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Sechs Schwedinnen im Pensionat


Six Swedish Girls in a Boarding School was the first of the Six Swedish Girls franchise directed by Irwin C. Dietrich.

Six Swedish girls and a French girl are the only students in a boarding school which consists of one female teacher and a coach. The girls all share the same dorm room. Cozy! The film mostly consists of boys spying on the girls, and the girls getting even by fucking them. That'll l'arn em! The teacher is sweet on a fisherman. If there is any plot at all, it is that one of the girls is a shy virgin until the end.

Another way to look at the film is as a different kind of Special Olympics. We have nude slow motion jogging, nude calisthenics, nude leap frog, and nude precision dildo modified cycling.

The seven female students and the teacher all show everything. These ladies are, Anne Libert, Elsa Maroussia, Nadine Pascal, Danièle Troeger, Brigitte Lahaie, France Lomay, Kathleen Kane and Diane Kelly.

Elsa, France, Nadine, and Brigitte were also seen in yesterday's caps from Six Swedish Girls Somewhere Else (Actually a gas station.)

IMDb readers say 5.2, which is rather high for a Euro sex farce. It is, however, justified, and should please anyone who enjoys this genre. The transfer is excellent, the English dub is good, and it includes French and German sound tracks as well.



Anne Libert


Brigitte Lahaie


Daniele Troeger


Elsa Maroussia


Diane Kelly


France Lomay


Kathleen Kane


Nadine Pascal











Today we have a really bad horror movie and, to make matters worse, the nudity is minimal.

Jenny McCarthy with some leg, that's it.

LoriDawn Messuri does show off the boobs in a lesbo scene.


Sara Mornell, blink and you miss 'em tits.

Scoop's notes:

Odd movie. The tone keeps shifting, and the snake keeps changing sizes. It is bad, and I ended up rating it low, but I also said that it really wasn't an unbearable watch at all if you listen to the commentary track instead of the movie. The problem was that it couldn't decide whether it wanted to make fun of creature movies or to be one, and a lot of that had to do with the fact that two different hands guided it. The producer forced the director to do things he didn't want to do, and then shot additional footage on his own after the director had submitted his cut.








Notes and collages

The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas

part 2 of ?

Dolly Parton








Here is an improved version of the picture which is supposed to be Jennifer Morrison in Urban Legends 2. I don't know how to confirm it, since it was supposedly "cropped by the theatrical aspect ratio"
Lizette Carrion in an episode of Dexter

Ann Dusenberry and Rhonda Shear in Basic Training







El tiempo de la Felicidad

Late sixties, a family goes to spend their vacation to Ibiza. There they find a lot about each other and their lives change forever. The movie starts Veronica Forqué, who plays the wife that finds out her husband is cheating on her and spends the summer trying to figure out life with her two daughters and mentally challenged son.


Sylvia Abascal


Maria Adanez


Clara Sanchiz









Last Day for the Action Girls.Com 3 disk. Four gals left to strut their stuff. Ashley Robbins, Susan Carter and Veronica Vanoza keep with the concept of  the whole thing by acting all tough in one scene and then stripping and wiggling in another. Veteran pornstar Sylvia Saint is only in action scenes ... the ones that begin and end the DVD. Did not cap much of her performance because she has done more humping on screen than entire Czech cities have off screen. I figure a fella wants to see her nekkid he can take his pick of some 300 hardcore offerings.

Film clips:

Ashley Robbins


Susan Carter


Veronica Vanoza


Sylvia Saint









The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

Hillary Clinton is leading in a poll she'd probably rather lose: An annual A.P.-Ipsos survey found 37 percent of Americans think that of all the presidential candidates, Hillary would make the scariest Halloween costume.  Rudy Giuliani was the second-scariest with 14 percent, and no other candidate topped 6 percent. Two-thirds of Republicans said Hillary would be the scariest, but surprisingly, so did 18 percent of Democrats.

*  They must've polled John Edwards, Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

*  Scariest of all: Rudy Giuliani dressed as Hillary...Because I've seen him in a dress, and it's scary.  

One of the fastest-growing fields of romance novels is medical fiction, so Irish doctor Brendan Kelly forced himself to read 20 such novels and report to the Lancet on how they reflect women's doctor fantasies.  He said the basic plot is that the doctor is a "savior in a white coat" with a tragic past, who lives to save his patients from life-threatening illnesses.  The doctor is usually of Mediterranean origin and is brilliant, tall and muscular with chiseled features and "uncontrolled passions."  He's also most likely to be an emergency room surgeon or obstetrician.  He found no medical romance novels about proctologists. 

*  He might want to check out the gay porn medical novels.

*  Too bad, because I've got the perfect title: "Splendor In The Ass."


Sunday in San Francisco, about 75 people took part in the first Cardboard Tube Fighting Championship. Many wore costumes, such as robots or knights in armor.  They were given a yard-long cardboard tube and had to whack each other until one of the tubes broke and that person lost.  After two hours, Aline Xayasouk, a 20-year-old Berkeley woman dressed as a piece of sushi, was declared the winner. Organizer Julian Cash said people take life too seriously, and this was just for fun, even though entrants did have to sign a waiver absolving the organizers of responsibility for any injuries, including "loss of eye(s), decapitation, impalement, bloody lips, bruises, welts, paralysis and/or death."

*  Same contract contestants have to sign on "Dancing With The Stars."

*  Wow, they're making cardboard tubes a lot stronger these days! 



Today is Halloween.  The spooky aspects of Halloween are thought to have originated with a Celtic ritual called the Cult of the Dead, which marked the end of the Celtic year.

*  Traditionally, the Celtics' year would end when they played the Lakers.

*  It's that time when blood-sucking ghouls with false faces roam the land with outstretched hands ... You know: election season.