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The Doom Generation



The Doom Generation features a young Rose McGowan as a speed freak who exists on diet coke and cigarettes. She and her mild-mannered stoner boyfriend leave a club, and end up rescuing another young man who is being attacked in the parking lot. The three start on a road trip of sorts, but the prickly McGowan kicks the newcomer out of the car. Their first mishap is at a convenience store. When Rose and her boyfriend discover that their wallets have been lifted, the Korean owner pulls a shotgun on them. Their friend reappears, and ends up blowing the owner's head off with the shotgun. It lands in a relish tray, and is still talking. I suppose this is as good a time as any to point out that this is evidently intended as a black comedy.

With murder in common, the three become inseparable and intimate. The rest of the film is divided between sex and additional violence. Predictably, the film doesn't end well.

IMDb readers say 5.0. Ebert awarded 2.5 stars. I found it barely watchable, if that. The plot was paper thin, the characters one-dimensional, and much of the photography too dark.

Rose McGowan shows breasts in several scenes.









The Image



The Time Machine goes back to the seventies for a film which is almost a porn movie. We have Rebecca Brooke in some consensual, erotic "Babe in Bondage" action, along with some oral sex and whipping thrown in for good measure. Caps and two clips.











(2002. Day 1)

Salma Hayek clips. Caps below.













Glass Cage


Lisa Marie Scott film clip.

Playboy Playmate of the Month February 1995, and is one of the smaller Playmates at 5'2". Her mother is Japanese. Graduated summa cum laude from UCLA, but dropped out of grad school to model full time.









Stacy Moran

In this film clip, Stacy is just hanging out, doing Stacy-like naked activities.










Ursula Buchfeller in Devil Hunter (1980)


Film Clips

Laura Maire in Grossstadtrevier Eiskalt erwischt. Sample --->>>>

Daneel Harris in Ten Inch Hero. Spectacular figure on this lady. Some stills in yesterday's edition.

Beth Cordingly in Dead Set