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La Riffa


La Riffa an Italian romantic comedy starring Monica Bellucci. When her husband is killed in an auto accident, she is left with a small child. Then she learns that he had been having an affair, and was in debt up to his eyebrows. After selling all her assets, she hits upon the idea of auctioning herself off to her husband's wealthy associates, all 20 of whom are willing to pay the price. The law isn't so sure this is legal, and just as she has set it in motion, she meets a man she could love, Giulio Scarpati.

Any time I get to see Monica Bellucci naked, I consider it a good use of my time, but this film is rather talky, and English in some form would be a real asset, but it is not available anywhere with English subtitles or dubbing. Some of the humor comes through anyway, such as the scene where she goes to identify her husband's body, and the morgue attendant shows her the wrong body.

This is a good one for your collection just because of Monica, but it might even be better with an English-friendly edition.

IMDb: 4.8.



Monica Bellucci shows breasts and buns in several scenes.








The Big Doll House

A "Babes in Bondage" day as the Time Machine goes back to 1971 for a WIP flick.


Brooke Mills shows breasts doing the shower thing.

No Nudity from Christiane Schmidtmer, but she does show off her new bra.

Judith Brown gets her "Tiny Tots" examined and then gets all tied up.

More from the shower room as Pam Grier lathers up the hooters.

Pat Woodell as a "Babe in Bondage".

Back to the showers with Roberta Collins, then she too gets tied up.

A topless unknown "Babe in a Cage."






Notes and collages

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

part 3 of ?

Dolly Parton







A preview of Amy Fisher's sex tape (sample right)

A film clip of Rachel Griffiths in Among Giants

A film clip of Katee Sackhoff in The Last Sentinel

A film clip of Shauna MacDonald in The Rocket Post

Six film clips of Jagoda Kaloper in the odd 70s artifact WR: Mysteries of the Organism (Here's the film's entry at Wikipedia)

In honor of the ending of the first season of Californication, here's Natascha McElhone stark naked in Surviving Picasso. And a bonus of Natascha McElhone in Solaris.

Two of Valerie Dillman in season 1 of Dexter 

Two of Sienna Miller in a see-through bra

Rose McGowan teases in Planet Terror

A stripper in Planet Terror

Two girls in the fake trailer for Machete

A few from Herr Haut:

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Body and Soul

Kristin Scott-Thomas in Framed

Two of Heather Graham in Broken









Cristina Marcos usually does sitcoms for the whole family, then suddenly made this movie where she shows everything.

And she has it all in the right places.

Late 50's. After killing Goncalves, the most powerful mobster, two rivals fight to gain control over prostitution and contraband. The favored prostitute of one of the rivals decides to run away with her young lover, but first the couple has to eliminate both gang leaders.



Cristina Marcos













Linh Dan Pham








The Comedy Wire

Dennis Kucinich derided President Bush's claim that letting Iran get nuclear weapons could lead to World War III, saying, "I seriously believe we have to start asking questions about his mental health."  Later, at the debate, Kucinich confirmed that he had seen a UFO at Shirley MacLaine's house and joked that he would open a campaign office in Roswell.

*  So he's kind of an expert on crazy.

*  He knows it's crazy to suggest that Iran might start World War III because the aliens told him they'd prevent that with their laser guns.


In Athens, Greece, two thieves robbed a supermarket armed only with ketchup.  As an employee was taking the receipts to the bank, the crooks jumped out of the bushes and hurled two bags of ketchup at his car windshield.  He stopped the car, and the men fought him, grabbed his money and fled on a motorcycle.  But they managed to get away with only 400 euros out of the 140,000 he was carrying.

*  All condiment-related injuries are treated at the Mayo Clinic. 


Barack Obama reportedly turned down an endorsement by Brad Pitt because he's afraid too many Hollywood backers will hurt his image, plus he's afraid most Americans still think of Angelina Jolie as a crazy,
oversexed homewrecker who wore a vial of blood around her neck

* On the other hand, that could help him siphon off a lot of Dennis Kucinich supporters. 

On this day in 1896, National Geographic magazine ran its first photo of a bare-breasted native woman.

*  Thus creating an intense interest in geography among generations of boys.

On the same day in 1982, the Playboy Channel was

*  National Geographic and Playboy: The two greatest educational tools for young boys everywhere.