On stage at the Signature Theater in Arlington, Va

2018, cam

Steffanie Leigh


The Deuce

s3e8, 1080hd

Maggie Gyllenhaal



season one, 1080hd

Julia Ragnarsson in episodes 1, 3 and 7

episode 1

episode 3

episode 7


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Shallow Ground

2004, 1920x1080

Natalie Avital

Tara Killian

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Bride Flight


Karina Smulders gets naked

Wrong Turn 5

2012, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

The final two Wrong Turn movies (so far) are largely forgettable movies, both make radical changes to the lazy mythology the fourth movie attempted, both rather pointlessly.

Bloodlines adds a fatherly figure for the hillbillies, played by Doug Bradley of Pinhead fame, a nasty piece of work who has the added bonus of not being a freak, so he can blend in far easier. A bunch of young people are the target of the hillbillies as always, this time going to a local music festival where people dress up as hillbillies. Ah yes, now we're getting meta. Anyway, after a planned attack on the young people is thwarted, the fatherly figure is arrested and it turns out he's been on the most wanted list for 30 years. But he knows that his boys will come and get him and murder everyone in their path (or just anyone, really). While the fatherly figure is locked up, he laughs deviously or sprouts off about what he's going to do to the women. You can take a guess what.

Possibly the dumbest and maybe even the most hateful of the series with the women copping the worst of it, Doug Bradley is utterly revolting in a way that makes his Pinhead seem gentle. It takes forever for the hillbillies to get to the police station where the fatherly figure is locked up, even when they spend a fair amount of time just outside the place. They also manage to track down the teens they were thwarted from killing without knowing anything about their plans. The ambush of the town drunk inexplicably takes place on an outbound highway despite being outside the police station, where he was locked up for the last hour.

Just a bad movie, the Declan O'Brien trilogy are the worst of the series.

Amy Lennox film clip (collage below)

Borisa Tutundjieva film clip (sample below)

Janina Fautz in Preis Der Freiheit (2019) in 720p

Maria Pedraza in La Casa De Papel (s1e1) in 720p

Ina Maria Jaich in Staub Zu Staub (2018) in 720p

Cindy Crawford in Fair Game (1995) in 1080hd