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"True Blood"

s3e2 - nothing

s3e3 - nothing

s3e4 - see below

Jade Tailor clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution



Natasha Alam clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution




Alexa Davalos in Feast of Love

Alice Braga in Lower City

Jess Weixler in Teeth



It's the early 80s. Plenty of nudity by some well-known women and lots of sex appeal.

The Beastmaster

Tanya Roberts was in her prime when she made The Beastmaster (1982). She exposed her breasts beautifully

especially in the extras on the DVD.

Linda Smith

 and an unidentified woman are also topless.

Vanna Bonta adds to the eye candy.

I have included a movie showing Tanya's performance.

Blood Beach

Brief breast exposure by Marleta Giles in Blood Beach (1981).

Blow Out

Amanda Cleveland is topless in Blow Out (1981)

as is an unidentified woman.

Nancy Allen

and Missy O'Shea are both looking good.

Bronco Billy

Pokies and underwear by Sondra Locke in Bronco Billy (1980).


Linda Hayes has a gigantic set of nips and shows them in Brubaker (1980).

Clash of the Titans

Vida Taylor shows her breasts and bum in Clash of the Titans (1981).

So does Judi Bowker's character, although this is a body double.

 Ursula Andress adds to the experience.

Conan the Barbarian

Plenty of topless women in Conan the Barbarian (1982):

Sandahl Bergman,

Leslie Foldvary

and some unidentified.

Cassandra Gaviola shows her bum

and Valerie Quennessen shows a bit of cleavage.

Don't Answer the Phone!

A lot of topless women in the horror film Don't Answer the Phone!(1980).

They are Dale Kalberg,

Flo Gerrich,

Gail Jensen,

Joyce Ann Jordan,

Pamela Bryant

and Paula Warner.

some not identified are shown in various stages of undress.

as are Denise Galik

and Susanne Severid.

The Nude Bomb

Despite the name, The Nude Bomb (1980) has very little nudity.

A woman, possible Andrea Howard, might show her bum at the very end.

Another woman shows some very nice show-through nipples when she gets wet.

Pamela Hensley is looking sexy.


Paradise (1982) is a bit like a Blue Lagoon remake, but in the desert and with far better nudity.

Phoebe Cates was stunning and completely naked.

I have also included some movies showing her attributes.

An unknown slave woman is also topless

and Riki Halfon is a lovely belly dancer.


No nudity in Poltergeist (1982) but JoBeth Williams is spectacular in her underwear.

Private Lessons

A classic from the 80s is Private Lessons (1981). Sylvia Kristel is naked but there is a body double involved in some of the scenes. In the uncensored version you see bush but in my DVD it was blurred out.

An unknown woman is topless

and Pamela Bryant shows some lovely see-though breast.

Meridith Baer shows a bit of cleavage.

Seems Like Old Times

Goldie Hawn is very sexy in Seems Like Old Times (1980). Not a lot of nudity, maybe a bit of nipplage.

Where the Buffalo Roam

Sunny Johnson is in her underwear in Where the Buffalo Roam (1980).



Kyo Feza in Daddy, Darling

Michele Roberts in The Immoral Mr Teas




Two women from Tsar Ivan the Terrible. C'mon, Russians are always so hard on themselves. He wasn't terrible. Just a bit below average. Here's Olga Drozdova and Larisa Shakhvorostova.

Rosanna Arquette shows her great boobs to Mozart in Black Rainbow

Cameron Richardson in The Good Humor Man

Zoe Picoche in Page 105, whatever that is. Either way, a great chest. (See below)