Happy Halloween

Please, for the kids, try to keep the human sacrifices to a bare minimum this year.


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"True Blood"

s3e5 - s3e8 nothing

s3e9 - see below

This completes the series. You now have it all in 1920x1080 res!

Tiffany Taylor clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution


Kate Luyben clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution



Anna Pacquin clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution





Comedy about a vampire rock group with many cameos by 70s era rockers (the real bloodsuckers are the record industry executives). Jessica Pare fell off most people's radar a few years ago except for a bit part as a topless hottub babe. But her Q factor shot through the roof recently in the Mad Men tv series season cliffhanger finale.

Jessica Pare: sexy.



Overlooked part of Sarah Polley. Sarah is dry humping, then getting raped by her own clone and putting pants on afterwards.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

(2010 video)

Straight-to-DVD sequel.

Kiele Sanchez: having commando-style sex while wearing brassiere but no panties.

Mia Kirshner: bare butt.

Katharine Isabelle: cleavage getting vampire raped.

Les amours imaginaires

aka "Heartbeats"


Movie from Quebec straight off the film festival circuit.

Monia Chokri: post threesomes but it looks like she used a booby double.

"Party Down"

episode: "Nick DiCintio's Orgy Night"

Toronto model Rebecca Marshall is currently in the Saw 3D movie which opened in theaters this Halloween weekend. Here Ms. Marshall plays topless waitress.

"The Lost Tribe"

aka: "Lost Island"


This movie is a rehash of the low budget Canadian horror "The Tribe." Although it closed many plotholes from the first movie it still suffers the same problem, no female nudity. Available only in Germany but you may find it next to the German sheister porn section at your local video store.

 Emily Foxler: bikini, brief sex scene, see-through and ripped blouse.

Brianna Brown: bikini, cleavage.


episode: "The Match Game"


Aly Michalka: brassiere in dark sex scene.

"Being Erica"

episode: "Bear Breasts"


This episode takes place during the Toronto Gay Pride parade. This means it's okay to show a hetero sex scene if a gay sex scene is also shown.

Reagan Pasternak: very nice cleavage in brassiere, getting boob honked.

Erin Karpluk: hands-over-boobs having sex.

Anna Silk: cleavage as lesbian.

Kathleen Laskey: sort of nude after having cougar sex.

Rebecca Amare: nice cleavage.

"Lost Girl"

episode: "Food for Thought (s1e06)

Not much last week but this week's episode will have a more lesbian bent. Same thing with "Todd and the Book of Pure Evil".

Anna Silk: sexy.


By the way

That's stuntbabe/Heffer bunnybabe CherÚ Bryson as the babe in the wet-see-through blouse in Oz's caps of The Nude Bomb. Too bad she never posed for the magazine itself.



Lexx is a Canadian and German sci-fi co-production. The main actress is Xenia Seeberg, dressed in a sexy, skimpy outfit most of the time.

Continued ...

Series 2 Episode 14 - Patches in the Sky

Ellen Dubin - cleavage

Dream Girls (Lee-Anne Lowe, Any Lonergan, Laura Nason) - sexy

Series 2 Episode 15 - Woz

Xenia Seeberg - cleavage

Unknown - sexy guards

Series 2 Episode 16 - The Web

Xenia Seeberg - nipple sighting as she takes a shower

Series 2 Episode 17 - The Net

Xenia Seeberg - cleavage (and a repeat of the previous episode's shower scene)

Series 2 Episode 19 - Brizon

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 2 Episode 20 - The End of the Universe

Louise Wischermann - cleavage

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 3 Episode 1 - Fire and Water

Xenia Seeberg - sexy

Series 3 Episode 2 - May

Anna Kathrin Bleuler - sexy

Series 3 Episode 3 - Gametown

Anna Kathrin Bleuler - sexy

Patricia Zentilli - topless in the shower


Xenia Seeberg - cleavage

Unknown - topless in the shower



The women of MILF: Molinee Green

The women of MILF: Amy Lindsay

The women of MILF: Christine Nguyen

The women of MILF: Diana Terranova



Esther Nubiola in Tirante el Blanco from HDTV. Massive download (338meg) split into two parts, with samples below. (Part One, Part Two)

Vanessa Ferlito Film Festival: On Line, Shadowboxer, Undefeated

From Fall Down Dead in HD: Jennifer Alden and Karine Darrah

Mariah Teixiera in Bog of Beasts (Big download: 238 meg)