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The written history of the calendar 1999 complete 1998 complete various samples 1991-1997, usually four months available for each year.

Pitters presents a real rarity today. Many of you have seen miscellaneous caps from "Mr Wroe's Virgins", but I'll bet not many of you have seen it in motion. I don't think it was ever placed on video, so it would require you to have a tape of the BBC production. I don't think there's even one comment about it on IMDb from anybody. Why is this such a big deal? Because this is the movie where Minnie Driver drops her robe and faces the camera full-frontal. And what more do I need to say? Here is an .mpg (800k) of that scene. It's actually a sound clip, but there is no sound in the scene, except her robe hitting the ground. That makes the clip larger than it should be for a couple seconds of activity, but somehow I don't think you'll mind, given the rarity and quality of the material. (It's small, but clear!) In case you've forgotten the scene we are discussing, here are a couple of collages (not Pitters' work) (Mini Version , Large Version).
Snowblind, master of the message board, also presents some unusual new ones this week. My favorite rarity is this ever-so-brief look at Donna Mills in "Play Misty for Me". Also noteworthy was this non-nude of Christie Clark in "Children of the Corn". The remainder of his submissions are more "obscure" than "rare". Luckily, we love obscurity. They come from that multiple-Oscar classic, "Bad Girl's Dormitory". Luckily, they are very clean bad girls, and shower often, the bad girls in question are Charmagne Eckert, Donna Eskra, Jane Donadio, Natalie O'Connell, and Carey Zuris.

Speaking of Rarities:

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I wonder if any of you have seen this scene in the past 30 years. Until about a couple of weeks ago, it had never been available on tape. I had not seen it since in was in the theaters in 1970. This is Margot Kidder's nude scene in "Quackser Fortune has a Cousin in the Bronx". Really odd and somehow compelling movie. Gene Wilder is an independent and none-too-bright guy in a working class Dublin family. He does quite a good job in the role. I never much liked him away from Mel Brooks, but I have to admit he was just right in this part. I'm no expert on the working class Dublin dialects, but he fooled my ear. I couldn't even tell it was his voice!
Anyway, Wilder doesn't want to spend his life working in a factory, like his dad, so he makes a profession for himself. He follows the horse-drawn delivery wagons, shovels up the horseshit from the streets, and resells it from a pushcart, as fertilizer. ("Get your fresh dung"!) He loves this, the city loves him for it, and he is generally loved by everyone he meets along the way. The problem is that the modern world is encroaching on the world he has built for himself; the horses are going to be shipped off to unpleasant fates, and Wilder has no skills to find another profession. He can't even read or write. Margot Kidder is the love interest of sorts, an adventurous American college student, and she was really college age (21) at the time it was filmed in Dublin, nearly a decade before she hit the big time as Lois Lane.
She was exposed in three different camera set-ups. First, she removes her top while Wilder takes a bath. Then, Wilder starts to make love to her, and her nipples seem to be invisible. After the lovemaking she gets out of bed in almost complete darkness. (Both of those images are Margot. I overlapped them with editing since the camera was stationary.)
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"Dutch born Marushka Detmers in the French classic "First Name: Carmen" This is, I suppose, a love story. It's about a young girl (Detmers) who makes films as a cover to stage robberies and kidnappings. A policeman falls in love with her, after catching her during a bank robbery." (#1, #2, #3, #4)

One fish, two fish. From the yellow-finned one to the three-eyed one for Blinky's tour of the catwalks. Today he has Nadja Auermann (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8), although I really couldn't see much of anything in those Auermann pictures, and Vanessa Greco (#1 , #2). There are two additional pictures of an unknown woman (#1 , #2).

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Cristina Martinez. Who? You punk rockers and alternatypes amongst you will know who Cristina is. She's been called the "Cindy Crawford of NYC's Lower East Side." I dunno about that, but I do know she's probably the hottest chick in punk rock with a true blue punk rock pedigree. No poseur here...Cristina played with Pussy Galore, The Honeymoon Killers and is married to Jon Spencer of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. All of these bands, and Cristina's band Boss Hog, all share a punk/noise/blues/grunge gutter sound that you probably won't like if you haven't already heard any of these bands. But you will like Cristina! This one's from the back of the "Cold Hands" CD

A couple more pics from the Cold Hands CD in a montage or something.

Focusing on the nude part of the above...God, she's beautiful. (it's nude but you can't see anything)

The cover of the "Girl +" (Girl Positive) 10" vinyl EP.

You scanners out there....pull out your albums and CDs! These things are really sweet to scan. I'm not that great as a scanner but these came out pretty good IMHO. Not as much moire as in those damn magazines. This collage was the toughest but Cristina's buck naked! The background is the back of the "drinkin', lechin' & lyin'" LP, the big pic of her is from the front of the LP (not CD!) and the little figures are resized and moved around from the back. If anyone knows where we can find some of the original photos from this session with photog Michael Levine....let me know! I'd love to see these pics without all the effects. See...Cristina's supposed to be the little cartoon chickee from the P***boy joke page (y'know who I'm talking kids we all had the hots for her), that's why she's all black and white and contrasted out. If you know of any other naked pics of Cristina or alternate pics from the photoshoot or any info/alt pics from the Dwarves' "Blood, Guts and Pussy" album shoot come talk to me on Scoop's message board, OK? Got some other punk rock requests as well so come to the message board or email me at !

FR has that great scene with Maria Conchita Alonso in "House of the Spirits", and continues with two more from "Two Moon Junction". (#1 , #2). The two from "Junction" are among the best I've ever seen in the capture-and-collage field. Beautiful work, FR.

Rasslin' Round-up Three from DiamondEdge. ECW action on TNN Friday. Francine, her opponent , Dawn Marie, and their Catfight. Lots of Francine's buns in the catfight.
Two from Snowblind. Francine vs Dawn-Marie again and , The Women of WCW's "The Cat"
One more Francine from DevilScan
And a whole bunch from Crow. (Surprised?) Stacey Carter at WWF "No Mercy" (#6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10) (The first five can be found in earlier issues). And Torrie Wilson at WCW Nitro. (#6 , #7 , #8) (The first five of these can also be found in earlier issues).

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Here are four XXX of Jamie Summers. Not my images but I know many of your viewers like the xxx stuff. Anyway, thanks for the great web site. The new layout is taking some getting used too but I think I am catching on. I have no web site and I send everything I do to your site. Take care. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)

  • BlackShine caps of Euro VJ Daisy Dee, who came on a TV talk show nearly naked. This is especially good because of the facial expression of the old geezer who hosts the show.
  • The 23rd in The Night's series of Natasha Henstridge in "Species"
  • NEW GUY. Foghat presents Drew Barry more flashing her boobs in "Boys on the Side"
  • and three non-nudes of Drew in "Poison Ivy"
  • Drew in "Poison Ivy"
  • Drew in "Poison Ivy"
  • DonBun presents Peggy Trentini in that immortal classic, "Up the Creek"

    (From Saturday)

    RDO must have set some kind of record here. 39 files, almost all with multiple frames, from the Troma classic ,"Sugar Cookies"

    RDO wrote a factual description of the plot to accompany his pictures. I embellished it with my customary lies and bullshit.

    And I thought capping "Showgirls" was a tedious proposition! Here's Lynn Lowry, who plays both "Alta" and "Julie". Alta is the "star" of a series of adult movies made by a producer who is so jaded that simply watching and screwing his actresses no longer gets his rocks off. He must completely dominate them. He has Alta play out a "scene" in which she loads a gun and plays with it for a while. He asks her for the gun, and she gives it to him. . Mind you now, she just personally loaded it with real bullets. Then, they talk . He is dressed, she naked. An excellent conversation starter. He strokes her with the gun and inserts it in her vagina. I have found this to be an even better conversation starter. Unfortunately, the camera is on the wrong lips during this conversation. Then he tells her to taste herself on it. She says it tastes just like chicken. Only fishy. He sticks the gun the rest of the way into her mouth and, sentimental fool that he is, blows the back of her head off. This reminds me of the scene that was cut from Casablanca, in which Henreid finds out about Bogart and blows Ingrid Bergman to Kingdom Come, after which he proposes to scatter her cheatin' remains in all the gin joints in all the cities in all the world..

    Lean and leggy exploitation legend, Mary Woronov ("Eating Raoul"), plays "Camilla", our producer's assistant, and another of his favorite lays. It turns out that she and Alta were also lovers, and that she likes to wear a hat in the bathtub. She bathes some more, although chances are she does not get her hair clean, because her hat stays on. Then she begins her stretching exercises. Then a little more stretching. At this point, she's pretty well stretched out when she is interrupted by a visit from the producer who has two things on his mind. First he wants an alibi for the previous night. Second, well , for this.

    Camilla now starts planning her revenge on the filmmaker for killing her lover. She interviews a whole procession of aspiring actresses and finds Julie who looks just like Alta (not too surprisingly, since she is played by the same actress, Lynn Lowry). Camilla has to do a great deal of coaxing and coaching to get Julie out of her clothes, but finally manages.Then, as she removes the last of Julie's clothing. Camilla finally gets Julie onto the bed and starts to rehearse her for a "movie scene" which is really a re-enactment of Alta's murder.

    Julie rebels and Camilla slaps her around, throws her back down on the bed, flings her clothes at her and tells her to get out. Julie apologizes for rebelling, so Camilla forgives her and decides to take a bath with her, and they make up. For Camilla, it's just not the same without the hat, so she fantasizes about sex with Leon Redbone. Then, they indulge in a little lesbian foreplay. This goes on and on. One assumes they indulge in more than that eventually, but one doesn't see it.

    Camilla now has Julie completely under her domination, and tells the movie maker she has a surprise for him. A new girl to take Alta's place To show how co-operative Julie is, Camilla cuts a slit in her skin and inserts a flower stem in it.. Now it's time for the re-enactment of Alta's murder. Camilla undresses Julie, but gives her all kinds of mixed signals to make her edgy and confused. Poor Julie just doesn't know where she stands any more, so of course, she shoots the movie maker, just what any seasoned actor would do in a scene with mixed signals. Unfortunately for us, she was not on the set of "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves" (or better yet, "Prince of Tides"). She is horrified by her own action, and begs Camilla to tell her what to do. Camilla basically shrugs and says: "Not my problem. I just used you to get back at that jerk - do whatever you want." Julie is left distraught.

    Along the way, there is also gratuitous nudity from the movie maker's secretary, played by Jennifer Welles, who later became just as adept at directing as she was at acting, although that really didn't set the bar at an unreachable level. #1, #2 , #3, #4

    And a sub-plot not worth discussing here, or for that matter, anywhere else. The woman is Maureen Byrnes. #1, #2