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Third party videos:

Multiple zipped .avis of Theresa Russell in Eureka, a very odd movie. (Movie House Review). I wrote: "It is a great movie, and it is a poor movie. Above all, it is a film which always tries to soar into stratospheric heights, sometimes finding an air current and floating majestically through the clouds for we earthbound to admire, and sometimes crashing clumsily and painfully to earth. If you study films, you must see it, if only for what it hoped to be and might have been, if not for what it actually is."





The trailer for En Soap, a Danish drama
  • "32-year-old Charlotte (Trine Dryholm) could have it all, but she doesnt want any of it. When she moves away from her boyfriend, she happens to become the upstairs neighbor of the transsexual Veronica (David Dencik). Veronica prefers to keep to herself with her little dog and a romantic soap show on TV, while Charlotte gets through the nights with one-night stands."


Four clips from Come Early Morning, the Ashley Judd film directed by Joey Lauren Adams


Eight clips from Fast Food Nation


Four clips from Stranger Than Fiction

  • This is the movie where Will Ferrell finds out he is a fictional character whose creator is about to knock him off.


Jerry Seinfeld's crazy trailer for the Bee Movie (Contrary to what's implied here, it's animated, NOT a live action movie.)


Here is the trailer for Evan Almighty, Steve Carrell's sequel to the popular Jim Carrey comedy.


The official site for 300, the movie. (Some very impressive stuff in there.)


"Italian actress Sophia Loren, 71, has become the oldest woman to pose for the celebrated Pirelli calendar."


Very entertaining: the Borat entry at Wikipedia


Colbert profiles a district - the one which includes Beverly Hills! (Colbert's interview is hilarious. The guy running for office is totally clueless.)


Colbert weighs in on John Kerry's botched joke


Colbert's Word for the day: "rip-off." This is a comment on the removal of his clips from You Tube


One more report from our "ooga chukka" department: Hasselhoff also confirmed for Vegas musical.

  • He will play the flaming gay director Roger DeBris in The Producers.


And the good times, when we're all alone: Hasselhoff To Star In Australian Musical Based On His Life

  • Es tut mir leid, but I got this news to you Germans too late. Airline tickets from Frankfurt to Sydney are already sold out during that period. Maybe you can take a train to the UK and fly out of Heathrow.


This picture of Donald Duck and Xtina is a fake, but it's certainly an entertaining one


Idolator's Guide To Completely Not Safe For Work Album Art


Another collection of Nude Album Art (Very raunchy, not at all safe for work)


At last, a list worth looking at: 556 nude and raunchy album covers


Howstuffworks: "How does an Etch-a-Sketch work?"


Ask the Philosophers

  • The leading philosphers of our time tackle the unanswerable questions, like why innocent children have to suffer and why they cast Ethan Hawke as Hamlet in a Fargo hat.


McDonald's USA - Nutrition Facts for Popular Menu Items


Funny stuff: Crocodile Hunter Meets His Match in Ross the Intern


The Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken. And the most humbling.


Schwarzenegger Has 16-Point Lead Over Harold Ramis


At last, the key to bring our kids back to reading: K-Fed To Write Autobiography. Surely he can't fit all of his achievements into one volume, can he?


Saturday Night Live faces life after Tina Fey


The Wachowski brothers will make a live action Speed Racer film.


According to this site, there are seven people in the USA with the same first and last name as mine.


7 of 10 Americans Already Convinced Hillary Clinton is Running for President


The Daily Show for Wednesday night, November 1
Part 1 ... Part 2 ... Part 3 ... Part 4



Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.







Infested (2002)

Infested (2002) is the Big Chill with nature run amok, as killer bugs invade a funeral gathering of obnoxious and self-absorbed 80s college friends. The first third of the film is spent showing how shallow and thoroughly obnoxious the people are. Then the bugs take over.

By then, I was ready to root for the insects.

The same basic scenario is played out time after time. Someone opens his big mouth, and 5 million CGI bugs fly into it. Once a human has been bugged, he becomes part of the infection.

Nahanni Johnstone shows breasts getting out of the water. This was her last film to date. She is not the only one. Other cast members who have not made another film is the following four years are Lisa Ann Hadley, Daniel Jenkins, Robert Duncan McNeill, David Packer and Tuc Watkins. Josh Olson has not directed since, nor has Charles Block produced.

IMDb readers say 2.8. If you can find anyone who liked this film, be very worried.

This is a D-, due in large part to poorly executed and way over-used CGI effects.



Nahanni Johnstone

(Scoop's note: there is a clip of this scene in Hankster's section)










Today is another "Hankster Light" "Grab Bag".


First we a short clip (zipped .wmv) of a well-endowed Nahanni Johnstone topless coming out of the water in Infested.

Here are some sample caps from the scene:



Then the Time Machine goes back to 1995 and a visit with "Mallrats".

First up some tittie exposure from Joey Lauren Adams.

Then some more breast exposure from the venerable Priscilla Barnes. It seems she has an extra nipple.



Katrina Matthews in Jekyll & Hyde (Zipped .avi)
Robyn Palmer in Jekyll & Hyde (Zipped .avi)





Dann reports on Small Gauge Trauma:

Small Gauge Trauma is a collection of shorts from the Fantasia Film Festival. It features 13 award-winning shorts from 8 countries, all horror flicks.

Sister Lulu tells of the hardships of a novice nun, and "hardships" is putting it mildly.

I'll See You in my Dreams, from Portugal, is a zombie story with a surprise ending.

Love from Mother Only is a voodoo tale of betrayal from Brazil.

Tea Break is the story of a factory worker, and what a story. This one is guaranteed to creep you out.

While I didn't love every one of the 13 stories, this is a good collection that's a must for fans of horror and/or fans of the totally weird.

Siwan Morris Debora Muniz Sao Jose Correia Adele Proctor







Ma Mere


Isabelle Huppert


Emma de Caunes


Joanna Preiss



A clip from The Tesseract (Zipped .avi)



And to continue Farmigamania  ... caps from The Hard Easy









Notes and collages

Monique Gabrielle in Bachelor Party


..when I told my friend Sean that I had done a collage from "Bachelor Party" he asked if it was "that girl in the bedroom?'

uh, no, that's Monique Gabrielle who also looks incredible in "Chained Heat..." this bedroom seduction scene from "Bachelor Party" is for my buddy (and all the rest of you of course.)

A funny scene about the angst of fidelity.





Monique Gabrielle in Chained Heat


...and since I brought up "Chained Heat" in my collage of Monique in "Bachelor Party," here is that scene where she bathes with the voyeuristic warden.

The caps are blurry from VHS so squint your eyes: her hourglass figure is staggering. Note that


Tatum O'Neill in Circle of Two


... the ol' hiding behind a chair trick ...










No nudity, but some looks at Andrea Corr ...

Anjelica Huston in The Perez Family



Pat's comments in yellow...

Americans have very short memories: shortly after $3+ gas prices fell in early autumn, sales of big pickups and SUVs skyrocketed while sales of fuel-efficient cars remained stagnant. For instance, sales of huge Chevy Tahoes and Cadillac Escalades were double and triple, respectively, what they were a year ago.  Sociologists said it shows that American car buyers aren't thinking longterm, they're just falling back into old habits, like overeating or watching too much TV.

*  The good news is, once gas goes back up after the election, they won't
be able to afford to overeat.

Police in Osaka, Japan, are looking for a young man who ate a bowl of ramen noodles and some fried chicken at a noodle bar, then pulled a knife on the waitress and demanded all the money.  She handed over 46,000 yen ($393 US).  But then, she demanded that he pay for his meal.  He handed back 1,000 yen.  The bill was 900 yen, so he waited for his 100 yen change, then ran away.

*  Wait a second...If she gave him all the money, where did she get the 100
yen change?

After being fired by Paramount, Tom Cruise has found a new home.  MGM is reviving the moribund United Artists studio - founded 85 years ago by silent film icons Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D.W. Griffith - and giving it to Cruise and his company.  Cruise will have nearly complete control over future productions, which means he's basically running his own movie studio.

*  Finally, we'll get to see "Battlefield Earth 2!"