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Yesterday's Naked News featured a segment with an anchor named Vera, who must have auditioned earlier, but whom I have forgotten. She has a gorgeous face and a great figure, but she's kind of a freak with tats and piercings. Something a bit different.


Needless to say, Julie Bowen didn't get naked, or even close to it, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, but I like this clip.

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Full Body Massage



Part 3 -  More from Mimi Rogers



First capped this movie in the era of March 2003, over 12 years ago but I've never made the old stuff available. Could've sworn this movie was from 2001, but the end credits says 1997, don't know why I thought that. Barely remember the movie, so this recent rewatch was like watching it anew and Croupier is a very cynical movie, told from the perspective of a jaded writer Jack (Clive Owen, who is very good here in probably his breakout role) who's been tasked to write a novel about soccer, but can't be bothered writing that, so to make money, he takes a job as a croupier that his father had lined up for him, something he had done before but didn't really want to get back into and something his store detective girlfriend (Gina McKee) doesn't want him doing because she wants to date a writer. But once he starts, he begins to enjoy it in his own way, meeting people and conjuring a story in his head and making himself the lead character Jake. One day he meets a South African woman Jani (Alex Kingston) while dealing, who he kind of likes and inevitably asks to go on a weekend trip to his publisher's house during a lull in his relationship. She arrives with a black eye and a busted wrist and then later that night tells him that she's in trouble and is involved with a syndicate looking to rob the casino and he could earn an easy $10,000 just causing a simple distraction, which he reluctantly accepts. But things don't quite go to plan or do they. You never quite know whether it's real or Jack is making it up for a novel he's conjuring instead of the one he's supposed to write and this works well throughout. Clive Owen is perfectly suave as the straight man addicted to watching people lose. The movie gets quite dark at times and the structure is unusual and I loved it again, can't believe I didn't remember much about it.

Alex Kingston

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