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As of this morning, all of the sites have been cleared except Charlie's site. Google's webmaster tools page for that site says:

"Status of the latest badware review for this site: A review for this site has finished. The site was found clean. The badware warnings from web search are being removed. Please note that it can take some time for this change to propagate."

Is this the end of the problem? I don't know. The results of their bot scans were so completely insane (including non-existent pages, long-disappeared pages, directories with no code at all - just .jpgs) that I'm not convinced they have fixed the problem. I suspect that the warnings may continue to re-appear for a while. We'll keep an eye on it.


  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.







Moving forward a decade this week ... the 1980s becomes the theme.

Brenda Starr

Brooke Shields is Brenda Starr in Brenda Starr (1989). No nudity but Brooke was in her prime and there is some sensational cleavage (and possibly a bit of nip, with some imagination) when she goes for a dip.


Julie Darling

Some nice nudity in Julie Darling (1983).

Cindy Girling, who looked very sexy in Meatballs in my last contribution, is topless.

Sybil Danning is also topless.

Elizabeth Paddon

and Margaret Rance are down to their underwear.


No nudity in Ladyhawke (1985) but Michelle Pfeiffer did look good.

Night Train to Terror

Some lovely naked women in Night Train to Terror (1985).

Meredith Haze shows us the lot,

and Lisa Watkins,

Meridith Kennedy

and Micki Anne Corbin are topless.

Amy Sussman is in a bikini,

Anne Fairchild shows her bust,

Barbara De Vandre shows cleavage

as do some unknowns.

Not of this Earth

Not of this Earth (1988) was Traci Lords' first movie after giving up porn.

She does get naked showing her breasts and butt.

Belinda Grant and

Becky LeBeau are topless.

Rebecca Perle

and Cynthia Thompson show some lovely cleavage.


No real nudity in Overboard (1987) but Goldie Hawn might as well be naked as we get a terrific view of her rear end.


A few other women are bouncing around in bikinis.

Revenge of the Nerds

Revenge of the Nerds (1984) was the first of series of movies. There is some nice nudity in the sorority house.

Colleen Madden shows the lot

and Julie Montgomery (aka Julia Montgomery) is topless.

There are a few other lovely women at the college.

I have included a movie of the well-known sorority house raid. (Sample below)

Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise

The second in the series, Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise (1987), has only some see-through topless women who aren't identified.

Courtney Thorne-Smith was looking sensational in a bikini.

Susan Vanech and Donna Rosea also fill out a bikini very well ...

... as do various others

Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation

For completeness, I've included the rest of the 'nerd' movies. No nudity at all in Revenge of the Nerds III: The Next Generation (1992).

All we have is cleavage by Julia Montgomery

 and Nicole Picard.

Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love

Again, no nudity in Revenge of the Nerds IV: Nerds in Love (1994).

Diane Robin

and a few unknowns show some cleavage and are down to their underwear.

Savage Justice

In between the 'nerd' movies, Julia Montgomery did Savage Justice (1988) where she plays an avenging guerilla fighter. No nudity, only a bit of cleavage.

The Seduction

Morgan Fairchild stars in The Seduction (1982) and she doesn't disappoint. I would love to have seen the outtakes. She gets completely naked, although you have to lighten the caps to see bush.



Colleen Camp shows some cleavage.


A couple of unknowns are briefly  shown topless.


Betsy Russell is the tomboy in Tomboy (1985). However, as she takes off her clothes you can see what she is really like.


Kristi Somers,


Cynthia Ann Thompson,

Michelle Bauer,

Rory Barish

and a few unknowns are also topless.






Jane Adams film clip

caps below

Scoop's notes:

Great idea, humanistic attitude, beautiful and authentic music. Do you need more?

"Hey, Scoop, how about the story?"

Well, that couldn't be much worse. For the record: a pompous, condescending musicologist comes to the backwoods and starts archiving the local songs. She eventually comes to love the locals.

In terms of the script, this one-dimensional film has every possible cliche: 

  • the condescending attitude of the male professors toward her discovery
  • the lesbians
  • the lyin', cheatin' husbands
  • the women abandoned to despair by lyin', cheatin' husbands (have you determined yet that the script was written by a woman)
  • the shifty coal company official tryin' to hornswaggle the honest mountain folk out of their land
  • the coal company owner who refers to the mountaineers as savages
  • the fact that the simple folk turn out to have true wisdom and intelligence 
  • the scene where the retarded-lookin' bumpkin plays his musical instrument better than Eric Clapton
  • the ol' black musician
  • the loveable, feisty ol' grannie who says stuff like "you boys is actin' like a right buncha assholes"
  • the moonshine stills
  • the city musicologist who falls in love with the sensitive country bumpkin
  • numerous tragedies, calamities, and melodramas

Not only that, but the entire movie is determined to be uplifting and worthy, and does more preaching than Sunday morning cable TV. Just ignore all that.  The story isn't even necessary, because watching this without the singing would be like watching Oklahoma! without the singing. In fact, I don't really know if it makes sense to say that this movie or Oklahoma! would be a bad movie without the music, because the music is the whole point.

So enjoy the singin' and pluckin'.

I did.



season 1, 2007

"Set in a high class brothel this new series creates a hyper reality whereby we are privy to the private lives and emotions of five beautiful young women."


Johnny Moronic is re-doing all of Satisfaction, season 1, in better quality. This series has a lot of nudity and these film clips will be very big downloads spread over a considerable period of time.


Today: Alison Whyte film clips. (Collages below)





"East West 101"

2007 TV series


Julia Billington film clip

Katarina Sadlanova film clip



One Way


Dann's comments:

In many respects, this drama is just a glorified soap opera, but it's a pretty good one, made better by a nice nude scene by  Lauren Lee Smith

Angelina (Lauren Lee Smith) is the assistant to a very talented creative director of an advertising agency. Eddie is a wiz, and also very successful with the ladies, but although he and Angelina have become close friends, they've never slept together. Now, Eddie is engaged to the daughter of the agency's owner, and while he loves her a lot, he still sleeps around.

One night after working late, Eddie walks Angelina to her car, but as he leaves, she realizes she has forgotten her keys. When she returns to the office, the son of the owner brutally rapes and beats her. When Eddie confronts the son, he shows Eddie pictures that he has had taken of Eddie's conquests. Eddie must provide cover for the guy, or he'll blow the whistle to his sister and kill Eddie's impending marriage. Will Eddie do the right thing?

Like I said, a soap opera, but well enough done to keep your interest to the end, with some nice plot twists along the way.

Lauren Lee Smith

Film Clips

Tilda Swinton in Julia

Lymari Nadal in the new Battlestar Galactica movie

Despina Pajanou in an episode of Tatort

Andrea Sawatzki in an episode of Polizeiruf 101

Kierston Wareing in Fish Tank (sample below)



Two from Masters of Horror in HD: Julia Anderson Benson and Robin Sydney. This is timely because the massive-chested Julia Benson is now one of the stars of the new Stargate Universe. Robin Sydney's career hasn't fared as well. The last time I saw her was in the atrocious Evil Bong II. Captures follow: