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"True Blood"


 CC Sheffield clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution



Natasha Alam clip and the caps below in 1920x1080 resolution




Kristina Klebe in Halloween

Hanna Hall in Halloween



The Time Guardian


Johnny's comments:

Still going with the Australian Classics. Don't have much new stuff, so with a whole pile of Australian films ready to watch and cap, I might as well do them as things are a bit slow at the moment. So, here's a quick one today.

The Time Guardian is a 1987 sci-fi thriller about the last remaining humans in the 41st century in desperate need to save humanity from a bunch of evil cyborgs called Jen-Diki. The time travellers have decided that 1988 is a safe time to go back to and they send two operatives (played by Tom Burlinson and Carrie Fisher) to set up for the move. Except the cyborgs can also go back in time. Meanwhile, in 1988, the male operative meets a geologist (Nikki Coghill) who he enlists to help after the female operative becomes incapacitated (um, they ran out of money to pay Carrie Fisher...). To fill in time, they have resistance from local cops. Yeah, this is a cheap and nasty knock off of Terminator, that's needlessly confusing and spends most of its running time in boring old 1988 being harrassed by comic relief instead of shooting up some robots and when the shooting starts it's pretty lame. But then sci-fi is not a genre well known or well done in this country.

Nikki Coghill has a neat nude scene that's sadly in long shot (the second PG nudity in two updates after Starstruck). She also has a brief nude scene in a film I haven't seen since I saw it on a bus 15 years, Point of No Return. I don't think that film's going to make the transition to DVD as it was barely released on VHS. Good to see her acting again too, recently in an episode of City Homicide as the wife of a serial rapist.

Nikki Coghill nudity. A collage is below:

Carrie Fisher - she's not nude, but ya kinda gotta see it. It's one of the great WTF moments of her career.



Capri Anderson, the woman in the Charlie Sheen scandal

Abigail Good in Butterfly Man

Vasa Vatcharayon in Butterfly Man

Gretchen Mol in Boardwalk Empire

Paz de la Huerta in Boardwalk Empire

Effie Schou in Bedside Rector

Marimar Vega in Daniel and Ana




Madchen Amick in Dream Lover in HD. She didn't stay on our radar very long, but in this one film she was very beautiful and very naked. (Sample below)

Pauline Acquart in Naissance des pieuvres in HD (sample below)

Lindsay Soileau in The Chameleon (sample below)

Monia Chokri in Les Amours Imaginaires (sample below)

Some women from Hispania, a new Spanish TV series which premiered last Wednesday: Nathalie Poza, Lara Corrochano, and Ana de Armas

Teresa Palmer in Restraint, which was one of the top nude scenes of its year.

The following film clips represent a tremendous upgrade from the previous clips from Mandingo. Because this film's attitudes are outdated and politically incorrect (it'll make you wince to watch it), it is rarely seen or promoted. Now we have it in HD! (sample below each clip)

Susan George

Brenda Sykes

Beatrice Winde