TV Recap

Kelly Deadmon entered the race for nude scene of the year with a full frontal nude appearance and a hot sex scene in last night's episode (s2e5) of The Affair

Sarah Hay was naked in the first episode of Flesh and Bone. The entire series will be available shortly.

Jana Julie Kilka in a new episode of SOLO Koeln

From Defoe: Juliet Nicolet and an unknown in Saturday's episode of Groland

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Full Body Massage



Part 6 - the last clip of Mimi Rogers

Defoe's picks o' the week:

Noemie Merlant and unknowns in WEI or DIE (2015) in 1080hd

Lola le Lann in Un Moment d'Engarement (2015) in 1080hd

Christa Fenal and the tandem of Xin Wang and Marie Fevrier in Paris Decadence (2014)

Baya Rehaz in So Long (2014) in 1080hd

Alicia Roda and Catherine Fornal in Love, Love, Love (2013) in 1080hd

This week we conclude the 80s movies and start with the 90s:

Fright Night

Irina Irvine is topless in Fright Night (1985)

and Amanda Bearse shows some see-through nipple.

Heidi Sorenson is very sexy and shows some pokies.

Angel Heart

Angel Heart (1987) has lots of breasts on show by Charlotte Rampling,

Elizabeth Whitcraft,

Lisa Bonet

and an unidentified dancer.

Film/TV Clips

Nataliya Prieto in Adventures Into the Woods (2015) in 720p. It is a musical based on children's stories and fairy tales, with the additional kicker that it's a hard-R.

Monica Mayhem, Allie Haze and Frances James, also in Adventures Into the Woods




Tonya Kay in Bastard (2015)

Birgit Koss in Adios (2015) in 720p

Daniela Virgilio in Vinodentro (2013)

Jo Castleton and Lucy Lockly in Zygon (2008)



Robin Wright in Forrest Gump (1994) in 1080hd. I have mixed feelings about seeing this in hi-def. On the one hand, it's the beautiful young Robin Wright naked (sorta). On the other hand, she's not naked and the hi-def kinda spoils an illusion kept intact by inferior media.