Mini series from Argentina, 1080hd

Carla Quevedo in episodes 4 and 13

Celeste Cid in episode 8

Belen Chavanne in episode 4


German series, season two, 720p

Vera Bommer in episodes 1 and 4

Beren Tuna in episodes 3 through 8

Vera Flueck in episodes 1 and 7

Wanda Wylowa in episode 7

Get Shorty

s3e4, 720p

Seychelle Gabrielle


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The Hamiltons

2006, 1920x1080

Tara Glass

Continuing with the European movies

Slaughter Night


Slaughter Night shows some pokies by Victoria Koblenko

Wrong Turn 4


Wrong Turn 3-5 are directed by the same guy, Declan O'Brien, and clearly he saw the ultra-violence of the second movie but missed the tone of that movie, so these three movies are just completely hateful and not in a good way.

Bloody Beginning (#4) is an origin story, finally an attempt at mythology to give some backbone to the series but of course, it's butchered badly and ends up making no chronological sense. Basically, the three hillbillies from the previous movie are in a mental institution where they manage to brutalise the staff and then 30 years later (around the time of the first movie), they are still there when a bunch of sex-crazed fun loving young people decide to wait out a storm before continuing their snow holiday.

What they hell did the hillbillies do for the 30 years before this? Apparently waiting for these holiday makers so that they can eat them in some fairly graphic scenes. At least the girls seem like the smart ones in this movie and do a fair bit of work subduing the hillbillies, only to be betrayed by incompetent men. Not a good movie but slightly better than the incredibly lame third movie plus you get some mythology which makes no sense and is subsequently forgotten in the following movies.

Tenika Davis film clip (collage below)

Vnesa Terra film clip (sample below)

Ulrike Tscharre in Zielfahnder (2019) in 720p

Davie Blue in Room 104 (s1e2; 2017) in 1080hd

Katrina Law (now a co-star of Hawaii 5-0) some years back, in the Spartacus series

Chanel West Coast

Edita Vilkeviciute