  • Erin Wesson
  • Cressida Wilson
  • Ana-Claudia Michels

    The first vidcaps for today are reformatted Tuna caps of Heidi Staley in Leprechaun 3. Heidi has done some bunnymag stuff under the name of Heidi Lynne Staley but her best work was in the October '94 issue of Penthouse as Pet of the Month. Then she was plain ol' Heidi Lynne. PETScan ran em through the HP for us.

  • Heidi Staley (1, 2)
  • Heidi Lynne (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

    Okay, and then there were the other vidcaps, all of them edited from Tuna's previous submissions.

    Rosanna Arquette in Desperately Seeking Susan. Tough caps since the scene was shot from across the room and through an aquarium. I blew em up a bit and cleaned em up a bit more... all because there is no such thing as too many nekkid Rosanna pics.

  • Rosanna Arquette

    Lisa Rae Moore in Teenage Catgirls in Heat (as if there were any other kind of catgirls). Tuna did Lisa B. Moore in some movie not too long ago and I remember thinking how silly is was for her to include her middle initial 'cuz just how many Lisa Moore's take their clothes off in movies? Well, at least two.

  • Lisa Rae Moore

  • Leilani Ferrer baring not nearly enough in Barbarians at the Gate. Lovely girl.

    Juliette Cummins. Ahh, Juliette Cummins. A cult fave here in the Brainscan shop; not because she is raving beauty or has hooties that rival the divine Ms. Connelly's. Nope. She is tiny in all measures and has only passable good looks on the Hollywood scale. But, Ms. Cummins was once a gymnast and we do so love gymnasts in these here parts. The things we have thought while watching the Olympics could have gotten us arrested in most states of the Union. Anyway, these are of Juliette in Friday the 13th, Part Infinity. She took her clothes off in maybe a half dozen other movies.

  • Juliette Cummins (1, 2)
  • Variety
    Tanya Roberts
    (1, 2)

    Vidcaps from a first time contributor...from the DVD, here are deleted nude scenes from one of our favorite movies..."Beastmaster"! Thanks to Fox!

    Kelly Lynch Speaking of are scenes from TBS' official replacement in the power rotation...Scoop's all time favorite bad movie, "Roadhouse"! Thanks to DeVo for these brief breast and bum peeks.

    Vikki Neil Great 'caps by Watty of the Scottish glamour model showing off the after market replacement breasts on "European Blue Review".

    Britney Spears Great pose, but not the best scan. Unfortunately it looks like pretty crappy paper. Anyone have a better version?

    Ludivine Sagnier
    (1, 2)

    Beautiful topless, frontal and rear nudity in scenes from the French movie "Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brūlantes" ("Water Drops On Burning Rocks") (1999).

    Pascale Bussičres

    Lisa Bronwyn Moore

    Both ladies going topless in scenes from the Canadian movie "X Change" (2000). Thanks to Elliffen Graphix.

    Click Here!