Josephine Ange Gardien
s21e3; 1080hd

Marine Duhamel and Alexia Fourmond

s3e4; 1080hd

Annelise Hesme

s2e4; 1080hd

Stephanie Pareja

The Deuce
s1e8; 1080hd

Natalie Paul, Dominique Fishback and Larisa Polonsky

Vice Principals
s2e7, 1080hd

various strippers


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"True Blood"

s7e5, 1920x1080

Deborah Ann Woll

L'Embarras du Choix

2016; 1080hd

Alexandra Lamy

Cherchez la Femme

2017; 1080hd

Anne Alvaro


Camelia Jordana

La Vie Sauvage

2017; 1080hd

Charlotte Campana

She Wants Me

Elizabeth Brissenden is topless in She Wants Me (2012)

and a number of women look good:

Bria Robert


Kristen Ruhlin

Louise Linton

Melonie Diaz

Brainscan continues his narrative based upon the Fargo series.

His words:
And then there was Carrie Coon playing the central character of good and decent and smart cop battling the venal and the stupid, yada yada yada, hasn't that been beaten to death and is there really anything else to add? 

Carrie did a most impressive scene of complete exposure in Leftovers season 3, a series about meat loaf and mashed potatoes, or so I assume. This one has my vote for scene of the year (so far) even though Ms. Coon was 36 during filming.

Sun Choke


Johnny's comments:

More recent horror. Sun Choke is a horror thriller where a mental unstable woman (Sarah Hagan) is looking to get out from her mother's (Barbara Crampton) tight grip. On a trip out, she becomes obsessed with another woman (Sara Malakul Lane) and begins stalking her before things spiral out of control and the bodies pile up. Not bad and a fair bit of nudity throughout.

Sarah Hagan film clips (collages below)

Sara Malakul Lane film clips (collage below)

Alexandra Schmidt in Agonie (2016) in 720p