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This is an ambitious drama from the same director who did The Constant Gardener and City of God, the latter of which earned him an Oscar nomination in 2002.


A city is ravaged by an epidemic of instant "white blindness". Those first afflicted are quarantined by the authorities in an abandoned mental hospital where the newly created "society of the blind" quickly breaks down. Criminals and the physically powerful prey upon the weak, hording the meager food rations and committing horrific acts. There is however one eyewitness to the nightmare. A woman whose sight is unaffected by the plague follows her afflicted husband to quarantine. There, keeping her sight a secret, she guides seven strangers who have become, in essence, a family. She leads them out of quarantine and onto the ravaged streets of the city, which has seen all vestiges of civilization crumble. Their voyage is fraught with danger, yet their survival and ultimate redemption reflect the tenacity and depth of the human spirit.

As you can guess, anything which purports to study the tenacity of the human spirit is potential Oscar-bait, but Roger Ebert pretty much said "Wow, does this suck!" (albeit in a more sophisticated way) in his 1.5 star review. Here's an example:

"Blindness is one of the most unpleasant, not to say unendurable, films I've ever seen. It is an allegory about a group of people who survive under great stress, but frankly I would rather have seen them perish than sit through the final three-quarters of the film. Not only is it despairing and sickening, it's ugly. Denatured, sometimes overexposed, sometimes too shadowy to see, it is an experiment to determine how much you can fool with a print before ending up with mud, intercut with brightly lit milk."

Most other critics agreed. It received only 42% positive notices from the 111 critics whose reviews are catalogued on Rotten Tomatoes, with the predominant opinion being that the condition of blindness does have its advantages, the primary one being an inability to see this film. Or at least to see LESS of it, since sighted people can't seem to make much out either.

Oh, well, I haven't seen it, so the key point to cover today is the nudity. So far the only clips seem to be from a cam. Or maybe the film really looks that bad. I don't know. At any rate, there is some nudity from Julianne Moore and Alice Braga in the murky darkness. I know I can see some breasts in there somewhere. Here  are the film clips, and some samples can be found below.



  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Scoop's note: I'm not sure what Oz's record is for the most collages in a single bi-weekly submission, but this week's 157 can't be far off.

Up Pompeii

Up Pompeii (1971) is a humorous British movie based on the TV series of the same name, and gives an alternative 'history' of the last days of Pompeii. Similar to the TV series, there were lots of half dressed women. There were also a few topless ones.

The scantily clad women were:

Adrienne Posta

Barbara Murray

Carol Hawkins

Corinne Skinner Carter

Gaye Brown

Janet Pearce

Julie Ege

Laura Marshall

Sally Douglas

Sammie Winmill

Valerie Stanton

and Veronica Clifford.


The nakedness comes from

Madeline Smith

and lots of women I couldn't identify.


Big Shot : Confessions of a Campus Bookie

Given the number of strippers in Big Shot: Confessions of a Campus Bookie (2002) you would expect more naked women but there is always something just hiding the goodies. However, they do look good.

Most strippers I couldn't identify

but Meriah Nelson

and Irina Voronina were two that I could.

Jennifer Morrison is also looking good in her underwear.


Breaking the Surface

Some minor pokies by Megan Leitch in Breaking the Surface: The Greg Louganis Story (1997).


Fear Itself

Fear Itself aka Ring Around the Rosie (2006) is a horror film. Jenny  Mollen shows some nice pokies when caught in the rain.


Georgia Rule

No nudity in Georgia Rule (2007) but Lindsay Lohan


and Felicity Huffman

show off their very lovely bodies.

Happy Campers

The see-through nudity in Happy Campers (2001) comes from James King.

Dominique Swain looks very sexy in her outfits.



Sandra Bullock shows some pokies in Premonition (2007).


Sugar & Spice

No nudity in the teen flick Sugar & Spice (2001), which is about a group of cheerleaders. The young ladies, however, do look good in various stages of undress.

The cheerleaders are Marley Shelton,

Melissa George,

Alexandra Holden,

Mena Suvari,

Rachel Blanchard

and Sara Marsh.

A couple of group collages are also included.


House of the Long Shadows

Louise English is more well known as one of the late Benny Hill's angels in The Benny Hill Show. In House of the Long Shadows (1983) once again she is scantily clad.


Teen Spirit

Teen Spirit aka Tel père telle fille (2007) is a French film.

Caroline Bourg is topless

and Frédérique Bel removes her blouse.


Walking Tall

Ashley Scott plays a stripper in Walking Tall (2004) but, unfortunately, she doesn't take off all her clothes.


The Erotic Traveler

This episode from The Erotic Traveler (2007) is called Sax on the Beach.

Brooke Banner,

Lacie Heart,

Michelle Maylene

and, in particular, Sophia Santi are the naked ladies.



Will and Grace

These caps come from the sixth and seventh season of Will & Grace,
and the pickings are becoming slimmer.

Episode 1 - Dames at Sea

Debra Messing - sensational cleavage

Episode 2 - Last Ex to Brooklyn

Debra Messing - looking good

Mira Sorvino - a lot of leg

Episode 3 - Home Court Disadvantage

Debra Messing - pokies

Episode 7 - Nice in White Satin

Laura Kightlinger - cleavage

Episode 14 - Looking for Mr Good Enough

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 18 - Courting Disaster

Debra Messing - looking good

Episode 1 - FYI: I Hurt, Too

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 3 - One Gay at a Time

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 7 - Will & Grace & Vince & Nadine

Kristin Davis - a bit of cleavage

Episode 8 - Saving Grace - Again (1)

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 12 - Christmas Break

Debra Messing - cleavage

Episode 14 - Partners

Debra Messing - cleavage







Notes and collages

"Two and a Half Men"


Alicia Witt








The Image



Today we wrap our visit to The Image. Once again Rebecca Brooke reveals it all in some more kinky scenes including some oral sex. Caps and 3 clips.


Rebecca is joined by Yvette Hiver (in her only IMDB credit) in a threesome for some more oral sex. Caps and a clip.










More nudity from the new series, featuring Clare Carey. HD film clip here. Sample below.







This section will present Defoe's film clips to accompany Charlie's collages, which are found on his own site. His site was updated yesterday.


Florence Thomassin in Le Silence de l'Epervier

Frederique Jamet in Lorfou

Roxane Mesquida in Une Veille Maitresse

Tonya Kinzinger in Sous le Soleil







Ashlie Rhey

in Sexy Stars and Rising Starlets









Jacqueline Lovell

In this second film clip, Lovell is again hanging out, doing Lovellesque naked activities.










If you watch Survivor, you may be interested to know that the woman known as Sugar is this chick:


Film Clips

Jessica Schwarz in Kammerfilmmern. Sample ------>>>>>>
Elsa Pataky in the trailer for Santos. Sample ------>>>>>>
Tamsin Egerton in Keeping Mum

The women of The Osterman Weekend. This group features Meg Foster, Helen Shaver and Cassie Yates. This group is Merete von Kamp.