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April Pearson

Where the Truth Lies

Lots on show in Where the Truth Lies (2005) by a large number of women:

Alison Lohman

Kristin Adams

Rachel Blanchard

Rebecca Davis

Sonja Bennett

One not identified

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This Little Piggy


This Little Piggy is a drama about best friends Simon (Samuel Clark Duncan), a drug dealer who is stepping up in the world and his best friend Ely (Michael Gosden), an office drone who hates his job. Simon starts selling cocaine and thanks to his friend and customer David (Daniel Last), he is able to get a steady customer base, which he exploits by reducing the potency of the cocaine to make more money. David has his own problems as he is separated from his ex and barely see his daughter or pays support for her. At a killer party, Simon meets Tessa (Tamara Natt) and it's instant love, for Simon anyway, and a relationship blooms. Simon's success lets him to sample his own supply more and more and he becomes more irrational, which spills over when Tessa doesn't return his love as he was expecting. Now with a steady cash flow, David gets back with his ex and things are looking up for him until his customers work out they are being shortchanged and bash him up. Tessa and Ely begin to have feeling for one another and things boil over causing a huge blow-up that will end with the death of someone.

OK drama that tells the oft-told tale of a man who enjoys his new found riches and doesn't see the obvious happening around him until it's too late. While it never reaches any great heights, it's a pretty good watch.

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Crushed is a thriller where Ellia (Sarah Bishop) has moved away from her family's winery and is in Melbourne attempting to open a wine bar in between drinking lots of wine and having copious anonymous flings. But when she attempts to get in touch with her father about helping her with the wine bar, her mother (Roxane Wilson) tells her the news that he died in an accident at the winery. Ellia comes back to the winery, mostly to indifference from everyone including her uncle David (Les Hill), who helps run the winery with Ellia's dad and brother Zac, although her sister Harriet (Millie Spencer-Brown) is happy to have her back. Ellia's mother seems to want to quickly move on with her life with rumours of an affair with David and that she may have been assaulted by Ellia's father. Ellia attempts to keep an arm's distance with her family as there seems to be something that happened in the past that is causing this friction, but that leads her to Lucas (Robert Preston), her ex, who is now a local cop, who she also wants to avoid as he married the other woman. The police then conclude that Ellia's father was actually murdered and arrest the mother possibly because of the something Ellia said to Lucas. But, Ellia is not convinced of this and goes about finding out the truth, focusing on David at first as it seems to be related to the year's bumper crop which may have been because of illegal practises. A worker at the winery Jesse (Aaron Glenane), seems to know something about this that could also be related to the death of his trusty dog, but when Ellia goes to meet him, she finds him dead, apparently by suicide, but of course Ellia is not convinced and continues to follow leads until she finds the shocking truth, which maybe a little closer to home than she imagined.

OK thriller despite throwing in numerous red herrings that do bog down the plot, particularly a silly one involving the cop, but the plot is intriguing enough to plow through such obstacles and the final twist is good enough to stop the movie from being a failure. The acting is uneven, the supporting cast is very sketchy and while Sarah Bishop is OK in the lead and I quite like her in her comedy work, I get the feeling that Crushed could have done with a better dramatic actress in the lead. Having said that, Crushed is worth a look if you are into plot driven mysteries thrillers.

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Miesha Tate in Fight Valley (2016) in 720p

Olivia Alexander in Bus Driver (2016) in 720p

Manon Kahle in Thank You For Bombing (2015) in 1080hd

Britney's famous pantyless upskirt in HD

Cara Delevingne topless, with a bikini-clad Michelle Rodriguez

Sarah Silverman bathing with a puppy