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  • presents "Lost Highway" this week, featuring Patricia Arquette in various stages of undress. She strips here at gunpoint, and the caps are chronological, so she's still dressed in the first one. (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6).
    presents four new ones this week.
  • Gloria Reuben in "Indiscreet"
  • Isabelle Adjani in "La Gifle"
  • Madeleine Collinson in "Twins of Evil"
  • Mary Collinson in "Twins of Evil"

  • "French film festival today. La Femme Nikita is the original French film that "Point of No Return" copied. The original is much better, and the title character played by Parillaud is for more passionate and complicated. If you only watch one French film, this is a very good choice.

    Everyone has heard of Story of O, starring Corinne Clery. I have never seen I good copy, so I did the best I could with this poor one.

    The Savage State is about political unrest, corruption and racism in an emerging African nation. Marie Christine Barrault plays a white woman who is keeping house with a black Minister of Health/doctor with Marxist leanings. Very poor quality tape, but a rather remarkable film.

    The Plague is based on a book by the same name by Albert Camus, and tells the story of a plague outbreak in a South American city. Sandrine Bonnaire plays a French reporter trapped in the city by the quarantine. A thoroughly depressing film, but well made".

    Speaking of European film festival:

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    New vidcaps from Flurk
  • Brenda Bakke in "Twogether"
  • Natali Brood in "S"
  • Jessie Faller in "Perdita Durango"
  • Sylvia Kristel in "Emmanuelle"
  • Sylvia Kristel in "Emmanuelle 2"
  • Sylvia Kristel in "Goodbye Emmanuelle"
  • Sophie Marceau in "Dartagnan's Daughter"
  • Paulina Porizkova in "Thursday'
  • Renee Soutendijk in "The Fourth Man"
  • Marie Tritignant in "A Summer Night in Town"
  • Marie Tritignant in "A Summer Night in Town"
  • Monique Vandeven in "Brandende Liefde"
  • Monique Vandeven in "Brandende Liefde"
  • Elsa Zylberstein in "Tenue Correcte Exigee"
  • a
    New vidcaps from Touch, plus ...
  • Elodie Bouchez in "Le plus bel age"
  • Bouchez
  • Mathilda May in "La Lune et le Teton"
  • May
  • May
  • Pauline Lafont "La Galette du Roi"
  • Lafont
  • Not from Touch, but a frontal exposure of Camilla Renschke in "Bella Block". from celeblover.
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    Captures and commentary by


    Finally I've finished all the caps of Jennifer Burton from Play Time, 30 something collages in all. This movie was almost non stop nudity! This is actually the opening scene of the movie...Jennifer Burton's husband is munching on her butt ...mmmmmm.. In the other room, Monique Parent is with her husband. Their sex life is pretty weak as he seems to be totally uninterested. Monique can hear Jennifer and her husband playing around and since her hubby is asleep...Monique takes matters into her own hands.. Some people remarked that I was being a little obsessive in my capping of this movie. What they did not realize was that I actually skipped some scenes originally (like the two above)! In the name of sickness I went back and capped them. Here's an early scene where Jennifer and Monique are fantasizing about what they'd do with a traveling salesman if he came to the door. Getting back to the story...after Jennifer and her husband got Monique to play around with them in the jacuzzi, Monique tried to get her husband involved in the games. They failed in enticing him into participating so Monique just told him all about it (sometimes you gotta be blunt with us guys). He freaked out and left Monique, punched Jennifer's husband in the face and moped around a lot. Jennifer goes and visits him at work and, being the sweetheart that she is, strips down for him......and gives him a blow job. Nice gal. Only thing is, Jennifer's husband decides to pop in and he catches them in the act. Boy is he pissed! Now everything's all mixed up and Jen's husband is screwing Monique and Monique's hubby is sleeping with Jennifer, as we see here... More of Jennifer screwing around

    Why is Monique's husband so opposed to group sex? Because when he was a kid he slept with his stepmom, Julie Strain. I was shocked to see that Julie's 37 years old. She has acted in 54 movies according to IMDb and I did read here that she claims to have appeared in dozens more not listed in that database. As busy as she is...she did take time out to show us her vagina (don't worry, this is R Rated vagina) . How does this make Monique's husband have an aversion to group sex? Stepmom Julie brings home her friend Tammy Parks and they do a little lesbian show for the young man. After a quick game of "nude lesbian touch football in the bedroom" the young man's father catches him with stepmom and friend! Traumatized the kid for life...almost. Monique's husband spills his guts and now all is well...he's ready for some group sex. The group sex starts by the two husbands watching their wives have sex by the pool. Jennifer rubs lotion on Monique's boobs. Then...Monique reaches down.....pulls down Jennifer's bikini bottom, gets on her knees and....The End! The rest will take place in our imaginations because as soon as Jennifer's bikini bottom came off, the closing credits came up. Damn!

    Speaking of Jennifer Burton in three-way sex:

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    Here's Jennifer Burton in a three-way with Lisa Boyle and the late Ken Steadman in "I Like to Play Games". They are in chronological order. They are unedited raw caps from my hard disk. Someday I will work on them, but it's not an immediate priority.

    (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8)

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    presents Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shakespeare in Love". (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4)
    FR finishes off his great series of Olivia Pascal in "Vanessa". Olivia is naked as a jaybird in these. (#1 , #2)

    Page Three Today

    WhyScans is going to keep us up to date on the legendary Page Three Girls every day. This is Victoria, from October 30. ( #1 , #2 , #3 , #4).

    WhyScans Bonus: "I just found these Tracy Shaw Pictures in Maxim. I'm sure I haven't seen some of these before." (#1 , #2 , #3 , #4 , #5 , #6 , #7 , #8 , #9 , #10 , #11 , #12 , #13)

    Frost presents three caps of Mariah Carey from the re-mixed "Heartbreaker". (#1 , #2 , #3)
    Crow finishes off his Monday wrestling caps with Stacey Carter at RAW. (#1 , #2 , 3)

  • Rare nmd captures of Danielle Cormack in "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives"
  • nmd captures of Thandie Newton in "Beloved"