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Hello dear uncle!

Here's some more material for the ever-growing Fun House. I hope there's still some space left for me :). Let me start of with some rare find, I think, namely Beatie Edney. I've seen Sylvia Sim's daughter a couple of times in the Fun House but always in the same movie where she doesn't show that much. I remembered the English actress played a much more revealing part in a 1989 Flemish film called "Trouble in Paradise" and guess who still has photographs from the TV-screen from that movie from his pre-computer era? Yes, yours truly. In this film she plays the role of mistress of some European MP and they get sprung in their hotel room in Strasbourg by a photographer with a strong flashbulb on his camera. Hence the different amounts of light in the pictures. The last two pictures are photographs from the photographer. I hope the rarity of these shots make up for the lesser quality.

Now it's time for 2 Flemish beauties. First new nudity from Ann Ceurvels in the new VTM series "De makelaar" (the real estate agent). It's been a long time since that TV-station produced something for a more mature public. More nudity in that series is still to come! Congratulations to the VTM-guys, they've finally got their act together. And no, she's not reading the guy a bedtime story in the second collage, as you can see he didn't get sleepy at all.

Our second Flemish girl for today is Miss Belgium 1998, Tanya Deckers in an advertisement for her nude millennium calendar. I know it looks like I didn't paste the two-page magazine outlay scan together properly but don't blame me. It was printed this way in the mag! If you want the photo without the faults you'll have to buy the calendar at 1450 Belgian francs. Not cheap, but hey guys, put your wallets where you're hearts are. It's a first in Flanders, unlike Italy where every celebrity seems to have her nude millennium calendar, so encourage this girl a bit, will ya? If you can't buy it for yourself, buy it as a X-mas present for your wife. She'll remember the gift and that Christmas for the rest of her life, 100% guaranteed!

There is also a French stage actress, Valérie Dréville, seen here in the classic Greek play Phèdre (Phaedra), who shows us one breast only :(.

The final trio comes from Germany. First we have Kristin Scheffer who gets shaved by her jealous roommates in the film Jana und Jan. Secondly Nadja Uhl teases us in the movie "No Sex" and finally there's Curaçao-born (which makes her in fact Dutch) Daisy Dee in the Karl Dall Show. Daisy Dee is a presenter at Viva, a German version of MTV. As you can see the old geezer is not the only one fascinated with Miss Dee's dress/body, the young geezer seems quite preoccupied with it as well! And he's looking with both eyes. It's incredible how you have to look in Germany before you get your own program and apparently you also have to wait for decades :). No offense meant, Mr. Dall, I'm just joking. In fact I envied you last Saturday.

The only thing I'm missing since the Fun House became so huge everyday are your comments, but of course the time factor is responsible for that. I guess you don't have much spare time left. Anyway, keep up the good work and provide us for years to come with our daily portion of celebrity nudity. That's it for now, I hope you can still find some space for my contribution. Yours truly,ICMS

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"One of my favorite movies, so I just had to cap it. Animal House."
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  • Blinky's tour of the catwalks today features Haylynn Cohen (#1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9). There is an additional picture of an unknown woman.

    Today's Page Three babe is Rebekah.
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    Here's another one that hasn't been seen in many years. It's not available on DVD yet, but it is now finally on tape after 25 years! I saw this umpteen years ago on one of the cable networks, and I forgot about the nude scenes! Crow sent these in as an MPG, and he'll be sending some collages which will appear in the regular section, but this is a special members' preview that I whipped up from his film clips. "Lovin' Molly" is the Sydney Lumet interpretation of Larry McMurtry story called "Leavin' Cheyenne", which spans 40 years of a three-way relationship between a woman and the two men who both love her, both of whom she loves in return. The cast was Beau Bridges, Blythe Danner and Norman Bates. Anthony Perkins in a completely mushy role as the romantic lead? Yup. I don't remember if he was any good, but some reviewers have suggested he was not comfortable in the role. Anyway, the real point is that Blythe Danner was naked in some scenes, even in outdoor light. Blythe is Gwyneth Paltrow's mom, and was considered one of the better actresses of her generation.

    Here are three collages. She undresses in front of Perkins. Sorry, that isn't her pubic hair, but some clothing she was holding in a convenient place. Then, she runs into the river for a skinny dip while Perkins watches. Then, in an indoor scene, she gets out of bed and we see her buns in good light.

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    Pitters has another rare BBC series, "The Buddha of Suburbia", featuring three different actresses. Jemma Redgrave isn't the best looking of the new Redgrave generation, but she is stark naked full-frontal. Gotta love the BBC. The second actress is Nisha Nayar, and we don't know the identity of this big blond. Please tell us if you know who it is.
    DiamondEdge finishes off his series on Lauren Hays and Kim Yates in "Dangerous Invitation". These three collages feature both women together doing the stuff we like. (#1 , #2 , #3).

    Rasslin' Round-up And a whole bunch from Crow again. Torrie Wilson at WCW Nitro. (#9 , #10 , #11 , #12 , #13) The first eight of these can be found in earlier issues.

    Members' bonuses: Stone Cold

    I'm still workin' on that Italian White Castle Book with the bare sugar mamas. This one is Angela Lindvall, another of those no-butt Kate Moss lookalikes that fill up every corner of the runways and Johnny Depp's hotel rooms and the perfume counters in the Mall Department Stores. In da 'hood, we ain't got department stores. Every store got exactly one department, and the owner usually got a shotgun. He to keep the brothas from rippin' somethin' off, but we just minor leaguers compared to him. He the Michael Jordan of ripoffs. She-it, they charge thirty five bucks for a pack of Juicy Fruit, and they scared of light fingers? We could steal six, seven hundred packs before they lose money selling one. His prices make 7-Eleven look like a dirt mall in Zimbabwe. He makin so much, he payin' some serious membership dues to some exclusive clubs, probably like Westchester Country Club or something. I know this cuz every so often we see somebody come in an collect for like the Benevolent Golfing Society, and the lil store grandpa be offering out considerable benevolence from the register. She-it, sucka pay so much, and then he seem to work there 18 hours a day in the thirty-five dollar Juicy Fruit shop, and waste that whole membership. Anyway, here one more Lindvall from the Italian Art Museum Book.

    Taking the dish from my main man, Blinky, here a few more of Lindvall from those special times when she not hangin at Italian museums. 1 2 3 4 5

    Got one more. A new picture of that lil throw-up girl from that "the power of Christ commands you" mofo. Man she grown up now, like she old enough to get discount passes to see her own movies. She so old she planted soma them trees you can drive through. But those sweet sugar sacks still looking mighty sweet, and not much sag, that you can see anyway. My movie is "Exorcist II: The Heretic". I read there's a whole bunch of action between Saintly Father Richard Burton and the throw-up girl that ended up cut from the film. Now that's a scene I like to see. Man, she be suckin and grabbin' and he be callin on the power of his gods to save him. Always the white boy get the blowjob, and ask for God's forgiveness and turn into Hugh Grant. She-it, James Earl Jones also in that peckerwood movie, got an even lower voice than Burton, and no lil throw-up girl offer him a blowjob, cuz he take it like a man and not call on God to forgive his big black Darth Vader ass.

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  • Verona Feldbusch, from FR
  • Heather Donohue (clothed) in "Blair Witch". Generations from now, people will be making a study of the cultural artifacts of our time, and they will think the box-office receipts from this movie are a misprint. Probably a worse movie than "Barn of the Naked Dead", but the best example of marketing since Madonna started reinventing herself.
  • Karin Thaler in "Der Bergdoktor", from RX-99
  • Kembra Pfahler just keeps getting odder and odder.
  • Three from "Exit", by UC99. Shannon Whirry
  • ... Gina LaMarca
  • ... Gina LaMarca