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"Silk Stalkings"

These caps represent the last part of the third season.

Episode 13 TKO

Caryl Kaplan - down to her underwear but wearing patches

Wendi Westbrook - very sexy in a lot of skimpy outfits

Unknown - cleavage and leg

Episode 14 Judas Kiss

Lisa Mamendola - a little bit of cleavage

Susan Wood - cleavage

Unknown - some thong bikinis

Episode 15 Love Bandit

Christa Daniel - cleavage

Leslie Bevis - cleavage

Unknown - nice lingerie

Episode 16 Whore Wars

Gloria Loring - cleavage

Heather Marie Marsden - bikini

Kimberley Kates - bikini

Kimberly Campbell - naked but covered

Episode 17 The Scarlet Shadow

Michelle Clunie - underwear

Robin Ganter - interesting

Sandahl Bergman - some leather

Tami Akbar - cleavage

Teresa Truesdale - cleavage

Episode 18 Head 'n' Tails

Cindy Ambuehl - thong bikini

Elizabeth Anne Allen - bikini

Josie Davis - nice cleavage

Judith Jones - cleavage

Unknown - some nice bikinis and the like

Episode 19 Freudian Slip

Diana Barton - topless getting a massage

Linda Dona - cleavage

Episode 20 The Last Campaign

Elizabeth Armijo - nice

Kate Hodge - in her underwear

Episode 21 The Deep End

Ginger Lynn Allen - bit of cleavage

Jenny McCarthy - bikini

Karen Moncreiff - nice

Kari Whitman - bikini

Kendra Booth - bikini

Unknown - lots of scantily clad women

Episode 22 Mother Love

Courtney Taylor - bikini

Stacie Randall - down to her underwear

Episode 23 Dark Heart

Crystal Chappell - underwear

Neith Hunter - underwear

Unknown - cleavage


28 Days


Sandra Bullock film clip

caps below

unknown actress film clip

caps below


Scoop's notes:

Sandra Bullock is invariably human and vulnerable. She's also generally charming and cute. I like her on screen.

But she doesn't seem to have any eye for spotting a winning script, and this was about her zillionth consecutive turkey after Speed. This one isn't as bad as some of her others. It's a human film about alcohol rehab, and it is filled with what I assume are accurate portrayals of the typical characters and trials in this process. It would be OK as a movie of the week or a docudrama on free TV or basic access cable, but it's lightweight and superficial, and I can't imagine why anyone paid theatrical prices to see it, but it somehow grossed between $30 and $40 million. (About 30% positive reviews.)

Surprisingly, Sandy was briefly naked behind some frosted glass, and showed the side of her hip as she got out of bed. That isn't much, but is more nudity than average for her films.



season 1, 2007

"Set in a high class brothel this new series creates a hyper reality whereby we are privy to the private lives and emotions of five beautiful young women."


Johnny Moronic is re-doing all of Satisfaction, season 1, in better quality. This series has a lot of nudity and these film clips will be very big downloads spread over a considerable period of time.


Today: Alison Whyte film clips, part 2. (Collages in Saturday's edition)




Lethal Obsession

(2007- TV; aka "No Brother of Mine")

Run-of-the-mill Lifetime movie which is really a softcore porn with all the nudity edited out. Canadian supporting actresses Zara Taylor and France Viens both get topless while American lead actress Kellie Martin has a PG rated love scene which  quickly cuts to commercials.

Zara Taylor

France Viens

Kellie Martin

Poe: The Last Days of the Raven


Not your typical Halloween movie.

Lisa Langlois: showing her bountiful bosom.


The Diviners

(1993 TV)

One of the artsie movies but you get to see Sonja Smits get her pooter fingered.

Sonja Smits: sexy.

Ellen-Ray Hennessy: sexy as belly dancer.

Jennifer Podemski: swimming in wet nightgown.

Tell Me No Lies

(2007 TV)

Samantha Ferris: very sexy cougar

"The Border"

episode "Killer Debt" (s3e3)

Inna Korobkina returns but now her stripper character is now a trophy wife.

Inna Korobkina: bra and panties.


"Being Erica"

 episode "Yes We Can" (s2e4)

Episode about swinging and sex clubs.

Swingers: various nudity.

(Toronto model Natalie Gauvreau is the nude blonde having sex.)

"Cold Blood"

episode "Strangler"

True crime series. This episode is about about a murdered disco queen who had sex with so many ex-boyfriends it took forensic experts 30 years to sort them out. Megan Hutchings is sort of nude ... last frame is a crotch shot which reveals she has a well trimmed bikini line and no disco bush. Look out for her in the horror movie Nostrum.

Barbara Jeanne Harrison: cleavage.

"The Best Years"

series finale (s2e8)

Charity Shea: sexy bathing suit

Mishael Morgan: bikini

"The Guard"

episode: "He is Heavy, He is My Brother" (s2e9)

After nearly a year hiatus Global is finally airing thesecond half of season 2. This may well be the first television episode to feature a visibly pregnant woman in a sex scene.

Teryl Rothery: cleavage and belly.


season 1 (1990)

A France/Canadian production.

Tracey Cook: nude hot tub scene, full breast exposure but wearing pasties.

Jill Hennessy: side boob

Cyrielle Clair: bra and panties then nude shower scene.

The Driver's Seat

aka Identikit (1974)

Now turn back the time machine 35 years for a rare peek of Elizabeth Taylor wearing a see-through brassiere revealing her nipples.


A Final Note

Re:  oz-103109-SybilDanningC3.jpg (Yesterday's page)

The scene actually cuts from Sybil Danning to Isabelle Mejias who's fantasizing about having sex with her father.





Shauna Sand upskirt

A few from Mario Testino's new book (Mario de Janiero) -

Sorry, low quality is all I can find so far. More will certainly follow.

Alinne Morales

Ana Beatriz Barros

Emanuela De Paula

Fernanda Lima

Fernanda Tavares

Graciela Alves

Gracielli Massafera

Guisela Rhein

Isabeli Fontana

Film Clips

Animals is a low-rent horror film which was actually filmed about two years ago and has been searching some kind of distribution ever since. It just surfaced. Eva Amurri, now on the front burner,  did a very brief sex scene. The major nudity was provided by Nikki Aycox, who seemed to be naked throughout just about the entire film.

Another film just surfacing is The Band, which has some quite explicit nudity. Here's Amy Cater and Sarah McKeown.

The women of Mission Killfast:  Jewel Shepard, Linette Cobb, and Sharon Hughes.

The women of Das Spinnennetz: Andrea Jonasson and Corinna Kirchoff

Tracey Trueman and Odessa Munroe in Saving Silverman

Kinga Preis in Four Nights With Anna

Jodie Foster in Contact (samples below)

HD and some imaging tools reveal a tiny amount of nudity.

The best example is the one on the left.

Demi Moore in her infamous uber-bomb, The Scarlet Letter (sample right)

Some ambitious fellow assembled a montage which consists entirely of flashing scenes. Curiously entertaining. (sample right)