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If you are in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I hope you are safe.

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Season 1: 1920x1080

Episode 6

Matylda Buc film clip


"Soldatessa alle Grandi Manovre"

Edwige Fenech


Film Clips

Lena Amende in Der Kluegere zieht aus (2012) in 720p

Pica and Collages

Sari Cummings in Dragon Eyes (2012)

Alicia Vikander in Royal Affair (2012)

Lyne Renee in Strike Back, s3e5 (2012)

Marin Ireland in Boss, s2e7 (2012)

Mailys Amrous in Polisse (2011)

Kate Winslet in The Reader (2008)

The women of Fuera del Cielo (2006)

Jane March in Color of Night (1994)

Nadia Fares in Elles n'oublient jamais (1994)

Szu-Chia Chen in Hex (1980)

Ni Tien, also in Hex

The women of What's Up Superdoc (1978; VHS quality)

Nicola Austin

Anna Bergman

Angela Grant

Maria Harper

Fay Hillier

Nova Llewellyn

Mary Millington

Vicki Scott

Lisa Taylor

Catherine Spaak in A Rather Complicated Girl (1969)