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What can I say that we haven't already said about Kari Wuhrer? She's probably the Queen of the B movies. Excepting hard-core sex films, think of any kind of movie you can imagine, and there's a chance Kari has probably been in at least one of that type. One day she's playing scenes with Nicholson, then she's off to do nudie exploitation stuff like Vivid, then a few B movies, then she's co-starring in a PG movie with David Arquette, then a Tarantino-style pulp flick or a direct-to-vid horror movie. Imagine her with big breasts or with a flat chest, because she's done both and looks good both ways.

IMDb says she's on General Hospital now!

Whatever. I don't know about that, but I know she's always pretty and sexy, and I can't think of a time when she hasn't delivered what the role asked for. She's a pro, just as much as Meryl Streep. Of course, when the Oscars are on TV, Kari's watching at home with the rest of us, but that is a shame in a lot of ways.

  • Kari in King of the Ants (1, 2). (She had the implants removed before doing this flick.)




Rogue Trader (1999)

Rogue Trader (1999) is a British film about an ambitious investment banker who starts investing bank funds, rather than customer funds, in the Japanese futures market. This, of course, is not legal. The first time, it was to save one of his employees, who made a mistake, costing a customer a fortune. He was successful. Along the way, he became the best trader on the floor. Then, when his biggest customer was being courted by another firm, he started the illegal gambling again to offer discounts to keep the customer. His losses brought down the 200 year old Barrings bank of London.

Early in the film, he meets and marries Anna Friel. She is not aware of what he is up to, even though she came from the banking industry. She shows breasts in an early sex scene. Ewan McGregor was completely believable as Nick Leeson, and it was easy to believe that he was able to dupe bank officials into fronting the money, as he was able to dupe the audience.

IMDb readers say 6.1. As in most true stories, this one was constrained by actual events, robbing some of the dramatic potential. Still in all, the film held my interest once it got going. This is a C.

Anna Friel

The Girl from S.I.N.  (1966):

Joyanna stars in the title role of Poontang Plenty, the Girl from S.I.N, the diabolical henchman for the evil Dr. Sexus. Sexus has also enlisted Silk Suit, the man from M.A.F.I.A, to help him steal an invisibility formula from a scientist, and his assistant, Mary O'Hara. Mary is seeing a photographer in the same building. Unfortunately, Silk Suit grabs the scientist's tax return, thinking it is the formula. They grab the photographer, and, when Mary comes to the rescue, naked and invisible, they subject her to the dread steam cabinet torture.

There isn't one word of dialogue in the entire film. It is, in effect, a silent film with a music track and voice-over narration. It is the narration that provides many of the unintentional laughs. This is truly bad and demented, in other words, part of a Something Weird Video release. Joyana shows breasts, and Mary O'Hara and an uncredited model show breasts and buns. The acting is laughable, but it is the narrator that will have you rolling on the floor.

The genre is early exploitation, bad film division, and this one is a C, more than enough for drunken chuckles.



Mary O'Hara






Amy Lindsay in "The Pleasure Zone"






First up a WIP flick "Banished Behind Bars." We start with Jenna Bodner topless along with others as she is processed into jail.
Gail Harris in cute bra, then topless in the obligatory shower scene.
More topless unknowns in the shower.
Annie Wood, cleavage and topless in out of prison scenes.
On to our second feature "The Girl in the Basement". Which gives us a "Babe in Bondage." Mary Skinner. The bad news: no nudity. How do you keep a girl tied up by a psycho for almost the entire movie and have no nudity ?




First I would like to present you my clips from the first episode of "Rome" (2005). I know we've had this on the Fun House before, but it aired just yesterday evening on Flemish TV and I recorded it from digital terrestrial television. The screen result looks just great with crisp sharp images and beautiful lighting. Some of that luster is evidently lost when transferred to DivX, even when encoded in better than usual quality. But while awaiting the commercial DVD you can still enjoy my version in 3 clips.

First we see Polly Walker (1, 2) as Atia of the Iulii already riding and she still hasn't managed to buy the horse. Just watch how that is possible and how she pays for it.
Secondly her daughter Octavia, played by Kerry Condon who you may remember from Danny The Dog, is practically forced by her mother Atia to please Pompey.
Based on this one episode I've seen so far, the series itself looks somewhat talky, but, aided by the actors who deliver a more than competent job, it always managed to keep my attention. More importantly it doesn't shy away from the real mores of its era, which is a welcome relief in these times of too much political correctness. I'll certainly be watching again next week for episode two.


 Now it is time for a two day effort since there is too much material for one contribution. Today I'm sending in two clips (1, 2) from "Performance" (1970). They feature Miss World 1964, Ann Sidney, in various stages of undress. Ann never had a prolific acting career as you can see in the IMDb and this may probably be the only time she showed some skin.
That's all for today, I'll be sending in the remainder of the clips tomorrow.







From Marvin, Master of all things Scandinavian - Anne Bie Warburg in another of the zodiac sex films, I Tyrens Tegn
Amber Newman givin' it all up in an episode of Passion Cove
Claudia Pandolfi in Ovosodo
TV actress Nicola Stapleton falling out of her dress
Jennie Marie Mucj in Die Katze von Altona
Lori Dawn Messuri in an episode of Passion Cove
Monica Broeke in Premier desirs
Sybil Danning in Howling II
Marsha Hunt in Howling II
Jennifer Westley in Steal
Stephanie LeFleur in an episode of Passion Cove
Debra Messing in The Wedding Date
Former Bond babe Izabella Scorupco in Ogniem i mieczem, playing the easily spelled role of Helena Kurcewiczówna
Joanna Going in Little City
A retrospective of Princess Stephanie paparazzi shots



Colbert: "'Scalito' is Italian for Little Scalia. That is called brand extension, and it is good marketing."

The star of The Lonely Lady is dead. Not Pia Zadora, the guy who was her mentor. He also starred in Manimal that same year! (Lloyd Bochner was his name, and he was a solid character actor for 50 years.)

Mariah Carey on the balcony, is it cold? (I guess these pics are undoctored, although I've never seen 'em before.)

What's the story on diplomatic immunity?

Homeless man jailed for breaking into Aniston home Swears he thought it was Jolie's home.

Here's a tantalizing tidbit: Wicked (2007) will be written by Charlie Kaufman and ... Roger Ebert! Spike Jonze will direct. I had heard that Kaufman and Jones were going to do a "horror movie," but this Ebert thing is a new wrinkle.

1st look at the script for the upcoming SPLINTER CELL film written by Stuart Beattie! (Collateral)

Pretty cool Photoshop Contest - Monsters in classical art. Some of these guys are really talented.

First look - several pictures of: Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig in D.C. to film The Visiting (a "virus from outer space" sort of thing)

Kung Fu Jesus: Fists of Glory

Daily Show: "Rob Corddry would love to report on Scooter Libby, but there's a giant ball of tin foil to look at." (Very funny and incisive dialogue between Jon and Corddry)

Jon Stewart interviews D.L. Hughley

This week's movies (expanding significantly) Good Night, And Good Luck - 97% positive reviews.

  • George Clooney's hagiography of Saint Edward Murrow is considered a strong Oscar candidate, and has been doing very well in limited release.
  • Box Office Mojo says Good Night will be on 640 screens, Coming Soon says 1000.

This week's movies (expanding to 500 screens) Shopgirl - 56% positive reviews. Steve Martin's foray into Woody Allen territory left critics polarized. Old rich guy (Martin) romances retail clerk in her 20s (Danes).

This week's movies (2400 screens): Jarhead - 56% positive reviews. (Based on only nine reviews. There are indications that critics will be sharply divided on this film.)

This week's movies (3000 screens): Chicken Little - 43% positive reviews (Meaningless score - only seven reviews, and some really liked it.)

The Weekend Warrior's prediction for the weekend of Nov 4-6

  • He thinks Chicken Little will top 30 mill, with Jarhead coming in about 18.
  • He thinks Good Night and Good Luck will rise to seventh place in an expansion to 1000 theaters. (I would not be surprised if it finished as high as fifth, assuming Warrior is right about the thousand theaters - a number which Box Office Mojo contradicts.)


MovieJuice! reviews The Legend of Zorro - Ay Carappa!

Epstein the boy wonder steps down as general manager, leaves Red Sox

The 'Dukes' of 'Smallville' ... Luke and Bo Duke together again.

CNN Reviews the Video iPod

Scientists: Pluto may have 3 moons (The planet itself is only 2/3 the size of our own moon.)

Why do golf courses have 18 holes? I dunno. Because Saint Andrew said so? Hey - that was right!

Cultural Oddsmaker - What are the odds on various prominent candidates to be the next self-outed gay athlete?

The Racial Slur Database

Speaking of the thin line between real news and satire - this is an actual headline from the Toronto Sun: "Penis size used as defence in trial ... Accused claims he's too large to have committed sexual assault."

The trailer for 2001 Maniacs -

  • Travelers who take a wrong turn wind up becoming the planned main course for the hungry residents of Pleasant Valley. Based on the original motion picture Two Thousand Maniacs! by Herschell Gordon Lewis.
  • Because if ever a film needed a remake or sequel - it's 2000 Maniacs!

BUSH CHALLENGES GEENA DAVIS TO DEBATE ... President Angered By High Ratings for ‘Fake Girl President’

Jon Stewart: "Libby was indicted on two counts of perjury and one count of not being as smart as Karl Rove."

If you are a Lucy Clarkson fan, here she is - topless, in a thong.



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