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Brandi (Mena Suvari) is a nursing aide who is loved by her patients and respected by her boss. In fact, she is in line for a promotion. After a night of partying with booze and Ecstasy, Brandi hits a homeless man with her car, driving him through the windshield. Then, the unthinkable happens. She drives her car home and into her garage with the badly injured man still stuck in the windshield. For days, he pleads for help, but Brandi simply desperately tries to cover up what she's done.

This horror/thriller actually chronicles a true story that happened in 2001 in Texas. Most of the story mirrors exactly what happened, while the ending differs from the actual results. This is a fascinating and exciting movie, which becomes even more interesting when you read the story of the actual event.

Mena Suvari et al






The Image



We are back with part 2 of The Image. Rebecca Brooke once again shows it all as a tied up "Babe in
Bondage". She really gets some rough treatment in this segment. Caps and a clip.











(2002. Day 2 of 2)

Ivana Sejenovich clips. Caps below.

Lucia Bravo clips. Caps below.

Mia Maestro clips. Caps below.












Notes and collages

The Big Town


Diane Lane












Jacqueline Lovell

In this film clip, JL is just hanging out, doing Lovell-like naked activities. (Part 1 of 3)










Just for fun: Sarah Palin shows off a huge rack in a t-shirt


Film Clips

Cornelia Corba in Ein fall fuer zwei. Sample --->>>>

Macbeth: Victoria Hill, Chloe Armstrong - Kate Bell - Miranda Nation