Happy Halloween


s2e7, 1080hd

Jennifer Krukowski and Devoshia Cooper



Irmaos Freitas
s1e2, 1080hd

Marina de la Riva


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Une Histoire Banale

2014, 1920x1080

Marie Denarnaud

Casting Couch


I have some new stuff. It includes some recent things and some fairly old things, but there is one that may need some explaining. That one thing is a DTV extravaganza entitled Casting Couch, released in 2000.

 IMDb gives accurate names to a few of the nine women on the disc.

It tells us Amy Lindsay (with hideously monstrous after-market add-ons),

Kara Styler,

Tawny Garrison

and Taylor St Clair all show up

 but it also lists aliases for others; they are Holly Sampson,

Stacey Marie Clawson,

Susan Hale

and Nicole Fornier.

 The last one is something of a mystery because IMDb claims Diane Cuevas uses the name in Virtual Encounters 2, but that just ain't true. The woman identified as Nicole Fornier in VE 2 is the same woman a venerable, long-retired imager named Scorpion identified as Nicole Fornier in Casting Couch many years ago. She certainly is the same woman and she certainly is not Diane Cuevas unless Ms. Cuevas is a shape-shifting magical being.  So, fine.  I stuck the name Nicole Fornier onto her collages.
There is one other woman in Casting Couch who calls herself Shelly - so I suspect she is the one credited as Shelly Andre - and who looks very familiar but whom I cannot identify.

Wild At Heart

1990, 1080hd

Laura Dern film clip (collages below)

Charlie Spradling film clip (capture below)

Lisa Ann Cabasa film clip (sample below)

Valli Leigh and Mia Ruiz film clip (sample below)

Roosa Soderholm in Baby Jane (2019)
Great nudity, but poor quality clip

Bruna Trindade in Heteronimo (2016) in 720p