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TV Round-Up

A little better pic of Katie Holmes as the legendary Slutty Pumpkin in How I Met Your Mother

Borgia moves on to episode 52 million and four in 720p. Two more weeks and they'll have run more episodes than The Guiding Light. (It's actually episode 7.)

And episode 6 of Beaver Falls featured, in 720p, this scene from Natasha Loring


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Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







A rare mid-week update from the mysterious Defoe

Capucine Delaby in Gerry (2011) in 1080p (Gorgeous!)

Christa Theret and Alix Schmidt in Mike (2011)

Marie Le Cam in Le Chien (2009)






The Family Tree


Johnny's comments:

The Family Tree is an ensemble comedy drama (my favourite type of film /sarcasm... for the moment) about a family on the rocks. Jack Burnett (Dermot Mulroney) is working in a job he hates and is now working with a former flame (Gabrielle Anwar) to cut back the work force. He is also fantasising about the buxom secretary (Christina Hendricks) and is seriously considering acting on them. His wife Bunnie (Hope Davis) is ignoring him and busy forging her place in the social scene, while getting a bit on the side from the neighbour (Chi McBride). Kelly (Brittany Robertson) is failing school miserably and is at war with her mother. And Eric (Max Thieriot) is a bible thumping, gun toting outcast who is hanging out with fellow bible thumpers who are just drug fiends. Well, this family is about to combust until Bunnie is knocked unconscious during sex with the neighbour and gets amnesia forgetting pretty much the last 20 years of her life. Maybe this family can save itself, if only they can keep their secrets secret... This type of film has been done to death and nothing new happens here. There's a strange vibe to this film as everything looks as though it is set in the 70s, but is actually set in the present. What can I say other than it's just not worth the time

Chrs comments:







Pics and Collages

Mariko Mayamitsu in Tag (2011)

Various images of Kate Moss

Michelle Trachtenberg in Beautiful Ohio (2006)