TV Round-Up

Rejoice, ye Kathleen Robertson fans. There is more of her in Boss, episode 2.

And she brought a friend - Laura Coover


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It's back to the early 80s this week.

Doctor Detroit

The nudity in Doctor Detroit (1983) comes from some unknowns

but there are also some lovely, sexily dressed women:

Donna Dixon,

Fran Drescher,

Lydia Lei,

Lynn Whitfield.

Dressed to Kill

Plenty of nudity in Dressed to Kill (1980). Angie Dickinson (or rather her body double Victoria Lynn Johnson) shows the lot.

Nancy Allen

and Anneka Di Lorenzo are in their underwear.

I have included movies of Angie

and Nancy's scenes.


No nudity in Galaxina (1980) but Dorothy Stratten

and Nancy McCauley are looking good.

Liar's Moon

Some side boob by Tonja Walker in Liar's Moon (1982), although it could be a body double.

Losin' It

Losin' It (1983) has Martha E. Martinez,

Victoria Wells

and some unidentified women show their breasts.

 Shelley Long is in her underwear.


The nudity in Maniac (1980) comes from a very naked Gail Lawrence.

The other women, Caroline Munroe,

Hyla Marrow

and Rita Malone, are looking good.

National Lampoon's Movie Madness

National Lampoon's Movie Madness (1982) has Ann Dusenberry

and Teresa Ganzel showing their breasts.

Some lovely cleavage by Deanna Tyndall,

Denyse Diane,

Rhea Perlman

and Rita Rogers Aragon.

Private Benjamin

The nudity in Private Benjamin (1980) comes from some unidentified women taking a shower.

 P. J. Soles does the hand over the boobs trick.

Goldie Hawn

and Toni Kalem are looking good.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) has an upskirt by Karen Allen.

Still of the Night

No visible nudity in Still of the Night (1982) but Meryl Streep shows some side boob.

Strange Invaders

Some pokies by Nancy Allen in Strange Invaders (1983).

The Hollywood Knights

Some nice nakedness in The Hollywood Knights (1980).

Michelle Drake shows the lot when she does a cheerleader routine and forgets her knickers.

Dawn Clark,

Kim Hopkins

The other women are looking good: Carol Ann Williams,

Debra Feuer,

Fran Drescher,

Joyce Hyser and Roberta Wallach,

Leigh French

and a young Michelle Pfeiffer.

The Last American Virgin

Plenty of nudity in The Last American Virgin (1982).

Diane Franklin shows a bit of bush

 as do some girls taking a shower.

Gerri Idol,

Louisa Moritz

and Tessa Richarde are topless.

Kimmy Robertson,

Nancy Brock

and Winifred Freedman are in various stages of undress.

The One Armed Executioner

No real visible nudity in The One Armed Executioner (1983). Jody Kay shows some side boob

and there is some nice eye candy by unidentified women.

The Slumber Party Massacre

Plenty of naked women in The Slumber Party Massacre (1982). They include Brinke Stevens,

Debra Deliso,

Gina Mari

and Michelle Michaels.

The other women are looking good: Andree Honore,

Jean Vargas,

Jennifer Meyers,

Pamela Roylance,

Robin Stille

 and some unknowns.

I have included movies of Michelle,

the shower scene

and the slumber party.

The World According to Garp

Jenny Wright flashes her breasts in The World According to Garp (1982).

Valley Girl

There are a few naked women in Valley Girl (1983). Michelle Meyrink shows the lot, unfortunately through a shower screen.

 Elizabeth Daily,

Tina Theberge

and an unidentified woman show their breasts.

The rest add some eye candy: Colleen Camp,

Deborah Foreman,

Heidi Holicker,

Lee Purcell.


Zapped! (1982) has Jewel Shepard

and an unidentified woman flashing her breasts.

Heather Thomas, or rather her body double, also flashes her breasts.

The others are looking good: Felice Schachter,

Hilary Beane,

Sue Ann Langdon.