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"House of Lies"

Anna Rose Hopkins, episode 5




Webdultery is a low budget Canadian drama about a couple, Deb (Christine Tizzard), a successful but overworked businesswoman and Fred (Anthony Cortese), a struggling writer, who have hit a bad patch in their marriage. Both are communicating via webchat with another person who seems highly likely to be the other, but they are communicating a helluva lot better via than in reality. Both decide to have an affair by signing up to dating sites, which has varying degrees of success. Deb has a lot of messages, mainly from the usual sleazes and curiously, her somewhat sleazy brother, but after a rough start with an overattentive man, she finds love. On the other hand, Fred gets nothing except from a prostitute. But, during a dinner with friends, Deb's friend Lisa (Rebecca Nicholson) flirts with Fred and takes it further when Deb tells her of her dalliances. Inevitably, things go stale in the affairs and there's one last twist that will shake up their relationship forever more (read above if you haven't worked it out).

This film is surprisingly well made and has a very interesting on the subject of internet affairs, but the film tenuously hinges on the the contrived conceit that the couple are accidentally revealing themselves to one another via webchat. It works, barely, but it's a dicey concept that delivers a predictable, but still clever payoff. For a project with practically no budget, this is a surprisingly very well made film.


Film Clips

Tracy Spiridakos in Revolution (s1e6) - topless, but nothing showing

Anna Koenig in Freunde von frueher (2009)

Simonetta Lenna, also in Freunde von frueher (2009)

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Helene Bergsholm in Turn Me On, Dammit

A slipped nipple from Christina Milian

Amelia Jackson-Gray in The Campaign