The Affair

s5e11, series finale, 1080hd

Maura Tierney

Im Angesicht des Verbrechens
season one in 1080hd

This German mini-series actually aired in 2010

Alina Levshin in episode 1

Carmen Birk in episode 1

Katharina Nesytowa and Sara Gmuer in episode 2



Justyna Pawlicka in episode 3

Karolina Lodyga in episode 3

Karolina Lodyga in episode 4

Marie Baeumer in episode 4

Iona Iacob in episode 5

Carmen Birk in episode 6

Katharina Nesytowa in episode 7

Alina Levshin in episode 8

Janina Isabell Batoly in episode 8

Katharina Nesytowa and Alina Levshin in episode 9



This is season 1 of a new Brazilian Neflix series in 1080hd

Naruna Costa

Der Bestatter
This Swiss series is now on season seven. This 720p clip is from s3e3

Claudia Gallo

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s3e1, 1920x1080

Julie Benz

Un Mode di Essere Donna


Stefania Sandrelli


1999, 1080hd

Jessica Lange film clip (sample below)

Hailey Hesick in Don't Look (2008) in 1080hd

Vanessa Kirby in Queen and Country

Emily Meade